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    Ice Skating .. I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd, and has also grown fond of hunger games, im an artist, idk what else to say.

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  1. Two new pieces, i hope you like them
  2. Yup i drew that ! it was even featured on EQD
  3. My fluttershy art i hope yall like it
  4. ATTENTION Im at 83 followers on my picarto channel! When i hit a 100 im gonna do a huge raffle maybe even more than one to thank all of my viewers! So if you are not a part of my little family go join us at: Beware, le TWICAT! what do yall think?
  5. Im currently having a bit of a Fluttertrip :3
  6. Fluttershy is NOT impressed ! And peeved~
  7. New update on My fancy AJ Its stil a WIP tho..
  8. WIP! The Background is only a sketch: Therefor the odd colors, and lack of details..
  9. Im streaming. if anyone care.

  10. Please come watch my stream im all alone )=

    1. Barpy


      i see it, u dont speak? )=

    2. SaraEH
    3. SaraEH


      Im streaming again


  11. Oh, thank you im glad you think so ! ^^
  12. Aww Shucks! you chamer ^^ I miss doing pony art tho.. must do a stream soon!