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  1. The horns were of some concern at the first public meeting. If it looks exactly like a horn and you use it as a horn, then you shouldn't have a problem. However, if the horn can fall off easily and/or resembles a weapon (or your caught using it as a weapon) you're asked to leave. Also, it's good to ask questions. I went to the first meeting for helping to answer people's questions on the forum (and various other reasons for doing so).
  2. Sorry, i thought there was a no mask policy. Anyway, the security staff has the final say. If they think a item(s) can be used as a weapon, you probably know what's going to happen next.
  3. First off, welcome to the herd DusnRain. Second, you can dress up for the event. However (and correct me if i'm wrong) but there's no weapons or masks allowed. Thirdly, i would get in contact with the staff for volunteering for the con. You can do so here: events@everfreenw.com Fourthly, a thing you can do is help out with the forums, and if possible, attend the public meetings. Fifthly, there's not going to be a Sponsor badge for the event. We feel that we want to have everypony be on equal footing. That way, there's nopony left out or feel like they can't interact with certain ponies. Sixthly, have a great day
  4. Context. You're missing context S_E_F. Anyway, welcome to the herd.
  5. Amazing work, and hopefully i'll become a Guest Liaison for the con. If only life could be expressed through a series of comics, then life would be a much more happier place.
  6. My daily is very uplifting. When to a Saturday Night service at the church. Slept until 7am. Woke up and ate a hearty breakfast. Dressed up nicely for Church class at 9am. Came home and did tons of chores. Quickly ate dinner then off to a leaders meeting at the church (3rd time in a 24hr period). Then got home, cleaned up and finally rested after a busy day. I may not broken up a fight, but i'm filled with the spirit. Anyway, what about the next person's day?
  7. Welcome to the herd Sprout. I'm glad that you're here now
  8. Welcome to the herd Sprout. I'm glad that you're here now
  9. Welcome to the herd. What do you mean by Point A to Point B? As in transportation?
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