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Male characters.

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Cause none of them are cool enough to warrant that. Sure Spike has a few good moments but he feels like he'd be far better suited for a sitcom than whatever FIM is trying to be. However, if truth be told, most female characters are the same way. In fact, there are a lot more useless and boring female characters in FIM.

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9 hours ago, VG_Addict said:

Why don't the male characters get as much focus and development?

My Little Pony has always been about pandering to the female demographic. In Gens 1-3 it was extremely blatant and unapologetic about it (since, in retrospect, these shows were aimed exclusively at little girls with absolutely no attempts to appeal to anyone outside of that niche). Gen 4 was constructed with far more attention to detail, whether this accounts for the more intellectually stimulating writing, as well as increased level of complexity within the realm of character progression or the extra emphasis of worldbuilding and lore in general. Incorporating a traditional fantasy world and grand diversity of creatures that inhabit it complete with various cultural/ societal variances and the like, pretty much requires the presence of more male characters since the viewers' collective suspension of disbelief would be put in jeopardy to assume the world was composed of nothing but females (as seen in G3 excluding Spike and any other minor characters I may have glossed over).


What I am trying to get at here is the dissecting the inquiry itself: "Why don't the male characters get as much focus and development?". Would there be any need to ask such a thing for Generations 1, 2, and 3? Of course not. Gen 4, however, IS deserving of this question, and even possible criticism simply due to the fact that its potential is so much higher than any other entry in the series. Most people will come to the conclusion "Oh, it's just for little girls, so deal with it". This simply is no longer the case. As far as I am concerned there remains no excuse for the male characters to be neglected to the extent that they are in FiM. And then, we must take into account the fact that nearly every main character in female, thereby facilitating much more development and focus be dedicated to them as opposed to secondary or tertiary cast members. G4's Spike being the only exception that comes to mind. The solution to this predicament? Add some goddamn male characters with overarching plot relevance who are not merely antagonistic in nature. Either that, or take an incredibly bold move and introduce some legitimate romantic interests for the Mane 7. Hell, we already have both Sunburst and Flash Sentry to fulfill that role for the two Purplesmarts; why not actually put them to use? 

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MLP has done a pretty good job earning a male fanbase with the gender diversity it does have. There's not a whole lot of reason to tinker with that beyond some vague notion of maintaining the "suspension of disbelief". It's well established that there are plenty of stallions and other masculine beings in Equestria; the show just mostly isn't about them. And I'd hope the writers wouldn't throw in a bunch of forced romantic subplots in this last season just to serve that dubious purpose. Personally I'm a lot more interested in seeing the established female characters' personal arcs brought to a satisfying close than having precious screentime taken away from them for new male characters. 

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Even if some people don't want to admit it, the show definitely favors its female cast over male characters(which, if I'm being honest, I don't care much about). Granted, it's gotten better with male characters Season 5/6 onwards, and it's better than most other girl's cartoons like say, Ever After High or Monster High, but it's still really lacking as far as male characters go, which admittedly is unfortunate, given shows aimed at boys are usually capable of having solid female characters as well(Arcee for example)

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I think it’s hardly relevant to fill a quota on male characters. Considering FIM is still mainly a show for young girls, however, what it matters is that we all have one or more characters we can relate to, regardless of gender >_>

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There are many characters on the show that don't get as much focus and development, not just the male ones. It's not just the fact that the show is primarily intended for female audiences, it's also the fact that the show's cast has grown to be incredibly large. Regardless, it's the quality of the writing of the characters that matters, not their gender. 

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On 3/2/2019 at 8:27 AM, VG_Addict said:

Why don't the male characters get as much focus and development?

The only Male Main Character  you see is Spike, and there were a few stories about him. However all Generations of Hasbros MLP Series were Female Dominated.  It was A Kid Show that targeted little Girls after all.

It was mainly when MLP FIM series came along that, For some odd reason.  Guys became interested in the show.

Following the MLP toy line from G1 to Now..

In the G1 toy line They had the Big Brothers and Baby Brother ponies, plus the Mountain Boys too. Tux n Tail. The father and brother with mother and sister. in the family toy line too.

As the toy line changed they were scrapped, and so the female Clones took over..

Over the years watching the series.

The show was very popular with cloning the Characters tweaking them to be a new characters. The G1 Series were origional however ever since that here comes the clones.

Seriously Hasbro is not even trying, in the creative field to make them stand out more. They are obsessed into keeping them like clones of each other.

Comparing the G1 Toy line to now.  They old toys were very creative unique and original. Not an Army of Pinkie Pie.

Sadly Hasbro MLP Franchise Lost is Magical Creative Touch, in favor for the Generic Sea of Clones,

Don't get me Wrong they can get Very Creative, however are far to cheap to make this move to do so.

Filly Funtasia is a upcoming new Animated series,  I like the fact that the main Cast has a Balance of both Male and Female.

Unlike Hasbro Obsession with the Females Dominating and Ruling it all.

However the real truth this series  is For Kids, and target to little girls at that.

now I'm not saying Us adults should not watch or Enjoy the show too. Yes I even watch the Flintstones kids and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. along with other kid like shows. 

However there are some Really Wonderful and Great animated series that us adults can watch and Enjoy too.  TMNT 2012 Series. Batman even some Great Adult Series To. Gotham  I love that series.

Will Hasbro Ever have a Mix of Male Female Characters where the main cast is not dominated by one gender so far doubtful they will make this move.

Its a Girl Show, for Girls, and the fact that the Males are nothing more than a meter sidekick or just put there to push the story along.  is sad. That is why I walked away from MLP franchise. I finally seen it as noting more than a 22 minutes of advertisement to sell you more stuff

Avatar The Last Air-Bender is the Best show Ever, The show had a strong purpose, meaning, heart and soul. It was beautifully well written, comical at time yet I cherished every moment. And when it came to the end my heart sank, I was sad to see it end, yet how they ended the series was perfect.

They made a second series The Legend of Korra. And this too was another Masterpiece in the series

I just watched a new series Cannad its was Flawlessly Written, funny at time sad at times, it was beautifully written and well done. I loved this Series more.

Will G5 Have a Mix of Males or Females? With Hasbro Controlling it all.

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On 3/4/2019 at 7:10 PM, R.D.Dash said:

Who else but the main characters get the character development, I mean really.

Zephyr Breeze did get character development. Went from being a guy looking for excuses not to try anything to a more confident, graduating from Mane Therapy, which is something real people can relate to.

And Zephyr's not a main character. You don't have to be a Main Character to get development.

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