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  1. Nice Character. And here's the link to the rp. http://mlpforums.com/topic/116525-where-star-shines-hearth-warming/page-4#entry3361713
  2. Jolt looked at the mistletoe decoration and the sign says 'Enchanted' he walked up to the beautiful shopkeeper mare "Excuse me?" he got her attention "What kind of enchanted mistletoe do?" he ask as she smiled "Well, when two pony's are under there, they-" she leaned towards him and whispers about the effect of the mistletoe as Jolt just backed away "Whoa there. I pretty much don't want to hear the rest of it." he said as the mare gave a chuckle "( I better head to the store to get some ciders. And maybe some other drinks for the party.)" he thought as he said his goodbye to the mare and left
  3. @, Sure you could join in. And changeling are ok.
  4. @, Well, Feel free to join in.
  5. @@Rainbow Dash, Sure. You can use your ponysona @, Oh. And 5 years!? That's long for being banned.
  6. @@Rainbow Dash, You could still join in. Just look on the first page and you will find the link. @, Rainbow Eclipse got banned. Since when?
  7. Jolt got out of his house and started to go for a walk. He set the party up til night. "*sigh*" he sighed of boredom "(This is getting no where. I set up the party and I feel like i'm missing something.)" he thought as he look at the old shop and see's some ornaments "(Hmm. I could check this shop out. I might find something useful for the party.)" he said as he head in looking around.
  8. Sheesh. Guess i was gone for a long trip. Guess I'll post.
  9. Hey rainbow and tempest. Are you two taking a break. Cause the other's would like to join this rp.
  10. I read the rp. And it is looking good. But I'm kinda feel a little 'not part of this much' But I don't want to interrupt or anything.
  11. @@FortyTwo42, Yes. He is still a lawyer or defense. But Lee Bluemoon won't be in this one. Pretty much I'll have him in some Ace Attorney investigations.
  12. Hey been busy here and seen the link to the forum. Jolt Thunderbolt is ready for Court!
  13. As Jolt got back to his house as he spotted a paper on the table with his name on it as he unfolded the paper and it was his friends handwriting and it says "Gotta head home. I'll be sending invites to your party." as Jolt crumbled the paper and threw it in the garbage and started setting up things for the party as he put out some Jolt's family cider on the table with the cups and he ahnged up some decorations in the living room and he set the snacks on the table and put a hot steaming pie near the window to let it cool off. "There. That seems to be everything." he said as he sat down at the c
  14. It's ok. The More the merrier.
  15. Jolt seemed to got everything and looked at the list "Let's see. Got the Ciders for the party and some chips and some prizes I bought....Good thing they were 30% off." he said as he look around as there was some pony's left "Wow. When pony's are rushing in the shopping spree. They leave quickly." he thought as he left to head back home.
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