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    MLP:FiM, Marvel(especially the new Captain America movies), Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who, drawing, writing, and a bunch of other things.

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  1. I'm not going to have a lot of time to check the forums anymore. If you want to talk to me you can message me on kik (tomatomasked) but I'm not sure when I'll see your message

    1. Bojo


      adding you on kik :)

  2. I'm not going to have a lot of time to check the forums anymore. If you want to talk to me you can message me on kik (tomatomasked) but I'm not sure when I'll see your mesage

    1. GuardianFenix


      Would you still like to be a part of The Marvel Alliance...?

  3. I ship stuff. I hate the Harry Potter movies and have no intention of reading the books. (I do however like the lore and world behind the books and movies.) I don't like Rainbow Dash I don't adore Fluttershy I don't understand why people dislike things for being "overrated" (for example, "I don't like Princess Luna because she is overrated.") It just doesn't make any sense.
  4. I have multiply OCs but my ponysona is the one I'll use for this. Her name is Blank Canvas and she's a unicorn ^^
  5. For me, Applejack is my least favourite of the mane 6 and Rarity is tied with my favourite with Pinkie Pie. From what I've noticed in the fandom, there isn't a whole lot of Applejack love.
  6. I think this is the first vote that's actually hard for me... I love Rarity a lot but I think I have to vote for Discord
  7. Mine are brown with some green and gold c:
  8. 1) Discord 2) Chrysalis 3) Luna 4) Sombra 5) Vinyl Scratch
  9. I thought it said egg and I was really confused as to why everyone was talking about Equestria Girls. But, on topic, I think he would be a chemistry teacher.
  10. I was talking about this after watching The Canterlot Wedding with my sister. We theorized that maybe EP and pegasi exchange necklaces. With the way their legs/hooves are shaped, if the ring could fit over their hoof it would slip off. Unless unicorns could make it shrink after putting it on.
  11. Even though my ponysona isn't a pegasus, but a unicorn, I still call myself a pegasister. I don't mind what other people want to be called. If they want to use pegasister or not, it's fine. Though, if they dislike it because it's a gendered term, it's not as if brony is a gender neutral term either.
  12. Cheese (I've only tried it with cheddar cheese cubes, but it probably wouldn't make much of a difference) dipped in caramel. And I can't think of anything else strange I eat now, but I will be trying some of the stuff in this thread. When I was little I used to eat peanut butter, jelly, and cheese sandwhiches though...and it was those fake cheese product squares too... o.o
  13. I like collecting the background ponies. One of the things I can remember off the top of my head are two Funko vinyl figures, one of Doctor Whooves and one of Derpy. I also have some Funko Pop figures but I can't remember who I have.
  14. GAH I need Luna O_O Cause Luna is best pony and best princess
  15. I don't really mind which. I prefer pegasister and will use it for myself if I remember to do so. I refer to groups of fans as bronies though.