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    You won't find many friends by telling the truth, but you will find the right ones.
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    piano/violin/guitar-music, Progressive House, Electro House, Jazz

    sport, drawing, play keyboard, travelling

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  1. Crystal Peppermint

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  2. Crystal Peppermint

    General What are you doing this summer?

    Not much, i will go to a music festival next month and practice some dance moves because the hall is air-conditioned.
  3. Crystal Peppermint

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  4. Crystal Peppermint

    Rate song, then post another!

  5. Crystal Peppermint

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  6. Crystal Peppermint

    What is the last thing you sang?

    Texas Lightning - No, No, Never
  7. Crystal Peppermint

    What kind of art?

    I like to see art from the baroque and the classical period. Especially the work of Louise Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun and Jean-Honoré Fragonard.
  8. Crystal Peppermint

    Movies/TV Favorite movie scene?

    I still love the character Elizabeth how she always mock Mr Darcy. The best kiss scene for me.
  9. Crystal Peppermint

    Choose a career for the avatar above you.

    professional gambler
  10. Crystal Peppermint

    What if you would be a hero in equestria?

    Being a hero is so boring. Being the villian is much more fun without rules.
  11. Crystal Peppermint

    art trade Art Trade? ♡

    I would also be interested for a trade. I think your OC is really pretty, so i already made a quick sketch. Here is my oc if you like to trade.
  12. Crystal Peppermint

    music Is anyone here into foriegn language songs

    I'm pretty open for all kinds of foreign language songs. Most of them are english, chinese, french and korean.
  13. Crystal Peppermint

    High school prom

    Sadly my schools never run any kind of proms. I really envy you guys in america for having things like proms to dress up and have fun.
  14. Crystal Peppermint

    The user above you is hungry,What will you feed them?

    Bread with lemon curd.
  15. Crystal Peppermint

    Rate song, then post another!