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  1. Wow just switched from iPhone to Nexus 5X and this game is so slooooow on the Nexus. Panning around Ponyville is like trying to run through treacle, and the dance game only registers "perfect" if you're kind of 'late' to the tap as if the whole thing lags behind. I thought the 5X had a fairly respectable GPU. Is this game just terrible on Android? Any tweaks that can be done to speed it up a bit? Edit: Seems to be the issue with the Snapdragon processor where the faster cores (5 and 6) very quickly go into thermal shutdown. Bummer. You get what you pay for I suppose - just can't justify paying twice as much for Apple stuff every couple of years!
  2. Keep the stories coming as I'm keeping an eye out for ideas I often wear the t-shirts, and have a small keychain (modded blindbag) on my jacket. But it's not always appropriate. Please state the name of the pony or something when spotting other Bronies, so that they know? Like "hey, nice Derpy!" or something. At the town carnival earlier in the year I wore Pinkie Pie (Portal one.. I'm in the UK but imported some WLF shirts :3) and some girl - of typical Brony age, mid to late teens or so - shouted "I love your t-shirt!" but the thing is on the extremely rare occasion anything gets attention it catches me off guard and I get flustered ^^; It's lucky I noticed as usually when out and about my mind is about a million miles away. I'm my own worst enemy, really. All I did was say "oh, thanks!" and keep walking, and it never occurred to me to follow up with "so you a fan?" - it only registered as a general compliment from someone impressed to see a guy wearing something pink. Makes me wonder now, as thinking about it.... she may have been one of the people I met at the Rainbow Rocks screening. Wish I knew, just out of curiosity . I'm not sure - one thing that really sucks about me is that I don't really remember faces. Add in that I'm a bit older and don't really want to be some weirdo going around staring at teens (in the hope they're wearing some subtle pony thing or I recognise them), and I probably miss Bronies all the time. I need something that is blindingly obvious to fans but not to others. Saying "20% cooler" is quite hard to shoehorn into things, and I think it's a phrase that "other non-Bronies who are aware of Bronies" probably know by know, so it's less covert nowadays.
  3. Although it's not special in itself, I do however think the community/fandom is a good confidence booster that at least contributes to it and gets people talking about it, so whilst it's not as revolutionary as some bronies make out and that we're not suddenly heroes of equality or something, I do think it has an effect and focuses our attention on it, which can only be a good thing. We just get a little overexcited in, I think, well meaning but misguided pride about it. In terms of boosting confidence, I don't think I'd have been brave enough to wear some of the very cute and feminine t-shirts I've been displaying recently. I won't lie: frankly my reasons are selfish - a "busting down gender roles" mission was never really at the forefront of my mind (though I do think it's an excellent thing), I just like cute things, love that I have an 'excuse' (that I shouldn't need) to wear them and like flipping the metaphorical middle finger to anyone who laughs at me for it (it happens, walking past kids or whatever) and do my very small part towards normalising things like that. So whilst I think we have a bad habit of exaggerating what we do for breaking down gender roles making it more acceptable for people to subvert gender roles if they choose to, I don't think we're completely worthless with it and that it does make a reasonably valuable contribution. (I changed my mind and crossed out "breaking down gender roles" because some people prefer to have them for themselves and that's fine, that's their choice. Transgendered people, for example, benefit from gender roles to help them assert their desired identity - I know as I'm friends with one. She hates the idea of making everything totally equal as she struggles enough to get people to accept her as female already without also doing away with "feminine things". The difference is in society finding it more acceptable for people not to follow the roles if they choose not to).
  4. Some very interesting points in the thread. Indeed, I myself have said that this generation is "a bit more gender neutral" and in hindsight it's when I've been trying to defend myself for watching it (which I shouldn't do. It's my right, people can think what they want). But when you really think about it - it's created by a feminist who wanted to do a show FOR GIRLS that doesn't suck, is a story about some female friends in a matriarchal society etc. Of course it's for girls. Hmm.. perhaps what I mean is that it's more inclusive in addition to being for girls. And also that it's not your typical low quality stuff that people stereotype a "girls show" to be: which is not a reflection on the gender in any way, just the second class way they've sadly been treated in toys and entertainment. You're right, we're not entirely subverting gender roles. Many of us have the little plastic toys, the plushies and even the brushable ponies which some of us even sit there brushing... but gotta admit, it's mostly just a desire to hoard merch (which is... I'd say mostly a male thing). You still won't see many of us wearing pink (unless it's pony related), wearing skirts dresses or feminine footwear, taking a keen interest in let's say knitting, or many other 'traditionally feminine' things that aren't related to the herd. And I'm really not sure that "being secure enough in your masculinity to do feminine things" even makes sense, heh... that's just going back to the requirement to be masculine and somehow saying that doing something feminine with confidence is manly. However, I do think we're dipping a toe into it. It is one thing that is a bit "girly" that we're (for those who are) openly enjoying in public, which is an improvement on 0 things, and big changes like that don't necessarily make a full scale change overnight.
