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  1. I litterally can not choose my fav pony its impossible because I just love all of them equally. They all have there unique personality but I just simply love them all. I love Twilight sparkle for her smarts/leadership, Rarity for her love of dress designing lol, Pinkie pie for her random thoughts (funny), Applejack for her......well shes just awesome , Rainbow dash for her athletic ability, and Fluttershy for being soooo cute X3 and loving animals. (My pony crush is applejack) BUT do you want to know who my character is not including the main 6 its a tie between Spike and Big Mac(Aww Yep). Favorite princess is princess Luna hands down. Fav villian is discord but might be changed because I'm only in season 2 Ive been a brony for just over a month now, I'm trying to catch up with everypony before season 4 is finished. What are your thoughts on this?
  2. im glad you said my story was heart- warming, thank you. if i didn't have stage fright, i would do a speech on stage at bronycon telling hundreds of bronies this story it would be more in detail of course (i didnt do it here because it would just be too long), i want to tell Lauren faust this in person and the other cast members this story too, i would pay to see there reaction. and brohoof =) yeah i remember seeing that too before i was a brony, i remember the weird look i gave to the computer screen when i saw dustykatt talking to the plushy, that was all new to me at that time. when your a non-brony all you see is a grown man talking to a toy, but now i think its cute. well if your confused then im sorry man i dont know if i have any other advice then what i gave you before. did you ever comment on a video about MLP before you watched the show for the first time? if you did you can make that the start of your timeline of your brony story.
  3. yeah i had a hard time too but i was able to remember because this story started when i was in high school in 2010 so it was somewhat easy to remember. but anyway you said you had a hard time remembering......ok you have to try to remember what environment you were in or where you were during the time you first heard of the show or even seen My little pony, for an example: what were you doing when you first heard about the show MLP?. i had to trace back when the show first came out because that was when i was in high-school.
  4. oh of course im still fairly new to this ill do that right now
  5. lol that was awesome you guys are awesome this forum is like my home.
  6. hey man =) i play games like call of duty, grand theft auto, and some racing games like forza 5 (i don't own any forza games yet) sure man i dont mind my gamertag is mjakakilla all lower case im planning on changing it at some point, im glad you liked my story
  7. im an 19 year old male Becoming a brony has changed my life for the better, I don't get depressed anymore, my social anxiety or socially awkwardness is literally disappearing away each day. i cant give you a clear answer on how this show did this but what i can say is that this show just makes me feel happy, i just cant explain how this show makes me feel. its just awesome and including the fandom too. I truly regret ignoring or denying this show for 4 years straight i admit it i was wrong and you guys were right i kept being told to give the show a try but i just automatically assumed that i was never going to like it....ever. i could of made a lot more friends back then if i would of pulled my head out my ass and actually gave the show a try. ok now for the story you want to hear ok, 4 years ago i was suffering with depression and social anxiety but back then i was also a closed minded dumb-ass ( I'm all open minded today)but if you would of met me back in 2010-11 and u told me that i would be a huge fan of My little pony i would of laughed my ass off, i would of said "my little pony?? are you serious".(sign) I'm so embarrassed of my younger self I was soo stupid back then but hey I had to learn. But anyway back to the story in 2010 back in high school I had friends who were into the show and they suggested for me to watch the show but I was like "nah man I don't watch that stuff" i wasn't a very bright person back then, i was saying very hurtful stuff about this back then like "that's a gay show" or "who the fuck wants to buy my little pony toys, thats retarded i would never buy those toys"......and till this day or at this very moment im still embarrassed for acting like that, and saying those very hurtful things about the fan base (im sorry i said those things back then i was just a kid) . And so as years past in 2012 I have totally forgot that MLP 4th gen had even existed, it was never on my mind because I assumed that I was not going to like that show at all, i used to compare the show to bratz or barbie (and again guys im sorry i was an idiot back then). But in 2012 I was starting to be more open minded because I didn't want to hurt anybody feelings it didn't feel right i felt so horrible when i realized that i was soo judgmental of others, so that was when I started to change and GROW UP. And now lets fast forward to 2014 mid - January i was on facebook and one of my freinds posted a meme of rainbow dash with a bugatti car in the back ground, i was like "i know ive seen that cartoon character from somewhere" and i started to remember the show. i look through the comments on the post and i was very confused, people were taking about My little pony and the characters and i was like "who the hell is derpy" lol and this is