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  1. General Media Post Your Waifus,Gaifus/Husbandos

    Everyone knows Astolfo is best waifu.
  2. Well, ponies are playing as Advent with friendship problems and friendship projects representing base assaults and dark events respectively. It is up to the great non-pone commander to disrupt them and stop the Friendship Project before the Elders manage to complete it. Seems about right. Join the resistance. We have a magical airship.
  3. I was talking about all the seasons we've gotten. Add the remark about the home appliance. If it takes the might of H-Bro years to upgrade a character into a functional state, then the fate of MLP has already been sealed. Remember the Spaghetti-O's. It doesn't matter what you think is good if you can't back your shit up. Again you are conflating certain traits and actions with good design. Breaking status quo? We've been through this. Nothing is good design by itself. That is why I mentioned Ichigo. Good design does not shield a character from being hated by the audience; in fact, hate can be a writer's intention. And I ain't even talking about the villains. A character performs exactly how they are designed. These puppets have more in common with an appliance than a football player. Of course, like repairmen, writers are usually the ones privy to their characters' inner workings. Character improvement? What does that even mean? They can grow, they can develop, but for them to be improved? A character can turn good or evil. Surely such a development can be seen as improvement by the viewer but that is only story progression. If one feels that a character needs to be improved then there is something wrong with their design.
  4. I'll just take it that you mean good enough for you and not good good. The former claim is irrelevant and the latter would be preposterous. I wasn't talking just about the last season. When you buy a home appliance, do you expect it to work properly right after the purchase, or are you fine with it being broken for a few years?
  5. Respond with a picture

    But can she debuff enemies?
  6. Can a shit game get more content that a good one? Not saying there are good characters in this debate. If I compare both of these who have been hated due to technical things to Ichigo from FranXX who became hated due to story-related things, the point comes across like an AC/20 slug trough a light mech. P.S: Just you wait Starfoals. You think your waifu still has flaws? Get flanked. P.P.S: Ichigo did nothing wrong.
  7. Respond with a picture

    Whisper me pictures of spider girls.
  8. i was right about the brony fandom being dead

    Does that matter when Bronies can claim this fandom is alive at any number of existing Bronies? It will never come to a point when H-Bro will go: "MLP is dead cause there are not enough Bronies." When fandom dies it usually means the IP goes down with it, and it doesn't matter how much new corn it grows on R34
  9. i was right about the brony fandom being dead

    In that you are free. Take heed though: belief is never free of charge.
  10. i was right about the brony fandom being dead

    I casually stated that all this is bullshit cause a fandom can only be alive if it holds a reciprocal relationship with those who own the IP. Thus you have two choices: Either you admit that we are entitled to bash writers and H-Bro ... Or you admit that our existence is not relevant to owners of MLP and our fandom might just as well be dead One truth can indeed become another but only one of these can be true at once. Pick your poison.
  11. i was right about the brony fandom being dead

    Alright, alright, now listen all of you. Can anyone here actually give me an objective explanation on the subject of a fandom death? What are the criteria? Can you point me to a dead fandom? Inb4 someone form that fandom claims it isn't dead. Who am I supposed to believe? Also, do Bronies actually matter? FIM has a broader fandom, you know. The way I see it, a fandom is dead when it cannot financially support its IP. That means Bronies cannot die. We were never alive in the first place. Undead parasites, that's what we are.
  12. Holothurians: detritus goes in, mud comes out. Shit is mana from heaves for deep sea communities.
  13. Respond with a picture

  14. Respond with a picture