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    Ponies make life 20% cooler!
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    Besides MLP? I like Pokemon, Doctor Who, Marvel comics,tv shows and movies, Star Wars, Star Trek, Cars(both the movie and the actual things lol), Aircraft, Gaming, Writing fanfics, listening to music (Mainly while playing video games and writing), Retro stuff. and I'm also really starting to get into anime!

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  1. Twilight Sparkle has been very forgetful lately, wherever she goes she seems to leave something behind. Growing tired of having to retrieve them, she decides to cast a spell that will bring these items to her. But, the spell isn't quite what it seems and now Ponyville has four new residents. Unsure of how to return them to where they came from, the Mane 6 must teach these newcomers how to fit-in in Equestria. Takumi, Iketani, Kenji and Itsuki are just having a guys night out racing along the roads of Mount Akina, when suddenly a flash of light changes everything. Now they must learn how to l
  2. It's -2 here in Fallon NV and we have 8 inches of snow...

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    2. Kyoshi


      That works too. :D I might make some chicken noodle soup. :)

    3. SixShooterOutlaw


      Soup is a great way to warm up too

    4. internet pone

      internet pone

      YAY! No snow - no winter!

  3. Merry Christmas Everypony!

    1. TheRockARooster


      Merry Christmas Six.


    2. internet pone

      internet pone

      Merry Christmas to you too ^-^

  4. My favorite is a tie between Sunny Daze and Kimono
  5. I grew up with G3 (I still have quite a number of the figures) I've seen at least one episode of G1 on YouTube And I've seen a couple of the G2 episodes (also on YouTube and Daily motion)
  6. Thank you Everypony for the awesome birthday wishes!

    1. TheRockARooster


      You're welcome, Six.


  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Happy Fourth of July everypony!!!

    1. Alpharius


      Happy fourth to you

    2. TheRockARooster


      Happy 4th of July, my BFF.



    3. Dash In Black

      Dash In Black

      Non-denominationable Amen to that. :) May it have been a quiet and safe one, and may this great country maintain its sovereignty. And a belated Happy Canada Day to our northern neighbors :)

  9. Anime, tricky to find one to start with, easy to find more after that

  10. I have started watching anime, these are the ones I'm watching! Fullmetal Alchemist, Sword Art Online, (Those two are awesome! ) and Girls und Panzer (another great one) I also have a My Anime List if anypony wants to see what I'm watching and track my progress http://myanimelist.net/profile/SixShooterOutlaw Thanks Everypony! (And I am still looking for recommendations, but I figured I'd post what I'm watching to help with those!)
  11. I've seen it the second time and I must return and say that it is still such a lovely OC. ^^

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