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  1. Possibly in some ways like grades. I have enough positives and negatives that I'm fairly evenly above and below average. inquisitive
  2. Great visuals and fun world to explore. This looks wonderful and promising. Keep up the good work!
  3. Wow so Suave that there might be a copyright issue
  4. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Applejack How did you find MLP Forums?: Late night internet binge... it happens How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: memebase kept updating its page and when I tried to click on pokememes I got my little brony memes and then I got curious... the rest is history. Well I am a college student with a large background in Agriculture. So think of me as an earth pony born a unicorn. I like Live Action Role Playing, Pokemon, Digimon, Anime, Non Expanding Recreational Foam, video games, and MLP of course! So glad to be here.
  5. TEMPEST: Trained Equestrian Militarized Pegasi Enforcing Skies and Terrain. After the Wonderbolts bastardized themselves as now just a show team of soft feathered puffballs we at TEMPEST took it on ourselves to keep the military roots of the pegasi alive to protect the skies and the land that we call home. Through our efforts the world is kept safe from the evils of magic meddling and rebellion against our Equestrian royalty. While not totally backed by the princesses themselves we still enforce their policies independently and strictly. Resistance will be quelled and snuffed out like wind to a wick. All hail the princesses their decisions are final and infallible!
  6. EPIDEMIC Or Earth Pony Investigation, Diplomacy, Emergency Measures, and International Collective is a earth pony exclusive group that deals with cross boundary disputes as well as local, state and national disputes as well. While some agents are lawyers and diplomats our emergency Measures squad go up against the strongest and even magically proficient crooks and evildoers. Our goal is to show the strength and ability that the earth pony breed can contribute outside our normally agricultural roles. So if you are an earth pony with a heart ready to show your worth and valor as an earth pony feel free to join! Take note that we are an independent agency and is not endorsed by any royal decree or backing. We must stand on our own if we are to be respected and treated with the same dignity as our unicorn and pegasi brethren.
  7. This is an independent agency whose goal is to preserve peace among all creatures in Equestria and beyond. We at the agency see magic is a gift given unto unicorns to preserve, protect, and patch up the world around us. Magically amended means that we use all manner and forms to which our magic is granted to us. For us there is no dark or light magic only magic in all its fullness and entirety. Any unicorn with a sense of justice is free to join.
  8. This is simple... because there is only one best human and that has to be converted human Sunset. This proves that ponies make cuter all around better humans than we do.
  9. Gosh it's been a while. Well shout out to my favorite finned female! You are cute and awesome!
  10. The best evil is a remorseless evil, or evil with a smile on its face. That's why the Joker is such a lovable character, we love to loathe him. Pinkie Pie is the perfect cover pony she doesn't look like a killer, which fools everypony. For example, did you know the Ed Gein, the inspiration for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies also babysat children at his house, where not a few meters in his shed were skin upholstered chairs, face masks, carved off cleavage, skull bowls, to name a few. And yet this man took care of children... So if it happens in real life, why not in MLP? Most of it's slice of life anyway right? So things like Cupcakes are normal and make sense if you're making slice of life stories. Man I should go over to Plainfield sometime... sounds like an interesting place to go to without going out of state.
  11. Boxer from Animal Farm, because of all the animals loyal to the cause Boxer worked the most towards the goal and I cried when Napoleon took him to the cutter (butcher) and told all the animals that he was going to the hospital then proceeding to lie that he died of complications. Then Napoleon told the animals that they must work harder, for the good of Animal Farm. I hated Napoleon so much I wanted to skewer him and roast him over a blazing fire and not even bother to eat the pork from the sorry excuse for his body. It would be like if Big Mac cracked his hoof and then Applejack sent him off to be slaughtered, not saying Applejack would dare do that but oh I hated/ loved that book.
  12. This apple has made me forget all about my aspirations! Apple Bloom's cutie mark should be a Beyblade.