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  1. Scootaloo and RD's relationship Twilight dealing with being a Princess Another AJ episode A Rarity episode Some Discord cameos A Trixie episode perhaps? more clarification on the rest of the Mane 6's parents and maybe some Vinyl Scratch and Octavia?
  2. I do feel this way a little, but it's mostly because I've been getting into other fandoms since season 2 ended. It's pretty hard to put all your focus and attention into one fandom if you're in so many... but even though I've grown a little distant I've still kept up with the show and continue to buy merchandise so I don't think I'll be losing complete interest in mlp for a long time~
  3. Mentally berating myself because I'm always too lazy to draw stuff or finish any of my fanfics. Dx

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    2. madmisa


      Hurray! You should definitely do it, don't be lazy like me :P

    3. Halfblood


      It's soo easy to be lazy! But I guess I can start getting things done :T

    4. madmisa
  4. Finally getting off my lazy flank and starting my dog tier Jade cosplay! Hurray!

  5. you awake, fatty?

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      yeah, but we only got like an inch or two... Dx

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      welp, stay warm. I think I'm finally gonna pass out.

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      okay Kuya! :3

  6. man, Tangled has the best soundtrack.

  7. Not sure if I posted on this thread before but here's my current background anyways
  8. Sleepless in Ponyville because 1. Scootaloo finally gets her own episode 2. It was very touching and the ending made me cry tears of happiness 3. Luna's awesome appearance and we learn a little more about her abilities
  9. I bought these last month when I was Christmas shopping I received these two for Christmas Since yesterday was my birthday, my boyfriend bought me all these since he knew I love mlp
  10. happy bday sis! i will text you later

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      Thanks Kuya! :3

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      holy crap you signed on :o

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      I know, I forgot my password for a while so I finally got off my lazy flank and made a new one ^.^;; So I'll be back on! :D

  11. What do you hold as the meaning of your life? In my life, I suppose my meaning would to be to make art. It's really the only thing I have sometimes and it's a big part of who I am. What is the reason you wake up every morning? To see how far I can make it. What makes you want to be alive a week from now? I still have much to see, sixteen is still a young age when I think about it... What, if taken away, would render your life unbearable? Probably my right hand. Since it's my dominant hand, I use it for not only drawing, painting, etc. but for everything else as well. I would rather give up the ability to walk before I give up the ability to use my hands, I find them much more valuable. What, if given to you, would render your life worth living If anything, I guess a carefree attitude. I think I usually sad because I spend too much time worrying about everything. Being a carefree spirit would definitely do wonders for me. Do you even value your own life? To be honest I ask myself this question often but to some extent I guess I do, life is a precious thing to waster after all...
  12. A year or so ago my sister and I had a few friends over. It was night time but my sister and her friends went out for a walk but my friends and I thought they were still upstairs in her room because we heard girl's laughter coming from up there. We snuck up there to bust the door and scare them but when we opened the door... no one was there.
  13. Actually, the original song is by Imogen Heap and the meme originated from that one show called the OC or something... I know people probably mentioned this or something already but meh just ignore me if so >.>