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  1. I am not convinced. Those titles should be reserved for beings that can blot out the stars and destroy entire worlds, not some clowns amped on magic juice and wee bit of chaos that can't even defeat some little girls with zero brains and no metal fortitude whatsoever. Tirek's aoe and penetration are shit as is his magic repertoire. He's just a walking mana pool. And Discord isn't really doing anything that spectacular. Sure he opened some portals and made some silly stuff, but that's not out of reach of powerful unicorns, is it now. He's not a chaos god. He's a chaos spirit. He couldn't even crush one world under his influence like say Nicol Bolas or destroy a universe like Bill Cipher. Show me the power and I will believe. ... Then again, if our glorious writers confirmed their power I'd still not believe. They'd just be telling for the sake of making it stink less. I don't give a shit for their verbal lore. They'll move on and so will their opinion.
  2. Discord planted the seeds but we don't know if he was the one who created them. Seems a bit to elaborate and brutish for him. Who knows. However, to be ensnared by such weed one needs to lack in both strength and magic. This ain't Darkwood. Any random hero with a sword would be able to cut themselves free. And for such weed to silently take down a horse ... Well, that says a lot. From someone who likes creepy cults and Brotherhood of Nod Starlight wasn't all that. She was more like your average screeching leftist academia commissar. 0/10 would not follow. At least she could have been promising great power and eternal life or something. Part of the reason why I hate her. Now we'll never gonna get a real shadowy redpilled leader of a powerful secret society who wields charisma and forbidden knowledge to trap victims in a web of madness. Ah well, there's Disney. FIM villains ain't that strong. They're quite average. The only one who'd need to be gutted by a very special approach is Discord. And without ToH to make things boring, maybe Mane 6 could have become more versatile like actual heroes. That does wonders to character development.
  3. They ain't powered by the tree, but the most powerful attacks that defeat villains are. Remove that and ponies are crap. And yes, farm boys are stronk. So are trolls, bears, giants. Common vermin. The gods equate strength of vermin with that of ponies since they feel an incessant urge to sate their convictions with least resistance. What they cannot compare is the amount of flesh and blood and bone. It takes only one good blow to strike down a hornless pony. If that is strength then let them have it. One and only.
  4. Mongrels don't know quality.
  5. _________________________________
  6. They get beaten by cabbage with tentacles. They are pretty damn weak. It's all borrowed strength from ToH anyway. In regards to strength, all ponies are quite weak. Smashing rocks is no big deal. Every other stronk farm boy can do that. Ask yourself: Can this creature survive a direct blow from a weapon that was made to kill it? If the answer is no then it's weak.
  7. War golems are a thing, and we already have magic tech.
  8. ______________________
  9. wait this was a secret this is something so trivial that no grand loremaster would bother
  10. Did someone say Illuminati?
  11. If it were me I'd grind all the Elements and other bullshit thingamajigs into dust and mana that anyone with knowhow could use. We don't need more of them, we need none. They don't add anything, haven't for a long time.
  12. ___________________________
  13. They are all lolis who pretend to be bears who pretend to be cryptids.
  14. Wojtek the bear, Polish soldier: 1942-1963
  15. The finale will be a DLC time exclusive randomized physical toy content comprised of three separate endings cut into three parts each. There will also be a fourth secret true ending where all the world variants and timelines are destroyed by the Hundred-Legged Titan; however, some broken shards are restored via Phlebotinum-powered World Forge, a powerful remnant of the ultimate lost thaumaturgy that survived the destruction of the progenitor multiverse by getting blasted into the void. The strange, single world, ever-changing by the raining shards and Titan's lingering presence, offers both a new beginning and a new end to those few still wading helplessly through the fields of untamed magic. My Little Pony: Friendship Stranding. Spring 2020 Only on Netflix