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  1. does any1 no when eqg2 comes out i wanna no so i can have juley take me

  2. i think it is rather pointless because there is no real best pony it is all opinion but some people do take it way to far and then it turns into a huge flame war and no one likes those but really i think the debates are sorta kinda pointless because there is no like super real answer to that it is all just opinon.
  3. bcuz then youd have to wait for the mane 6 to come rescue you
  4. well you could always just pay a unicorn to give you a navigation spell
  5. I would most certainly avoid ponyville or canterlot as a home lol
  6. well chrysalis also attacked ponyville in the comcis, and the nightmare spirits attacked there too. ponyville seems to be attacked more than any other place i guess some place like vanhoover that they never show in the show or comics would be the safest
  7. it would be cool but like when discord first attacked it took twilight awhile to save the day so youd have to live with all that chaos until she won. so it would be annoying to have to sit around and wait for her and the mane 6 to save the world every time
  8. i am already a pony irl so i wouldnt have to change to much as i am already a magical cute pony but moving to ponyville would be hard because bad stuff seems to always happen there like tirek and discord so living in the center of all battles would be tuff
  9. hi im 16 to!! this place can be rly firndly sometimes despite how negative some members r you should enjoy it here it is lots of fun want to be friends
  10. i love all songs made by the l-train and i love his rock opera that is about the fall of luna
  11. i think i am magic becauyse i am able to fly and shoot rainbows outa my horn and celestia said that i could go to her super magical school
  12. i think they r kinda weird like why are you that much in love with a cartoon horse but i guess it is ok becuz it makes other ppl money and that supports captilzm and this is a captialst contry
  13. i think they r like both bad on the same level because they both do weird stuff like marrying cartoon characters which i dont hate i just think it is weird and both fandoms have ppl that dress in fursuits and like at conventiens so i guess they are both bad
  14. i gus dis forum isnt that friendly

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      Lol, now you got the hang of it.

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      cuz this furm is like half hugboxy but not hugboxy at the same time i was avoiding using image macros bcuz i didnt no if id get banned for it

  15. i think this works like never think they are being mean whey then could just be being lazy or busy or just not good at typing