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  1. Everytime I come to check up on new things. There are 90+ status updates managed by only three people. Wat.

    1. ShadowSpectrum



      how does such a little amount of people post so much XD

  2. 2 sleepy gotta sleep. In the wise words of a wise pony I say'eth good tidings and vereor sol.

  3. Sleeping is for cowards who worship the sun!

  4. Initiate the cannon firing sequence!

  5. If I woke up next to Rainbow Dash, I would still be too sleepy to even understand the situation because I sleep with a lil' Rainbow Dash doll so I think I'd rub noses with her and immediately fall back unconscious. Then I think I'd get like... a punch to the face... or something like that.
  6. Just woke up, posted Ask Me topic, and now I'm bored. ;-;

  7. Praise be to the celestial sun overlords. W-Wait.. d-did I just say that outloud?! U-Uhm! W-Welcome to the f-forums!
  8. (Click on Image to zoom in. Warning, zooming in on image makes it UBER large. I SUGGEST YOU OPEN THE LINK IN A NEW TAB!!!) (If you don't want to zoom in, here is the order of speech bubbles: "Hmm...?" "Huh...?!" "W-Who are you?!" "W-Well, uhm..."-"I g-guess..."-"Since y-you're here..."-"Why not a-ask me a couple of qu-questions?" ) I-If you don't kn-know me... My name is M-Motionne Flow! ...or w-well... t-that's at least what I th-think my name is! I'm... well... different from most ponies. I'm cursed as well as partially cybernetic, for e-example, my wings are m-made of pure magical steel plating... and... uhm... hidden under fake feathers...D-Don't tell anypony that I told you that though! I'm new to this wh-whole thing! B-but... g-go ahead and ask away! -- (I will answer normally by regular post but if the question is good enough then I'll draw something up for an answer. I'll check back here at least twice every week... more or less. I AM ANSWERING THIS IN MY ORIGINAL CHARACTER STANDPOINT UNLESS YOU ASK ME SOMETHING THAT I CAN'T ANSWER AS MY CHARACTER, THEN I WILL CALL UPON THINE OUT OF CHARACTER MODEL AND ANSWER AS CLUELESS WITH MY ORIGINAL CHARACTER AND HONESTLY WITH MY OUT OF CHARACTER SPEECH. If there are no questions then I won't answer anything, otherwise go ham wild with any kind of question, be it horribly digusting to horrificly personal to my character! If it's a really personal question which you don't want to be revealed in asking, you can ask me in a PM and I'll answer it here without disclosing details of who asked.)
  9. Ima start one of dose cray ask topics. If it goes well then maybe I'll hit up into tumblr and do a full art responding thing.

  10. Scanning... Scan complete, no defects detected. Initiate protocol <<Obligatory introduction>> W-Well Welcome to the f-forums!
  11. Ask Motionne Flow! Dunno if I should post a topic in these forums or if I should put it on tumblr. Any suggestions?

  12. Just finished art for an Ask (insert my oc name here) thing. I'm not sure I should start one up though...

  13. In my own opinions, it's fine to want to hide. In fact that's what I did for a while until I learned that it wasn't useful to hide it. So what I would say is to just lay low until you've gained the courage to finally show your true colors and if people ridicule you then you should either just ignore it or contact someone of higher authority to accuse them of harassment. I've got no one else in my school to talk MLP to; One of my friends quit being a brony and didn't want to ever talk about the show again and there is no one else that would want to talk about it. All in all, really, there's nothing much you can do except find another outlet to talk about ponies; Talk about ponies here in the forums but in real-life you might as well just find a convention to go to or something like that unless you're willing to look around for more bronies, which in this case go ahead but that's a harder task than it'll seem. If you don't feel comfortable about expressing to strangers that you love My Little Pony, then just keep it in the clear for now and grow more into it until you're sure you can handle any kind of ridicule that others throw at you. Another thing, Friends should be understanding of what you like and dislike and shouldn't judge you for it unless it was a choice that would end your time alive.
  14. Drawing few images for my own Ask Me thing. Expect it to be done later today.

  15. Personally though. I think my character needs a lot more work. So because I think that, go ham wild with whatever you say because I don't mind.