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  1. episode discussion S08:E01+02 - School Daze

    Oh no, if they don't sing a few songs together the zoo ... I mean the park ... I mean the restaurant ... I mean the store ... I mean the school will be closed! If only Twilight had authority of a princess!
  2. Mustache, huh? I've learned your weakness, forum. You can't stop me anymore!
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  4. The Dude is holding his own. Let the dice decide. Throw for each individual. The highest score wins.
  5. Just get Twilight already. Waifu having a husbando is not an impediment. A waifu is not a mere love interest; she is a weebly coat of arms. You worship your waifu, you share her with the world, you shitpost for her honor against other waifu owners. Some of us even have multiple waifus for various occasions.
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  8. It's old man humor. Don't worry. The way how cyclical humanity is you'll find it funny in ten years or so.
  9. You are correct. I have no Jazz. Despite that shortcoming, Fluffle makes sense to me. Knowing that she represents the pinnacle of our creative endeavor is not reassuring. That said, sometimes there's a pony, won't say a main character, cause what's a main character these days? But sometimes there's a pony, and I'm talking about the Dude here. Sometimes there's a pony, well, he's the pony for his show and season. He fits right in there. And that's the Dude in Friendship is Magic. And even if he's a lazy addition, and the Dude was most certainly that, quite possibly the laziest in all MLP generations, which would place him high in the running for laziest H-Bro character, but sometimes there's a pony. Sometimes there's a pony.
  10. Should I feel guilty for...?

    Add trans-black to your identity jibber jabber and it'll be K. P.S: It's okay to be white.
  11. Pears and apples, white and hollow, gathered in a pile. Some are still hanging on the tree above. The hour of their fall draws near. Your love? Keep it, but do not take pride. Many before have done a better job and now they too comprise the pile, forgotten, even to themselves. ... And then we have that Fluffle abomination. If this fandom had ten plagues then bad OCs would be one of them. And still you elevate them willingly. No wonder none of you could make gods bleed.
  12. Spoiler A what if episode

    What if non-pones never had friendship problems within their communities? What if villains became friends through their hatred of ponies? What if our glorious writers actually knew how to write Celestia? What if Daring Do was Rainbow Dash? What if alicorns aren't the final form?
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