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  1. Same as any other writer's pet pony: with lots and lots and lots of plot armor. Look, that gem that is just lying over there conveniently undefended can inexplicably turn you into a god, and nobody has ever tried to claim it. Lucky! Me, I have no need for such a weaksauce minion that would break at the first semblance of failure. Diamond dogs are better. Go forth, Uwu-Hai! Stain the land with the tears of fanboys!
  2. Do not listen to the heretic. This one is a servant of Slaanesh. Adeptus Astartes are the Emperor's avenging angels. The blood of his sons, not a product of some foul degeneracy. It says right there in Codex Astartes that one must not mingle with the filthy xeos. The only exceptions to this most holy rule are big tiddy Eldar girlfriends that bring your back from the dead.

    1. Jesse Terrence

      Jesse Terrence

      That was beautiful...!!!!!!! :awed:

  4. Goat-kun

    Gaming Genshin Impact

    So ... the golden seelie, am I right? I' mean, it's the color of winning! Who here is picking pink or blue?
  5. {Goat noises beyond your comprehension}
  6. I'm still in. Take your time. We're already done better than the heroes
  7. Goat-kun

    Gaming Genshin Impact

    Exactly. Bennet is very good if you can sit there and dish out damage. In fact, he's probably the best support for such a tactic. That's why I want to test him with Xinyan and Razor. I want to see just how much damage Wolf Boy can pump out with their buffs. But if you have an opponent that moves around and has big ranged attacks with aoe, you are a bit screwed. I would not go against Oceanid with Bennet, or against Childe. Noelle is another character that is not necessarily underrated, just misunderstood. She protects, but she also attacks, and she not only scales off of the most
  8. Goat-kun

    Gaming Genshin Impact

    Indeed, I have obtained these characters only through casual gameplay, so I guess the RNG system is pretty forgiving when it comes to four star content. Creeps tend to walk out of Bennet ult even if I throw it down within their original spawn area. The same goes with the non-stationary bosses. You'll get dodged, then your fielded char is going to be eating damage and there's no chance you can heal them off the field. Maybe if you are running a shield comp. Me, I'd use Bennet as a walking lighter and a Broodmother ult for regisvines, or if you are running a hydro-cryo comp. So the
  9. Goat-kun

    Gaming Genshin Impact

    The Ruinous Powers have granted me Diona. I, a filthy F2P player, am now in possession of each and every four star character in the game. Let's see how much I can amplify physical damage with Diona Bennet Xinyan Razor team. Everyone is saying how Bennet is the best support but his healing is pretty shit. It's an ult, you can only heal up to 70% HP, and the character you need to heal must be on the field inside a specific radius. It's inflexible, especially for F2P that can't just burst high level bosses with five star gear in time of its duration. But while one such support ult is lackluster,
  10. My eye only turns to those who work in the entertainment industry if they themselves make an effort to be seen as activists by awkwardly inserting their political opinions into the product. Unfortunately, the western entertainment needs to be purged along with the adjacent media. Perhaps then my eye shall finally be able to turn back towards the illusory worlds. I have no need to see those behind the curtain unless I really want to compliment them.
  11. Goat-kun

    Gaming Genshin Impact

    You can play with guaranteed characters. Is it pay-2-win? Yes, but you can do all the content with what meta snobs regard as trash characters. If you boil it down this game is a casual open world Breath of the Waifu for many platforms. I'd take this over an AAA console exclusive any day of the week. Just be careful cause a gacha game is still a gacha game. Don't spend more than you would on you average game. After you finish all the quests and roll all the wishes, you're left with more characters than you're able to level. If you let F2P flow through you and realize that you won'
  12. Goat-kun

    Gaming Genshin Impact

    Yup, lootboxes are indeed dog feces. I am not going to spend a full game price of 60$ on a wheel of fortune made in Chyna. Thus I'm running this thing like WINrar, and I'm sure that whales who are burning full paychecks on banners more than compensate for my lack of investment. One must understand that gacha games play like a casino. The house always wins. The only way how you can win is by playing with what you have, so no matter what four star article you get you always win since it only serves to expand your options. I played through the entire campaign with Amber Barbara Kaey
  13. Cpt Obvious over here. Things are hard to read due to the color of your letters. Now, a vet user knows where things are supposed to be and is thus able to find them, but I'm playing "spot the animal" over here.
  14. Goat-kun

    Gaming Genshin Impact

    Since it seems there are more people playing this game I'm just gonna go ahead and create a thread where you can discuss comps, strats, story, organize your co-ops with your fellow Bronies, or share your frustration with the resin and lootbox systems. Enjoy. @TBD 🚬@dragon4111
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