where it all started. I got curious, so i went on youtube to do a little research on MLP and i came across a video called "Teens react to my little pony". i saw the video and i couldn't believe how mean some of the teens were to the fans but what im more interested in was when i heard the word "brony", and of course they explained what that means in the video. and i was saying "so a brony is a teenage boy or a grown male who loves MLP? hmmm" so i got even more interested, so i started researching the term "brony" and i came across another interesting video called "Bronies react to Teens react to MLP" lol i was like "What? they did a reaction too?" and so after watching the video i learned that you can not judge the show by the intro and you should not judge someone by there personal interest. i said "alright it wont hurt to watch just one episode." (note: i started the show on 2/1/14) and so i went on Netflix on my xbox 360 and started watching the first episode of the show and..................im just mind blown i was like there is no way this entire time this show was this good, the ponies are cute and adorable, its funny, and had an interesting story plot. The songs that pinkie pie was singing was not annoying at all there was absolutely nothing i disliked about this episode when i first watched it, but what really got me addicted was the ending. by the ending of the first episode i was really liking the show and then that cliff hanger happened and the episode went to the credits lol.(moments later)My first reaction:" ......no way...theres is no freakin way....that this show was this good this whole time, but i need to see what happens next, this show aint bad". after episode 2 i officially became a BRONY =). remember when i told you back in 2010-11 i said that i would never want to buy My little pony toys.........well i do now lol XD i want to collect those plushies of the main 6 im so obsessed with the show now (lol oh the irony) its been about a month since i started watching the show im working on season 2 now and im just loving every sec of it, this show is just amazing NOT ONE SINGLE EPISODE was boring, every episode was great and always gives me a great laugh and it just made me a happier & better person which resulted in me not having depression anymore, and i soon started being more out going. im not scared to talk to people anymore, my social anxiety is just fading away!!! =) who knew that out of all the things in the world that could of helped me overcome my anxiety that My little pony: Friendship is magic did it lol i just want to give lauren faust the biggest longgest hug she deserves an applause from me,because honestly i think her show has probably saved my life. Thanks to this show i can enjoy life without fear of my anxiety because its gone, its never coming back. i hope you guys enjoyed my story if you have any questions let me know. my question to everypony out there how did YOU become a brony??? BROHOOF!!! to everypony =D
  8. oh my gosh i was laughing soo hard when fluttershy was trying to run back into her house from princess luna lol like when she smacked right into the front door XD XD
  9. The first episode was amazing but it wasn't until the very ending when I realized that I was in love with this show, that cliff hanger at the end of episode 1 really caught me off guard and when princess Luna started to laugh at the end then a moment later it went to twilights reaction and then BOOM....(to be continued) that's the exact moment that I became a brony, i was totally mind fucked to the MAX, at the time i never thought i would be a fan of My little pony. I was instantly enterested to seeing what happens next, After episode 1&2 I first thought the show was going to be about ponies with special unique powers and the super villain would be princess Luna. But I still like the show the way it is episode 1 and 2 are very special episodes of season 1 in my opinion.
  10. im super new to the forums and the show i just started watching the show on 1/31/14 and i just fell in love with the show lol. at first i really didn't want to watch the show i thought it was silly and dumb and ive ignored it for the last 4 years i think the show started in 2010 but overtime i got curious and i watched the first episode and it was amazing =).
  11. Watching the show has changed my life a lot I recently started watching the show and at first I was like ill watch one episode so I can see why people love this show so much. When I saw the cliff hanger at the end of the first episode I was hooked I really loved the story of the show and the different personalities of these cute ponies. At the end of every episode it teaches you new things on freindship. I was very shocked that I was starting to get addicted to this show. I first started watching the show on 1/31/14 and in the past I have ignored this show for like 4 years I think it first came out in 2010 back then I thought it was weird and stupid to be watching this show but once I started I was very surprised how good the show was. It makes me happy everytime I watch a new episode, in a way it makes mea better and happier person i dont really get depressed anymore after watching this show. There is just something about this show that just keeps me wanting to come back for more. I love My Little Pony : Freindship is magic and I'm a brony now I never thought in a million years that I would say that and be a fan of this show, its truly amazing If any of my friends or family catch me watching this or find out that I love this show I'm going to shit my pants.