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  1. On instagram there is this pegasister who had lung cancer. She isnt supposed to live past oct 2nd. Lets give her the best last days of her life. The tag is #weloveyouapplerawr please spread this word bring the fandom together despite our differences. 4chan is trying to be the mean ****s they are. Please lets out post them.
  2. I wanna see it but i dont know how i could convince my mom to take me/drop me off at a MLP movie XD
  3. I love it though i havent played past night 2 because Bonnie jump scared me and i havent touched the game in 2 weeks.
  4. Mine has nothing to do with ponies. Edit: cabr attach a file on my phone sorry
  5. I know furries have FurAffinity but what do Bronies have? If anything at all.
  6. I just want Sunset Shimmer to show at least once in season 5
  7. Milky way......I think i know why shes named that considering i googled her. Please to anyone here reading this DO NOT GOOGLE HER.
  8. Well for 1 i dont have a neckbeard. 2 i'm not a skeleton or fat im average. Also theres some other stereotypes i break but because its pretty much PG here and the word isnt allowed ill just say i hate C and when i say i hate it i mean i joined a movement to help rid of it. I'm not a pedophile that preys on little boys (Yes a guy has said that to me before). Also i'm not gay. I dont own any fedoras and despite some of my previous comments i dont know if ill ever get one. Anyway i'm sure theres more i just dont feel like putting them down.
  9. Blitz Flame Blitz gets his name from his fiery attitude He can turn into pure flame using magic He works forging armor for the Canterlot guards.
  10. Why make fun of peoples OCs? Like its up to them what they want their OC to look. I just dont think its very nice to poke fun at someones OC just because you dont like it.
  11. ZisGuy

    Dark Blood

    Why is this getting such hate? i think it looks okay.
  12. I'd be completely okay with that as i'm saving myself for marriage.