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  1. They can't even commit to the bit with this uninspired advert. I wonder what spooked them. They have nothing to lose by releasing this thing. Can't be worse than them Elsa x Spiderman videos. Probably.
  2. Anyone who facechecks this thread cannot be offended so easily. I've seen to it. So we're looking at the Imperium of Man? Indeed, Harmony would be the kind of a villain that could match that description
  3. Tirek had some Gul'dan type as a teacher if the comics are to be believed. Warlocks are rarely good leaders. However, can one truly rule monsters by not being a powerful despot? He could learn a lot from his villainous companions, and in time he could become far worthier of the crown that his brother, even as a villain, or perhaps because of it. Call it a villain's journey Scorpan was not able to confront Tirek on his own. Nice or not, a frail pony lapdog has no place on the throne. Dunno about greater evils, burning skies and all that, but she should have formed a new hive, and a stronger one at that. Discard every notion of equinity and embrace your xenomorphic nature. Evolve! Throw in some warriors and swarm mages. Get yourself a royal guard. Then go and make an example out of the traitors while your ally, King Tirek, is busy posturing on the Equestrian border. I'm not sure if Cozy is misinterpreting friendship or just using some of its concepts to further her own agenda. I'm leaning towards the latter. Perhaps there was a time when she may have truly believed in Friendship. That time is long gone. Still, that does not mean that she as a pony doesn't enjoy being in a company of other like-minded creatures. It's just that she enjoys being a tyrant more. Then what kind of an alicorn would she become once she obtains power? If FIM canon is to be regarded, an evil alicorn would go against everything we know about the magic of Friendship. So either that oh-so-righteous transformation can be used by someone that doesn't give two shits about harming others, or you go and turn Cozy into a shadow pony instead. And if she was a nihilistic "Joker", then she'd have even more of a reason to embrace the void in ways Stygian never could. Then we'd have a real cult leader.
  4. All the villains had weak stories bordering on nonexistent. Let's try to amend that: Tirek wants power. But why? His issues were never explored within the show. He could have been driven by his dream of becoming better King of Monsters than both his father and his brother, and absorbing magic seems like the easiest way to obtain power in his case. He is the more capable of the two siblings, yet his parents chose Scorpan due to his benevolent nature. Perhaps they hoped that such a move would awaken some semblance of doubt in their eldest son yet it only managed to fuel his ambition. Chrysalis was a conceited bitch even before her hive abandoned her. However, since other changelings are halfwits that can barely put 2 + 2 together, one could try and derive her bitterness from her lonely existence on the throne where she is torn between her duty to feed the hive and the growing disdain she feels towards her subjects. Her being lonely among lesser beings for who know how long would answer why she rejects society. Cozy is too young to buy help and too abnormal to maintain friendships. Thus she has learned how to wear a mask and manipulate others to do her bidding. I'd dare add some irony into her origin by having her parents be fanatical supporters of Friendship and Harmony in secret service of Equestrian throne. That is why Cozy would know so much about magic and inner workings of Equestria. It's also how Cozy would come in contact with Tirek and make the final conclusion: How would she make ponies do her bidding all the time? Why by becoming a princess, of course! Her rage and malice would be enriched by her dissocial nature; however, they would stem from her wish to have an easy life free of judgmental ponies that regard her pragmatic way of thinking as monstrous. No wonder that she would be drawn to Tirek as he is one of the few characters capable of accepting her as she is. She would also envy Chrysalis for having her own state and a bunch of hapless drones. All in all, there's a lot one could do with these. Too bad. More unicorns and Maud jokes pls! Yawn.
