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  1. Thanks for all the replies Actually, I was thinking the opposite to what Chip Circuit said, I imagined my OC more of a poet turned songwriter than a pop/rock band frontman In terms of the name, I'm thinking Dusty Skies? Maybe-ish, since he is a Pegasus - although not too interested in flying. @marshmallowbunnyy, it would be awesome if you could draw my OC! I'm thinking light blue, white, dark blue. It would be really cool if he could be wearing a beret or fedora too - something a little funky, artsy and jazzy. I'd be super grateful if you could give it a shot
  2. Haha, actually he'd be writing soft pop/rock ballads and the like, so I guess the beret does suit him! That's a great idea, although I think it would be better if he wore the beret.
  3. Hiya, I'm relatively new to the Herd, so I'd really like some help with my (first!) OC creation. I've got some ideas for an OC, but I'd like some feedback and guidance...if that's not too much to ask Name: Cobalt Rush (I couldn't think of anything else) Age: 17 Gender: Male, Pegasus Cutie Mark: Not too sure on this one...perhaps a microphone or music note? Personality: Some would call him a loner. Definitely a pony who likes keeping to himself, and as a result, tends to be shy when talking to strangers. A bit of an idealist, a bit of a poetic romantic sorta guy. Singing, songwriting and usually anything creative takes up most of his time and fulfils his random creative urges. If I could get some feedback, anything I've missed, and where I can get somepony to draw my OC since I can't draw for peanuts...I'd be super grateful
  4. I feel like people always get the wrong idea when I ask for feedback, in fact I love criticism because it really helps me pinpoint what to improve Glad you liked it mate (The voice cracks are a stylistic thing but I will definitely take on board your advice)
  5. Before I say anything, I'd just like to clear up that rather than making this topic to promote my music, I'd really rather feedback So that aside, hiya, I wrote a ballad for Scootaloo...Yeh, I know, Scoots song...oh well have another If anypony has any feedback, comments, criticisms...feel free to share Download, Lyrics and stuff like that in vid description. My YouTube channel's in the sig if you are interested in finding the vid description. - Strigidae
  6. Now that I think about it...I'd really love to tickle Trixie for some weird reason...or Dashie or Luna
  7. As a new Brony who is still watching his way through Season 2, I know what it's like to be sorta out of the loop in terms of characters and theories and the like...but hey, if you love the fandom and all the creative stuff it fosters (as I do)...well, a fan is a fan, right? That's not saying I don't plan to finish up to Season 4 though...just a few more all-night marathons should do it
  8. Soft/Post-Grunge Rock...and Brony music of course! Aviators and Mando are my own personal favourite Brony musicians
  9. Well, I've always considered a friend someone who won't judge you unfairly for who you are at heart...but by that definition I have no friends...
  10. Would I live in an incredibly peaceful and accepting Utopia, where nopony judges nopony? Heck yeah! <jumps through portal>
  11. I kinda don't have all that much time during the week, annnnnd I'm from Australia so that makes things complicated...But if I can't make the Skype call, you can check out my voice on my YouTube channel...
  12. Hey, this sounds awesome! I'd love to be a part of this, singing one of the Mane 6...I'm just not sure if my voice is good enough for the high standard this will definitely turn out to become...regardless, if there's something I can do, I'd love to be a part of this Edit - Ooooh I meant to say that if you'd like to judge my voice, my YouTube's in the sig
  13. While the jump from being a Brony to finding this forum ain't really all that massive (at least now), I feel like the only reason I'm here and a Brony is because of Don't Mine At Night (the pony parody)...which got me really curious, and one thing led to another and then Google got involved...and the rest is history hahahaha
  14. So...I wrote this song from Spike's perspective; he seems rather left out in terms of fan music, so I thought him the honours . Lyrics, download and all that jazz are in the vid description. Ciao, Strig