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  1. Horse shit does not smell that bad.
  2. Goat-kun

    MLP going forward

    Yet you are complaining that they are changing their model. All those Mane 6 toys and no Princess What's-Her-Name. Frustrating, isn't it? Different times demand different approach to toys. We both think that they have chosen the wrong approach. However, our notions of the right approach are quite different. I want a moba-like approach. Think about it: "each sold separately" is just another way of saying you have microtransactions
  3. Goat-kun

    MLP going forward

    Agree on imagination bit. Disagree on making row upon row of pony toys as it is my humble belief that it just won't work in this day and age.
  4. Goat-kun

    What is "canon"?

    Mind creates it. Makes it grow. Its lore surrounds the characters and binds them. Imaginary beings are they, not this crude writing. You must feel the canon around them. The One True Canon as it is used: colors and most basic character quirks. Everything else exists in flux within the time stream.
  5. Goat-kun

    Movies/TV Stan Lee Passes Away at Age 95.

  6. Goat-kun

    The reasons why alicorn OCs are bad and hated

    It's not their agenda. Puppets have no true will of their own. However, puppets still need a purpose. Her power is a network of radiant veins pulsating across the land. Being met with various internal and external limitations, she needs to distribute it wisely. That is why you don't get many alicorns. Also, the water is making frogs weird
  7. Goat-kun

    The reasons why alicorn OCs are bad and hated

    Every pony needs a purpose. Alicorns just need more of it is all.
  8. Goat-kun

    “Rewrite” an Early Episode for S9

    For me, designing old episodes with new characters would be like wiping my arse with sandpaper, so I'll pass ... Unless I'm compelled. Say, how's your loot in Path of Exile? Any good uniques for a witch? How about some exalts? Wait, is this extortion? Better post something constructive anyway to scrape this sin off my already marred image. The High Templar is watching. You can basically rewrite CMC episodes like Showstoppers for the creature students. They're blank flanks in a way so you can write an episode about how they are trying to figure out what's their "cutie mark" through whatever mundane event the school is organizing. Or you could go off the reservation and convert Family Appreciation Day for Gallus and his griffin "family". I mean, I get that griffins live in a seinen fantasy, but we should still address the lack of core family. Bonus points if there's a cameo of a grim griffin with a giant sword accompanied by a breezie. Welp, my ethereal hindquarters are in pain now.
  9. Goat-kun

    Create a stupider MLP episode title than the one above

    The Clopping Carnival
  10. He's going to Path of Exile. Are you?


  11. One can have a cult of personality. Special attributes are often ascribed to such people. So what are traits of divine beings in FIM? To be beaten by every villain that walks by?
  12. Goat-kun

    Being More Critical of Later Seasons

    People who like to eat hamburgers will become more selective and critical of hamburgers. Whoopty-doo! I just can't stand how they constantly swing back and forth between some flaccid wish to have fantasy adventure and the unfunny hipster non-humor of "lol, nothing matters!" while still trying their darnest to force badly conveyed morals up everyone's arse. Look, you either go Konosuba route and make a comedy show placed in fantasy setting, or you make a more traditional fantasy adventure with humor. FIM tries to be both and succeeds at being neither. When you go comedy, you have to commit and place morals on secondary track cause comedy burns assess. And when you go adventure, you do not turn Tartarus into a petting zoo, villains into misunderstood idiots, or have just about every world event connected to ponies. The crowd you're trying to entertain is the same crowd that plays games with way more logical and complicated worldbuilding. We are facing the end of FIM. We have experienced it all. We have all the tools to support our criticism, something that we did not have at its beginning. Benefit of the doubt has been slain and buried. And it does not help that our glorious writers are masking their utter inability to further develop Mane 6 with all these new character introductions.
  13. Goat-kun

    What is the mane 6 ponies sexuality?

    They all identify as heterosexual white women