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  1. Happy shiny, happy New Year to you!

  2. actually, even though santa can be rearranged to spell satan, the more accurate comparison is Saturn. watch this to find out why
  3. and apologized. MoonShadow finally saw his greatness, and found a will to live. Evelyn's magic is used to save ponies from the darkness of their own minds.

    1. Widdershins


      Huh, that's quite a good idea for a talent. Maybe not empathy is the word i'm thinking of...think that's an actual job irl, like the guy that talks down jumpers or those hotlines...Hmm. Oh, and you been through the Everfree RP lists? There's alot more room over there for backstories and other details!

    2. Widdershins


      ...Wait...how's that magic? She talked to him, then flew to catch him. That was all physical actions, right?

    3. Evelyn Light

      Evelyn Light

      it's hard to explain, it's like when your depressed, and there is always that person that makes you happy again, and helps you realize that your more than your depression. if you've been through it, it's kinda magical.

  4. eariler i said Eveyln has her own kind of magic. this magic powered by her empathy. She first discovered her magic when she found her friend MoonShadow trying to kill himself. He was just about to jump, when something inside her snapped. when he jumped, she flew to catch him. when she got him to his house, she began to cry, begging him not to do it again, telling him how amazing he is. more she cried, the more she started to glow. A spark flashed in MoonShadow's eyes, he started crying to...

  5. Evelyn Light is my oc. she's extremely kind and shy. she cares about everypony. she got her cutie mark (glowing star) by helping ponies see how great they are

  6. no I am not planning on getting married, first, I am single and not many people like me, second, its a waste of money, and third, most marriages ruin the relationship between two people
  7. ​I feel pretty good, happier than I've been in awhile
  8. venus. Why do people hate what they don't understand?