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  1. I did that animation the whole day long because I was bored. There is my OC named "Downgrade" Chili Pepper (because she was literally downgraded from fire horse to pony). So I did a random scene from my head. Also notice that the text doesn't match to lipsing because she actually says it on Russian. Or just imagine that's sort of "anime" lipsing. I drew it barely in Photoshop frame by frame. I was curious about how hard it could be. And I realized that it was not so difficult as it looks like. As you see I also was experimenting on lights and colour pallette. By the way, some people said that they read that in Pewdiepie's voice.
  2. Actually it was not so bad, but in my opinion it was not that good like past seasons...
  3. Well... Nightmares. What do I mean with nightmares? I'm kind of sociophobic person because so many people hurted me. Few weeks ago I wanted give a person I like a present but he just turned away. So I dreamed the same moment last night but in the dream it was a bit... Scarier. It felt awful.
  4. I'm new here so I'm not that popular like in Tumblr.
  5. I like all colours... But I usually choose turquoise.
  6. Emma Watson... Wait, Emma Watson?! As Belle? Oh Sisters of Sun and Moon, I want to see that movie already!
  7. Hmmm... All people are different so I can't say that everyone would say that MLP is the best show ever. If only people could see how great this show is...
  8. Well, she looks really pretty good in Legend of Everfree.
  9. If the creators of MLP would really see that the bronies WANT to see pony Sunset, then it would be possible to happen.
  10. It's up to you. In my opinion you can watch it. It's not too bad but if you just move on to season 4 you'd nothing lose too.
  11. It's a very good work, sugarcube! I like the colours.
  12. I liked it! I would like to see 10 hour-version.
  13. I really liked your art! But I think it's a bit too little...