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  1. Vlazamal

    Is Equestria in an Iron or Bronze age?

    Probably around the 1920's seeing from the maximum technology in Manehattan.
  2. If the characters of the show got to know you as a person, who would begin to like you? What would draw a certain pony into liking you?
  3. Vlazamal

    Changeling's acting skills

    They're invaders - the purpose of the grubs aren't to infiltrate for too long but to get in unnoticed for enough time for their victims to weaken and attack. We see this in the fiendship is magic comics. I'd imagine they focus more on pillaging and brute force, whereas Chrysalis takes the role of the deceiver.
  4. Vlazamal

    Possible ideas for an evil Twilight

    Twilight has already been a Braniac-esque villain during the dark water arc. It was awesome and I'd be fine with it happening again in the main show
  5. At BD Studios, we are creating a retro-styled MLP game, and ive been working as a composer for it for 8 months now. However, we'd love the assistance of somebody familiar with the 16-bit style of music! Join us at our development Discord! Here I will fill you in with more details: https://discord.gg/SekXXS3
  6. I'd like some kind of drama to where Sugar Belle doesn't forgive her yet...though that really seems outside of her character.
  7. Vlazamal

    Should G5 have more male characters?

    Regardless of moral/social implications, gynocentrism has basically proven to be the meta in western animation as of lately. I'd like male representation but it would likely be less profitable for the franchise based on what I've seen.
  8. The front view of 2D Ponies and the Movie's ponies like fine. It's just that the 3d models from the game and from some SFM ends up looking like this:
  9. I wouldn't live in Equestria in the first place. Imagine living in a country that gets conquered and re-conquered by evil forces all the time. Not every few decades but every few months.
  10. Vlazamal

    Rate the Equestria Girls Movies

    EQG: 8/10 RR: 5/10 FG:4/10 LoE: 6/10 I know it wasn't asked for, but Forgotten Friendship gets a 10/10 and Movie Magic and Mirror Magic get a 9/10.
  11. Vlazamal

    Spin-off ideas.

    While I absolutely adore Pinkie, I feel this would just turn into something like Planet Sheen. Whether this is a good thing or not is entirely up to you.
  12. Vlazamal

    Why are the Cake twins STILL babies?

    But they can make more toys for them
  13. It works great for EqG Pinkie and I would like for her to recieve permanently. It is adorable. On pony PP it doesnt look reasonably attached and clashes with the hair.
  14. Vlazamal

    Being More Critical of Later Seasons

    I am fairly uncritical of this show - And to be frank I actually love the newer seasons 6-8 more than the 1-3 era when we're talking about the show. The animation is better, the morals and plot are often easier to digest for me as well. Equestria Girls on the other hand is the exception - Its gotten worse over time for me, excluding Forgotten Friendship, my favorite of the series.