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  1. What a ride!! I'm glad I was alone when I watched it because I was literally cheering and jeering at my screen the whole time! I was hesitant at first at the concept of DT's redemption, as she was one of my most hated characters, but they wrote it surprisingly well! The way they explained her bully-ish tendencies was more than believable; I caught myself actually feeling sorry for her! The actual redemption went against the stigma and presented itself slowly, rather than just saying, "Poof, she's good now!" The CMC's dialogue was written very well; they didn't lie to DT because most of them already learned that that's a bad idea in a previous episode. Most of what they said was very appropriate for their situation, and I forgot for a good moment that it was all scripted! All in all, it was a very good episode.
  2. Happy birthday! :3 Hope you have a great time~ ^.~

  3. Because it's my name in Japanese. Everyone's username should be as cool as the Japanese language.
  4. I just hope she'll actually have the mindset of 'Everyone MUST be equal,' and not the one that so many fictional characters fall into: 'All people were created equal, but some were created more equal than others.'
  5. I'm just waiting for a background pony to be associated with the Master.... It will happen.... .... .... .... .... ....
  6. Pokemon is fun :P

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      yep, i must say the game is awesome, i player the yellow, red and emerald ones :)

    3. ignore pls

      ignore pls

      lol I've played them all.

    4. Sir Q of Q

      Sir Q of Q

      Pokemon is too easy, I get bored quickly these days.


      Still gonna buy new games when the come out.


      Also, happy birthday

  7. Haha woops Guess you forget things when you're bored in math class.
  8. Before I fought the elite 4 on my sapphire nuzlocke, I decided to try my hand at drawing some of my team. I think it turned out well, and I'm eager to see what you all have to say about it. Constructive criticism is very appreciated and welcomed (It's a link because I cant get images to work :/ )
  9. As long as its written well, almost any fanfiction can be taken seriously, and some have even changed my life in small ways. I could reference the obvious Fallout Equestria, but I'm going to take one I read a while ago as my example. It's about a changeling linguist spy, who is sent to Canterlot to learn how to blend in. It honestly changed my perspective on language.
  10. Thank you all for such an amazing welcome!
  11. Wow, so many amazing replies, and so quickly, too!! Thank you for making me feel welcome I think I'm gonna like it here
  12. This. This is amazing. And here I am, just budding out, without even an icon to call my own. But don't worry about me, because I'm going to learn and get better!