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  1. Where in the world are good female heroes?



    P.S: Cannot be unseen

  2. Goat-kun

    How would the series handle SBWM Luna?

    Same way it handles everything else. Luna would get the case of the sads again, and everything including your granddad's cryptid encounter is caused by pony magic oopsies. In other words: Luna would turn red and suicidal, Nightmare Moon is the source of all things wolf cause buck it, and Starlight gets her turn in saying Luna should stop feeling sads cause anypony can be a selfish, super-powered diva of subpar intelligence from time to time. The end.
  3. Goat-kun

    A gift for Spike

    Oh shit, I almost forgot. Spikey Boy, here's a gift from Uncle Goat-kun. Use it wisely.
  4. Goat-kun

    Equestria Daily Community Soapboxes

    It's like reading fan letters in a current year Marvel comic. Everything just feels too much like one of those official fansites where community heads lick IP owner's boots 24/7. Ah well, as long as they aren't writing shit pieces about Lovecraft or anime I cannot muster any strong feelings about the site. Glorified pony event timetable is how I generally used it.
  5. Goat-kun

    Body types and representation in the future

    Body types are fine. Obesity, malnutrition, and endocrine disorders are not. Yeah, I'm looking at you global socialists.
  6. The goblin girl is from Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken. An ongoing anime of this winter season where some dude got reincarnated as a slime. It's basically a feel-good Overlord.
  7. Would congratulate, but you guys like goblinses.
  8. Goat-kun

    What do you want from Season 9 in a big pictured scale?

    Irredeemable villains get their own exciting episodes so that we can follow Grogar and his minions throughout the season.
  9. Goat-kun

    General What to do if encountered by OP OC's?

    As I said. They're just screwing around. It's not worth playing it straight. Commit Exterminatus in the name of God Emperor Trump as all this pony shit is absolute heresy and leave the game cause these particular younglings are just having fun Teen Titans Go style. They won't play by your rules cause they are not playing the same game as you. Find others who will. That's that.
  10. Goat-kun

    Scoring Each Season of Friendship Is Magic (Results)

    What's the population headcount? Around 20 forumgoers. Well, yippee ki-yay! Now I'll have big brain chaps with flimsy data to contend with every time I'll be explaining why new seasons are shit. Meh, I'm kinda used to it by now.
  11. Thots see us rollin', they hatin'


  12. Goat-kun

    General What to do if encountered by OP OC's?

    I wouldn't want to play with ponified Chuck Norris either. Seems to me like they're just messing around for shits and giggles. Join more engaged players I guess.
  13. Goat-kun

    General What to do if encountered by OP OC's?

    This is how it works: you launch a tactical missile that drops smaller bombs above your targets. Those bombs disperse over a large area and unleash their toxic gas so good luck eating them up or dodging them for that matter. You'll be breaking several conventions and nobody in the RP will like you since their OCs will be horribly murdered, but it'll do the job. Now, I'm talking ponies here not giant monsters. If you have some wiseguy who insists on an arms race with lol-so-random abilities, they should get kicked from the RP. Bothering with such people is a waste of time.
  14. Goat-kun

    General What to do if encountered by OP OC's?

    Then I fail to see the problem. Just mash their skull in with the blast. If that doesn't work just use something like a hydra poison in a cluster bomb. Make sure it's an arcane toxin that can deal with magical creatures. Even a god would suffer if they drank that.