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  1. You know what guys i really dislike school, but i noticed i seem to be improving bit by bit. My classmate was so kind enough to teach me a new technique for colored pencils. *sigh* i think i should practice making a portfolio, I'm getting worried about my 'on the job training' next school year.

    1. Wayzer


      :D well good luck anyways you :)
  2. Hello there everyone, its been a while since i came back here. You see I got very sick during Christmas break. I found out I have several lung diseases, all of which are minor though, but because of that my parents changed our vacation trip and decided to go up the mountains to refreshen us. There was no internet there (well in the bungalow we rented) and my phone doesn't seem to pick up wifi. It's quite nice up there, I could see the stars there better than in Manila. I however unde...

    1. Mr F

      Mr F

      Good luck at recovering. :3

  3. Why Hello there everypony. I feel kinda bad, I haven't visited for days. I'm actually very sleep deprive over my plates (projects) and the deadlines. Considering I'm still a student, I cant imagine what it feels like when I'm already working. I'll get an account on photobucket so I could show you guys... If you want that is. I just gotta warn you, I'm not that good. Im second to the worst in my class.

    1. Wayzer


      I won't mind. I'm probably much worse BTW

  4. Why thank you, everypony. I didn't really expect a fast response. Wayzer107, why don't we help each other out. In marketing, I'm told to learn the rules, so we could break it pieces. My teacher's very open minded about us. We are dared/instructed to enhance new ideas, improve old ideas, and to create the edgy, brilliant and out of this world. You see, in the Philippines. My teachers are stressing how lousy are promotion and commercials are. Oh, and don't get me started on the soap operas. Ughh... Hi Hi Puffy YumiMiko, so you like heavy metal. I have no genre when i listen to music
  5. Why Hello every pony, I am Euphoria, an earth pony studying at Canterlot's grand guild of Fine arts; I am a novice artisan of the trade. My cutie mark has yet to come. In real life, I am an advertising student, a mix of both marketing and fine arts. Im learning how to appeal, to do photoshop, make magazines, posters and to attract. Productions and Promotions will be my forte one day. Never the less, I sound like I'm extremely talented... But you are wrong. I can barely paint, my sketches are a mess, i don't even know how to paint digitally. I live in a harmonious land called
  6. Can some pony be my friend?

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    2. Rainbow Eclipse

      Rainbow Eclipse

      Hey sugarplum sure I'll be your friend.

    3. Euphoria Aurora

      Euphoria Aurora

      Why thank you, much appreciated. :)

    4. Rainbow Eclipse

      Rainbow Eclipse

      Aw, you're welcome. After all, friendship is magic!

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