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  1. And then the entire civilization becomes dependent on the great power of a strange artifact that is slowly guiding it towards a single, mysterious goal shrouded in religious dogma of unity.


  2. Goat-kun

    I wish Luna never became Nightmare Moon

    Such tragic past, it just turns you into a villain, like poof. I too wish these ponies were not just frail fools that crumbled at the first non-issue they've encountered. And I wish somepony like Cozy received the power of shadows instead of some naggy fool. The forces of darkness deserve better.
  3. Goat-kun

    Does transgender ponies exist?

    Who knows, but as others have mentioned, it is not something that should be addressed. It is an issue that transcends the targeted demographic and as such offers nothing but confusion. Even without such restrictions, including specific medical and social issues plaguing a minute section of the population into entertainment tends to be very counterproductive. Go have a documentary. P.S: Make a pony version of yourself. Make an OC. Nobody is stopping you. Can't say we're loving, but we are fairly tolerant.
  4. Goat-kun

    Planning on doing a Forum wide hunt again

    Heavy and cruel is a DM's crown. You need to put participants before yourself yet hold them in your grasp. Games by gamers, social events by event organizers. Know the difference, know what you want, know what your audience wants. Have your "event deputy" analyze the population of participants. Postmortem ain't over till you stitch the corpse.
  5. Goat-kun

    Respond with a picture

  6. Goat-kun

    Equestria's tech level

    Developed enough for recoil-operated machine guns to be a thing. I'll be in the corner, arming my griffin luftgrenadiers
  7. Those strong female characters. Always ruining our hobbies.


  8. Goat-kun

    School of Friendship: Logical plot development?

    Mowing your lawn can be logical. Ain't seeing many episodes about that particular endeavor. Why don't we change ponies into middle-aged men with beer bellies? I mean, it's only logical for mundane people to do mundane stuff, right? So why not do that extra step?
  9. Goat-kun

    Why I Hate MLP Season 8

    The normies shall judge it. And they shall forget about it. And H-Bro shall bleed. These are the conditions of a hater's victory.
  10. Goat-kun

    Are Starlight and Trixie the best pair of friends?

    There is no friendship, only Harmony.
  11. Goat-kun

    Post your cutest Starlight Glimmer pic.

    Ask and you shall receive!
  12. Goat-kun

    How does Zecora survive in the Everfree Forest?

    How does one not survive in the Everfree Forest?
  13. Goat-kun

    Movies/TV Disney Management: Marvel vs. Star Wars

    Disney Star Wars is like Marvel Comics: bland, political, cringy, uninspired, and it makes no sense. Get woke, go broke.
  14. Emphasis on ponies would cramp my style.
  15. Better guards > Better villains > better heroes = profit