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  1. Not counting college transit options, it's been two years since my last trip on public transit.

    Prior to mid-2016, I lived in an area that was pretty close to a train station, so instead of having to drive 35 miles each way to get to and from class, I would just drive 5-10 minutes to the closest rail station and take the train in. I will say that I never had any issues with either my train or bus commutes, and I actually kind of miss it. Now I live too far away for public transit to make any kind of commuting sense, even with the rush hour traffic jams. :(

  2. MLP. I've been a closet brony since 2011, and while my interest in the show has waned, I still read the occasional fanfic, participate in some MLP-related communities (this one and the MLP parts of Reddit,) write excessively long bits of lore, and make vectors for my OCs, so I've been going on five years now.


    By contrast, I was in the Sonic fandom for only about three years (2008-2011), and I'm not anything close to being a "member" of other fanbases.

  3. Looking back, the only difference between my internet self in 2009 and my internet self now is that when I write roleplay-related lore, at least the MLP ones make more sense than my old Sonic the Hedgehog ones. The verbosity is still there, though; I still have endless-block-of-text writing down pat.

  4. I love it when I don't have to drive in it. Thankfully, the last time my area had anything resembling a good snow event, I didn't have a driver's license.


    Of course, as a bit of a weather nerd, it kind of sucks to live in an area just far enough north to spend the winter pulling my hair out model-watching, but just far enough south that snow doesn't come every year.

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  5. A little over a week ago; I honestly would have preferred even a regular cold to whatever I had. I didn't have much of an appetite, the head pain was horrible, the stomach pain was intense, I had a fever lasted a full day, I had to go to the bathroom every half hour....needless to say, I didn't have the energy to do much of anything.


    At least I'm all better now!  :)

  6. A few years ago, I signed up to join another forum, but naive ol' me didn't actually read the rules. Five off-topic posts and one ridiculous thread later, I was permanently banned.


    It wasn't an IP ban though, so after a few days, I signed up again under a new username, actually read the rules, and now I'm a seasoned user (even though I don't post that much nowadays).

  7. I live in (metro) Atlanta, and my old college dorm is in sight of Coca-Cola's jail annex-looking headquarters. Admittedly, I do like my Coke products and rarely drink anything by PepsiCo, but that could just be a function of where I live.


    That said, my favorite soda is not made by Coca-Cola or PepsiCo, but by a Jamaican company (link is Walmart but I never buy this at Walmart).

  8. Wikia. Back when I was part of the Sonic fandom, I would make thousands of edits on its associated wikis, was behind one of the wiki's big CSS refreshes, and was even made a bureaucrat on the same wiki. From time to time, I'd pop in to other wikis and make edits there.


    After Wikia's controversial 2010 redesign, I dropped out of being an active Wikia user. I occasionally visit the MLP wiki to look through some of the pages, but I don't edit anymore and my Wikia page visits have probably dropped by at least 80%.


    Honorable mentions include:


    - Facebook (I don't have as much history with it as I do with Wikia)


    - Equestria Daily


    - FIMFiction

  9. Fandoms:


    - Pretty Cure & Lyrical Nanoha (late 2013-present): I'm sort of a member of the (very small, at least in the West) Pretty Cure and Lyrical Nanoha fanbases. For both franchises, I've seen most of the series, made up headcanons, and have even read some of the manga. Honestly, I kind of just came upon those series and just got...hooked...it's hard to explain. Unfortunately, the obscure nature of these series outside of Japan makes online discussion difficult; I know there are small and tightly-knit Tumblr, 4chan, and LiveJournal communities, but that's it as far as I can tell. Maybe it's because outside of Sailor Moon and the dark/edgy series (Madoka namely,) good luck trying to find a good place for discussion.


    - Sonic (2008-2011): Well, I used to be part of this fanbase. I still keep up with developments in the franchise, but I don't have Sonic OCs anymore, I don't have headcanons, I no longer have any of the games, and I do have some of the comic books but don't actively read them.


    Forums: Aside from this forum, I use two others.


    - TVNewsTalk.net (2009-present): As my user profile indicates, I'm a bit of a news junkie - someone who likes the intricate details of TV station news, including graphics, music, anchors, ownership, and so on. Being a fan of all that, why not join a forum filled with people who like the same stuff? I kid you not, my YouTube channel is populated with fake intros for TV stations ("mocks"), and I've even participated in two "fantasy television games" - online games where you can own, buy, upgrade, and run television and radio stations. I don't participate on TVNT as much as I used to, but I still use the site.


    - City-Data (2014-present): After lurking on the forum for two years, I finally joined the site in the middle of 2014. City-Data is ostensibly a real estate and relocation guide, but it's the enormous discussion forum that draws most visitors' attention. Most of my posts are in the Atlanta forum (I live here, after all,) the Elections forum, and "Other Topics" (which is like the Everfree Forest in content). C-D is filled with...interesting...individuals, but the Politics and Elections forums are filled with rage-inducing users instead. I still like the site regardless.


    I also like to lurk on AmericanWX, which is a weather enthusiasts' forum and computer model site. I love that site, as it's filled with hobbyists and actual meteorologists from NWS offices and TV stations, providing their input on various systems, active weather patterns, and so on. There are banter threads for off-topic tomfoolery, though. I have an account there, but I only used it to access the site's computer model data.

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