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  1. JonasDarkmane's post in Member title was marked as the answer   
    You can get member titles if you donate to this site or subscribe. 
    Basically, you pay money and you get to edit your own title and you get to have a larger sig and more stuff . 
  2. JonasDarkmane's post in How Do I Delete A Blog? was marked as the answer   
    Hmm, I looked again on the image you provided and it is not strange you were not able to delete anything within the file itself. There are no entries in your files, which means you either never wrote an entry in your blog, or you have already deleted them. 
    There is no way of deleting whole blogs, only entries can be deleted, unfortunately. 
    The best you can do, is if you have those blogs of yours published, you can manage your settings: 
    And then you can change your options from being published, to drafted: 
  3. JonasDarkmane's post in Pink Fluffy Unicorns? was marked as the answer   
    It is a new kind of Subscriber rank, the 100$ dollar subscription, to be precise. You can see at the bottom of the page here, there is the Pink Fluffy Unicorn subscriber perk . 
    I hope that answers your question ^w^
    If you have any more questions regarding the Pink Fluffy Unicorns subscriber perk, do ask away
  4. JonasDarkmane's post in My first question was marked as the answer   
    For a quick answer and if you want to skip the text below, this question has already been answered here
    You can change your member title if you donate money to this site. Changing your title is not accessible to normal members. Once you donate to the site, you will be moved to a new group called "Donator" and you will be able to change your member title as long as you are a donator. The more money you donate, the longer you are a donator. 
    If you have any interest in becoming a donator, you can check out over here: 
  5. JonasDarkmane's post in How do I delete a thread? was marked as the answer   
    You on your own can't delete a thread. But you can ask a moderator or an admin to delete a thread of yours, if you feel that it shouldn't be somewhere. They are the ones that handle the power to delete topics and threads. It is their decision whether a thread or a topic should be deleted. Just contact them and tell them why you would want to delete a thread and ask if they could do that for you. 
  6. JonasDarkmane's post in how do I start a shop in the requests guild? was marked as the answer   
    First, you go to the Request guild and select "Start New Topic"

    Then you can start making your topic. You should be able to select "Request Shop" in Topic Prefix

  7. JonasDarkmane's post in Adorkable icon missing from PM emoticon selection? was marked as the answer   
    I check my PMs and it is working for me. If they do not appear when you are going through the emoticons, there is a button below that says "Show All". Press that and you should get a list of all the emoticons for this site . 
    Alternatively, you can just write the command 
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