  5. Blush and return it They were just friendly kisses on the cheek of course She's too sweet.
  6. It's a girl's show, because that's how Lauren Faust envisioned it. As something for girls that doesn't suck, to summarise her comments on it. However that doesn't mean boys or men aren't allowed to enjoy it And I think it's kind of evolved to be taken as gender neutral, even if it wasn't and isn't intended to be.
  7. I had suicidal feelings sometimes as a teen. It's no fun, and it's definitely a thing and fairly common. The important thing is of course not to take any action and remember that it's a permanent solution to what will probably only be a short term problem and rob you of potentially many decades of good times (along with giving your parents something to be deeply and frequently sad about) The best thing to do with haters is ignore them and NOT try to reason with them. It'll never work - haters don't attack because they're looking for a debate or to learn something, they attack because they want power over you - so they'll never concede as that's just not their mission. You'll just end up frustrated trying to make them see your side and getting more counter-arguments than you know what to do with. (It is quite difficult to ignore it, to be fair - I still fall into the trap of responding sometimes and I'm ancient in comparison) It is getting too far these days with death threats and such, and it sucks, because it'll eventually mean the internet gets regulated. It's only a matter of time.
  8. It depends entirely on whether I want you to know or not Day to day you'd have no idea. I'm your average guy. Mildly shy, but fairly good at faking it, except when I slack at eye contact. Out and about though I'm often wearing pony t-shirts. And as for online.... yyyyyeah you'd have to be blind
  9. Clop is a kebab? That explains why kebabs are so nice, eh eh eh
  10. I say "poni" or "pones" sometimes just... I don't know, to be cute? :3 Harmless fun.
  11. It is what it is, I'd leave it alone. Its has its... colourful aspects... but that's always going to happen unless we become some really unfriendly people who are always yelling at the ones we don't like and trying to chase them away - which is the complete opposite of what I like about the fandom.
  12. I think for me personally, my definition is roughly, teens (i.e. 13) and up. i.e. the sort of age where you start to rebel a bit, where you're into something that is "meant" for someone younger than yourself but are refusing to "grow up" about this thing, and where you're starting to develop the individuality and personality that you'll be taking into adulthood. Or like me, you're already an adult. This also helps to retain a separate definition when talking about situations like say if you've been to the cinema and "I saw several girls and their parents, a few boys, and a row of Bronies at the back". You just sort of know who is considering themselves to be "along for the ride" so to speak. However, everyone is welcome to call themselves one or call their kids one! We're a welcoming community, and if a parent is comfortable with their 6 year old girl identifying with that label, knowing that it's generally considered to be mixed gender and mostly older folks, then I see no harm in it. This is not taking into account fans who don't like the Brony label. But presumably we're talking about "the community that generally, to make it easy to identify them, calls themselves Bronies" rather than getting into semantics
  13. The fandom is immortal! I know enough people who are very heavily invested, that there will always be someone. Even when the fandom tails off a bit, there will always be a hardcore group of followers. Hypothetically though - I'd find something else similar to get into, based on looking at what defined the fandom. I've seen it described as a part of "New Sincerity" so would maybe look at what else comes under that umbrella, or get into some reasonable corner of the furry culture, something like that.
  14. Nothing you can really do unless you "just happen" to be able to pull a giant cushion out of your jacksie Yell at her to wake up (Flutters can fly), yell at all the nearby flying creatures that she needs help, hopefully something will listen (the animals love her, after all) If Dash or Twily are around, point out the situation to them.
  15. Sorry princess Just commenting that it reminded me of one as it stands, as seemingly relevant in the conversation topic *shrugs*
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