  5. Luna, Sunset, Starlight, Tempest, they are all utterly irrelevant villains with weak personalities and boring characteristics. Luna is the same as the rest of them. It's just that her excuse for delinquency has been glorified by Bronies that desperately wanted to portray their own social awkwardness as strength of character. Then again, the same happened with the subsequent iterations. It is interesting to note that Tempest is the only pony that actually suffered any sort of notable loss. She only fails as a villains cause she doesn't progress as a character. Instead she goes full circle back to being just another boring pony with a slightly less uniform design. Tempest whose misplaced or understandable hatred of Equestria had been reinforced by the end of the story would have become quite a decent villain. None of the aforementioned ponies had a desire that could have pushed them towards such a character development. They're all just socially challenged mooks in need of friend-mommies and friend-daddies in the form of Mane 6. Discord is also in this category. I like to think that Cozy is the answer for shitty pony villains, or at least the best answer our glorious writers were able to come up with. Instead of fixing shit backstory they let Cozy have none. Instead of trying to make a decent redemption arc they've made Cozy irredeemable. She is one of the best villains we have by the grace of procrastination, while her loli looks and cartoonishly evil personality that is indeed abnormal for ponykind make her fun to watch. So the moral here is that in FIM no story is way better than a tragic past story. You've also identified the problem correctly: it's all about the Cult of Friendship & Harmony and that's why both friendships (as in relationships) and villains are all shit. Never go full friendship.
  6. Careful there Sonny Jim, or you may unwittingly call Steven Universe a high fantasy.
  7. As long as it is My Little PONY, it can never become a high fantasy. My Little Hobbit would be a worthless experience. Also, it does show how terribly they've ruined non-pones when the OP doesn't even register them as elf/dwarf alternatives.
  8. ........................................
  9. For the most part. The ability of a character to convey what they are to us and the way they fit into the world are also important.
  10. Who are they? What are they? How they act? How they look? What purpose do they have?
  11. Can I offer my opinion? Well, you did post your OC in my domain. Let's see now ... First things first: the name. Don't just google some flower and call it a day. A name is very important. And he's too green to be a bellflower. He looks more like a Houseleek color-wise. All I'm saying is that parents wouldn't name him after anything blue or purple. Next let's address the amulet in the room: we know Zecora took the Alicorn Amulet. Why not let him steal the thing from her. He's a villain in the making. You could write this as his first step towards the life of crime. Also, one should establish what kirin and Alicorn Amulet are capable off in the first place. Many Starfoal suckers around here think that mind control is godlike but that's just their shitty writing skills acting up. If you use it as a cop out like you did people won't hate you character. They will hate your writing. It's like when some unicorn worshiper tries to end all Vs. arguments with unicorn mind control and then starts doing intense mind acrobatics after I demand hard magic ruleset with the lack of canon use on enemies as the focus. Mind control and time travel are shit writing that should only be used extremely sparingly; preferably if the story revolves around them specifically. Your character could simply make a clever scheme to get to his family money. It would highlight his intelligence. In the end, mind control is just another type of brute force. Also, you should involve the mob underworld where item traffickers and other unscrupulous fellows do their business. It's where the money is at. The fight .... well, it's not the worst. At least it made more sense than anything we got in the show itself. But what is the limbo? The concept of phantasmagoric otherworlds hiding beyond the veil of materium is truly fascinating. Me? Yes, I do have a kirin OC or two. Hammerfall is the brutal but cunning commander of Hearthguard Skirmishers under the searing wings of Lord Ashenmaw. She, like the rest of chthonic kirin, is a creature of iron scale and dancing flames unfettered by lies and illusions of Harmony. A trinket smith in times of peace, she had made a name for herself in the burst jousting arena and had thus been scouted by Grand Collector Dunechick to lead the shock troops in the Sacking of Crystal Empire where she was among the first to enter the palace and banish the corrupt impostors from the lands of Ashendale. Fiery and hot headed as she is, Hammerfall could never forgive Harmony for twisting the beautiful flames of the kirin into something dark and shameful, and for that its servants shall pay with their boiling blood. Despite her name, Hammerfall is not as close to the earth element as her gnobold friend Puppy. Instead, she favors magic of the fire element and is able to employ a formidable array of spells that burn flesh, metal, and mana. Indeed, the weaker spells cast by the wretched unicorns burn out before they even touch her shiny scales. Is she a villain? It depends who you ask. To Bronies and Equestrians she might as well be an irredeemable foe and an accursed creature that should not exist.