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  1. FL Studio is the best DAW for beginners I find. Look up SeamlessR, he has a bunch of tutorials and advice tailored just for FL. He also does track reviews and tutoring if you're willing to shell out some cash to learn. Also, look up FL Studio Guru, it's created by Image-Line, who make FL, there's all kinds of tips to be found there. If it comes down to it, you can PM me and I'll help out.
  2. I was gonna start an EDM-Hard Rock fusion band but it went on the backburner and I forgot about it until now. Maybe it's time to use that idea?
  3. It'd be good, but not exactly essential. Do whatever ya want!
  4. Do you have skype? It'll be easier to correspond through that.
  5. Hey guys, I’m Smartmax, I’m a 14 year old Brony living in New Zealand, but I’m planning a huuuuge trip around America with my mother, visiting all kinds of places and going to a convention or two along the way. But here’s the catch, on my trip I’m making a documentary! I know there are a few around already, but mine’s different because it’s done in the style of vlogging; Each day on my 4-6 month trip I’m going to make a vlog, and all of them will go up onto my Youtube page so you can follow along, and meet me in places if you want. As well as the vlogs, there will be a few interviews with people along the way, some of these will go on the youtube page, and some will go in the final project. But here’s the thing, a trip this big with the documentary as well costs money, but I’m not asking you guy’s to donate at all! All I’m looking for are people who are willing to let us stay at their place for a night or two order to save on accommodation, we’ll bring something to eat and be away most of the day, and the bronies who we stay with will have the opportunity to be interviewed right then and there, as well as be invited to the online launch/Q&A stream. Below is a current plan of the trip based on who we can already stay with, but we can expand that and travel more places for more interviews and great experiences, the more people who we can stay with, the more interviews we can do and thus, make a better and more interesting documentary. So maybe help a brony out and give us a shot at making the best documentary ever! --CURRENT TRIP PLAN (Based on those who we can stay with WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR MORE PLACES TO GO)-- Fly into New York City land on August 1st. Stay there for a few days - date of Bronycon is 7th to the 9th August. We make our way to Springwater (Greyhound buses) and then we go with Agents of Discord to Bronycon in Baltimore Conversion Centre. Baltimore is in Maryland – and there will other people to see there. So we will need a bit of time here. Washington DC. Fly down to Florida. Miami (Mom’s friend) Package holiday : Cuba and Jamacia Come down the West Coast (Greyhound or driving) to San Fransisco (Mom’s other friend). LA (And another friend of mother) Las Vegas (Grand Canyon) Texas (Houston or Dallas) New Orleans in Louisiana. Flight home If there’s an opportunity to stay with you (which would be an honor), message me on skype, just look up “Smartmax” or “camomaniac” and we can go from there! Also, If you live in or around the areas I already have people to stay with, I still want to chat with you, gimmie a bell and we'll sort out a meeting point! Thanks, Smartmax
  6. If you wanted to do that there would no doubt be people like me who would be irked by the incorrect formatting. But otherwise it's a neat idea.
  7. I know, but suggestions have varying levels of success.
  8. You sure of that? I have friends who've been trying for years and still can't get it.
  9. It doesn't matter really. I haven't experimented, but ones with lots of noise are probably gonna do worse than those without. Hypnosis cannot be done by everyone, it's quite tricky if you aren't someone who's psych is made for it.
  10. I know that feel. After doing it a few times it becomes easier, though.
  11. What you really need is to do it after you've done everything for the day like work or chores (Depending on your age). Take a drink, Go to the bathroom. Then just be reeeeally lazy. Make it a comfortable level, not to quiet that you can't hear, but not so loud you can hear any BG noise from the recording.
  12. Also if anyone has any questions ask me and I'd be happy to answer them. .