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  1. Goat-kun

    Starlight, genius, or mad?

    Neither. She's your basic average idiot with first world problems. The only peculiar circumstances are magic and a notable lack of heroes that would be able to keep such malicious yet powerful idiots at bay. We need Seven Deadly Sins creature edition. I mean, there could be thousands of powerful foals out there with mail-related issues. We cannot go on without a full counter
  2. When your writers want to play it safe with the forest but you ain't no pastel pony.



    1. Totally Cerberus

      Totally Cerberus

      Finnish meme spotted!!!!!





  3. Goat-kun

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  4. Goat-kun

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    Inb4 404 ______________
  5. Fabulous secret powers


  6. Goat-kun

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    Bad adaptation you say?
  7. Goat-kun

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  9. Goat-kun

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    Oh boy, time to use a classic.
  10. Respect is given, not taken. Trixie is an egotistical deadbeat whose only saving grace comes from opportunities given to her by our glorious writers. "Ever thus to deadbeats," say I (zip).
  11. Goat-kun

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    Menacing, menacing, menacing, menacing
  12. Goat-kun

    Does Equestria need a stronger army?

    SUMMON THE ELECTOR COUNTS ... Oh wait, that'd probably be a griffin thing. Never mind. Yeah, pony army: two thirds are useless against pole weapons and one third runs on batteries. Plus they need to draft peasants and weather workers whenever they want those two thirds of said army, so their economy goes to shit as well. But Goat-kun, Maud can crush stones ... throw her and her sisters at a wall of spears, see what happens. Bonus: throw her and her sisters and Wonderbolts at a wall of spears that guards ranged weapons. Infantry is bread and butter. Ponies, being ungulates, have no way to effectively fulfill standard roles. But-but-but Goat-kun, the tornado ... Goat-kun looks at the captains of artillery units: "Fire at the tornado. You literally cannot miss. The siege team that slaughters the most pegasi in one shot gets to drink the finest ale tonight!"
  13. Goat-kun

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  14. Goat-kun

    S08:E15(?) - The End in Friend

    Inb4 it's another "Starlight knows better" episode
  15. Goat-kun

    Why did the Main 6 befriend Starlight Glimmer?

    Do understand that friendship in FIM is not a choice but an inescapable state of all things.