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  1. Equestria by itself would fall against any formidable dark army. Harmony is the only player that matters and it's not as cunning as Sauron who's been around the block since forever and even knows how to beat foes that are stronger than him. One way or another, the ponies would die without plot armor. Then there are other factors. Where's Witch-king at that time? Would Smaug and balrog of Moria ally themselves with Sauron holding the One Ring? Probably yes. Wraiths and balrogs generate fear, and unicorns are super weak against such psychological attacks. However, I believe that the dwarves still held the mountains at that point so Mordor would have to clash with them in order to obtain those allies.
  2. @TBD 🚬 We don't need to discuss our cover story in-game. It can be something that was discussed before landing.
  3. Robin nodded: "She may indeed have an escort, so stay on your toes for additional targets; however," he glanced at the flies: "this won't be a hero event. Conceal the use of your quirks and employ them only when necessary. We don't want to get into trouble for startling a bunch of politicians." He then turned to Krizalid: "Founds for appropriate attires would be appreciated. Unfortunately, this party is invites only with escorts being the exception. My situation is special since I'm a friend of the Neglia family." He paused to check the time zone: "The party will be in three days time, enough to go over the details a few times before the operation." Robin was content with the details of their inconspicuous living arrangements, though their group still looked kinda suspicious. He grabbed a bottle of mineral water, placed his elbows on the bar's counter, and waved the beverage towards the other members of his group: "So what's our cover story for renting the place? Business trip? A family of tourists?" He then produced a smug smile: "I'll have you know that I come in a wide variety of roles including daughter, son, butler, and secretary." The flight was long, so they still had plenty of time to come up with a good cover story. He'll have to change his attire anyway since it wasn't a good idea to run around some quiet Italian neighborhood dressed as a gothic lolita.
  4. @Lord Valtasar Are you prepared?


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      Do I seem like the kind of person who @ at people without a good reason? It's out, though I unfortunately can't tell you how to get it. The official route is very convoluted.

    4. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      i thought i had to wait till the 25th for the blue ray release, the news you bring are music to my ears

  5. Get this fake gamer girl out of my sight!


  6. As was foreseen. We had a good run though. And so joins the growing repertoire of shadow emoticons. A fitting beginning for a symbol that can bring swift pinkness to unprepared Wojaks.
  7. Harmony is the power that runs things behind the scenes. One can never be true ruler with its crystal tendrils popping all over the place. And yes, I never liked the whole Friendship and Harmony cult. I yearn for true balance of all things! That means regarding darkness and nature not as enemies but as needed equals. To uninitiated ponies of Equestria, I might as well seem like a monster worse than any nightmare princess or brooding king.
  8. I'd vanquish Harmony in its entirety, and built myself a sparkly magical waifu army worthy of Moedor. A transdimensional fortress city is not out of the question. From there I'd entertain myself by causing magical calamities and scream: "Pathetic earth ponies, who can save you now?!"
  9. Make Friendship actual friendship instead of magic. Make magic more high fantasy. Make locations not suck.
  10. The world where romance is out of character for young women, or when it is predominantly homosexual in nature, is a clown world written by people that are out of character for humanity. There is also the problem of our glorious writers being unable to create male protagonists that are anything more than cardboards and soy-stained cucks, which also greatly impedes love-related activities.
  11. Twilight: tips fedora Fluttershy: Wiccan hipster Applejack: Protestant Rainbow Dash: also tips fedora Rarity: rich folk devil worship Pinkie Pie: Pastafarian
  12. Look fam, here's the deal. There are only two emoticons native to Poniverse that I use. The rest cannot be blocked. Are you then gonna be asking staffers to restrict copy pasta too? Come on, man. Just to be clear: I am against any such action. Deal with it.