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  1. Vlazamal


    I love this! PLEASE make more music like this. As regards to the other commenters, I think its perfect the way it is.
  2. Vlazamal

    Razvedka (DD song)

    Experimented with something different
  3. You have exactly the same amount of brohoofs you have for your post count.

    1. Rikifive


      1:1 ratio? That's interesting indeed! :P 

  4. Use any tactics necessary. Funny jokes, cute ponies, anything that gets you the hoof. However, you may not ask directly for brohoofs yourself. Earn the brohoofs yourself. Try not to give out brohoofs freely - make the user earn the vote! Good luck!
  5. EXTREME CHALLENGE: Post something adorable here.

    1. Califorum
    2. Rikifive


      This always comes to my mind first, when somebody mentions something like this. :derp:

      https://derpibooru.org/417027 >

  6. Vlazamal

    Could the Storm King return?

    comment removed until further notice
  7. Vlazamal

    Dropped plot points

    Is Fluttershy still a bat? This was something that was teased but I want this to be covered again
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uSiVppGWi Join our Development Discord! https://discord.gg/SekXXS3 Maradice Isle is a retro JRPG set in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic universe. The game features elements of Final Fantasy, Golden Sun,Lunar, and even Earthbound as your team of Pony warriors travels the world of My Little Pony, both in Maradice Isle and Equestria, in an attempt to save the world from the biggest threat it has ever faced. With 7 classes to pick from, tons of sidequests to do and a storyline that sounds like it belongs in a big budget movie, this is one title that will keep you glued to your computer screen until the sun goes down.
  9. Vlazamal

    Why Equestria Girls makes no sense.

    I sense an upcoming movie...
  10. Vlazamal

    What would EqG be like if it became more "feminist"?

    The show is already feminist, as the writers have said. Women are independent, all the lead roles and administrative roles are taken by women, men are background characters generally. The only way you could make it more feminist is by having an oppressive matriarchy where males are cast down?
  11. Fluttershy would love to see the diversity of animals and the landscapes that we have. It is beautiful how nature works on Earth
  12. Not much special to it
  13. Vlazamal

    Would you feel comfortable with a cutie mark on your butt?

    I mean, in real life I already have an accurate birthmark of Africa there, Madagascar included. I wouldn't exactly show it off to everyone as I don't with my birthmark, and if it glows I will wear more underwear to keep it from showing.
  14. Vlazamal

    Could G5 be as big as G4?

    Yes. If it's done right it will be like Star Trek Discovery for the fandom and renew interest (The MLP Fandom is just as big as the Star Trek fandom anyway). If it isn't then the fandom will mellow out some more, but have a core fanbase that persists.