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  1. Hello!

    Hello and welcome, @PintoPeaches! =3 Oh dat mighty peachy hoers! Are you posting your arts anywhere? ^-^
  2. Lunar Eclipe's Art

    Very impressive, @Total Lunar Eclipse ^-^ It seems you really know what you do when you draw. It's a kindo natural talent =3 I added you on DA.
  3. Le Artzz Dump!

    Oh, @Sulfur, all your arts are magical! =3
  4. Howdy!

    Hello and welcome to the forums, @Dusk Diamond ^-^ BTW, your arts are miraculous!
  5. Heey! Your avatar is extremely lovely =3

  6. I would suspect that Starlight Glimmer was involved 9~9 She's kindo the only who can perform such kind of spell.
  7. Making New Friends

    Hello and welcome, @Sweetriff! If you're looking for friends, you came to right place ^-^
  8. Hello various poners!

    Hello there, unicorn-lion... thing? o.O Welcome to the our poney partey! ^-^ P.S. I Love your drawing style sooo badly!
  9. A Problem with OC ponies

    Sorry, I disagree. Your OC is beautiful as Equestrian unicorn. She has a nice pastel color scheme, very symbolic bootiemark and does not have weird additions like glowing tentacles, halfmeter fangs and stuff. Рonies with leg markings are not unusual in Equestria and Rosie's colors are pretty common. The main reason, why Equestrian ponies are looking so similar is technology of animation. Simplier = cheaper. But we can see that Equestrians can look really unique and interesting. Look at Sassy Saddles, Sunburst or Flutterpony's brother (forgot his name). And my favorite is Bulk Biceps! (Looks like equestrian pone a way less than your OC, LOL) Sorry, pone, but Big Mac still has pastel color scheme. He isn't bright red. Even if he's one of brightest ponies I've ever seen.
  10. Ponies watching horse racing?

    I think, ponies don't need humans to compete in race ^-^ Sounds like an obvious idea for pony sports. 9~9
  11. Batonya's pure art

    Ah, I see. Thank you.
  12. Batonya's pure art

    Oh I love this one. So geometric! => What program do you use for digital drawing?
  13. Collecting : D

    Ponies on this forum are hoping to meet you as well =3
  14. Hello

    Oh, one more Lyra! Hello there ^-^ It's about time to rename this site to Lyra Forums ^-^
  15. Heya!

    Whelcome to the forums, @Sad Pony ^-^ You will find friends sooner if you will tell about yourself a bit more =3