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  1. A bit soon for hopping. Robin's dimension is like a part of him, and you don't let random people put fingers into your mouth, but once he'll let others in, traveling unnoticed will become quite easy. So, this spinoff of a spinoff thread can be used for a more casual conversation between characters? I was wondering how we're gonna solve longer dialogues between OCs without breaking the flow of the RP. This may be a good answer. Well, if Robin pulls a Karen on some poor teashop employee we can test it out this weekend.
  2. I don't have to watch a western chibi show to know what's going on inside, and I don't care. Still, to those of you who feel the need to shill for Pony Life, don't start complaining when G5 has the same Mane 6 with a different spin. P.S: And this is how you actually spin a chibi SoL that's not just a braindead distraction tool for toddlers:
  3. I endorse this message. Now, we can still make her pay. The canon is ours now. No longer must we suffer shit writing, or her presence. Her entire existence is yours for the taking.
  4. @Drago Ryder Robin is heading to the tea shop the next day dressed as a gothic lolita with large sunglasses. He's cranky cause he didn't sleep till noon and is searching for coffee. There's no such stuff in his dimension since he doesn't usually want to drink it, and when he does it's with lots of cream and sugar. Also, he wants to check what's up with the odd teen revolutionary in the group of older dudes. So, is Nanami gonna be there, and does she have any means of recognizing him before he introduces himself? Is her telepathy capable of something like that or is it currently just means of communication? Next: when Robin walks in, what will he see? Who will be taking his order? Do you just buy tea blends there or do they prepare tea for you? I could create the scene myself if you don't care. Just felt obliged to ask.
  5. Yet it was still just a dream, and the rest was Luna's fault. There was nothing born in the deep dark void beneath the collective consciousness of living things crawling out into the waking world to feast on souls and orphan tears. Remove Luna = remove all known dream threats, and tell ponies to walk it off like the rest of the world.
  6. Guess I'll start working on my Mediterranean contact then. Someone's gonna have to "feed the bird" in Robin's absence. Arrangements have to be made. And I bet that the tea shop doesn't serve cawfee. That's gonna be quite a clash of cultures, especially so early in the morning.
  7. The way I see it, Luna's job was always more of a propaganda fluff than an office of genuine importance. I mean, there was no named pony patrolling the dreams before her birth or in time of her exile. Not to mention that non-pones don't seem to need such measures. If there is such a creature guarding the dream realm from some unspeakable eldritch horrors, then ponies are blissfully unaware of its existence. If you ever encounter this creature, make sure to toss it a coin or two.
  8. Inb4 most ponies starve to death and the rest get slaughtered by frostbite and raiding non-pones immune to cutie magic. Strangely enough, those non-pone raiders had a pegasi guide. Well, you backstab, you get backstabbed. It's life.
  9. Ftfy. Never seen a smile poke into someone's eye, anime or not. It makes their mouths look like they were copy pasted onto their face. Chibi figures never had such problems with facial anatomy.
  10. Could've been better, could've been worse ... but the corners of their mouths cutting into their eyes trigger me something fierce.
  11. Hopes =/= expectations Only fools would seek to exchange predictions for an empty bag of hope. Only the blind would replace their own tongues with a golden coin they themselves do not own.
  12. Nah, they'll become the next main characters after Equestria goes down the gutter Path of Exile style
  13. Just a though. There is another shady organization within Italy that could prove itself useful.
  14. We should be more like SPECTRE (James Bond) and less like the League of Villains, so yes, we should, at some point, be considering going global. All Might or No Might, Japan is not so important in the grand scheme of all things that we should focus on its subjugation exclusively. There are politicians to be bribed, islands to be bought, and bones to be buried elsewhere.