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    Cars, boost, turbos, PONIES!
    I like cars. All kinds of cars. I have a 98 Volvo s70, which i have modded (dont worry! you can't even tell. No fart cans, only ridiculous speed) I feel like rainbow should come out of my exhaust every time i go into boost.

    I also like ponies. I find that the show has aspects of more mature shows and yet keeps in line with the younger audience. The best comparison i can make is spongebob.

    Don't be shy. Seriously, in all other aspects of my life, no one talks unless they have something meaningful to say. Well, here, i don't care. Talk to me about anything, i'd love to hear about you. (bonus points if you're a gearhead as-well!)

    PS. don't laugh at my steam name.

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  1. Top of a mountain as a lightning storm rolled in. Got separated from the group with a buddy, and had to run over "hills" along the peak. I saw a couple trees explode. We had to yell to hear each other over the wind/rain/lighting. I late found huge "splinters" lodged in my hiking pack. It was bucking awesome. Think of it like a hollywood war scene where a soldier has to run the "gauntlet" with bullets (wood chips from exploding trees), and explosions (the tress being hit by lightning) whizzing past him. It...was fun. Lots of fun. Still have a scar or two. Other then that (which was mt Mitchell, highest peak east of the miss. [i'm NOT spelling that xD]) I guess the Caribbean on a cruise. Awesome sights!
  2. We're all here if you need us. You'll be okay, no one will ever steal your internet again.
  3. It totally was wasn't. Drugs are bad, mkay. I had to play ninja to get clothes out of the cabin while my parents were sleeping.I also miss my perfect icecream was......perfect in every way.....and then....then......t-then! :'( I also had about 3 cheeseburgers. Seriously though....way too much. way, way , WAY too much. Don't do drugs, ye hear kids?
  4. Yayyyyyy!! what do i win?! Also, sweet boogie board. Do you do it a lot?
  5. Too much car stuff and car-related math gibberish about ambient air temps relating to lambda and how to calculate IC pressure drop, or the flow chats of about 10 different turbos. Some ebay things to...
  6. Involved in the sale of a major bottling company. Also had input on a decision of a huge car company. Umm....not much really. I have a friend in a "high-up" place i hang out with. Before you guess, i didnt know until i saw his house. lol. I'm sure i've done more (more on the illegal side xD) that i'm not thinking of. I'm humble. lmao. well, really just forgetful.
  7. arachnophobia. HATE spiders. A little afraid of heights, but can usually overcome it easily.
  8. Yea.......I'm still 17. Wish I could just pay it and not have them find out <.< >.> Anyway, mom wants to sell my car. Yea...right....No. xD my friend tried it, didn't like it/wasn't worth it. I tried it on a cruise ship (not much to go wrong there lol) And well...lonnggggg story short, i didn't know it was working until i had had WAYYYYY to much. I got lost. On a cruise ship. For two HOURS. Twas' a fun night. Haven't done it since, and probably won't.
  9. Hawaii? Florida doesn't have mountains like that and California doesn't have water like that....Maybe virgin islands?
  10. After working on my friends car, i put the exhaust to my mouth and made engine sounds like a child. It was only when he collapsed from laughter i knew what had happened....(excuse the totally unbuttoned shirt, long day.) And then I'm working on my car installing a gauge....couldn't quite get the wire through so i resorted to more extreme positions. lol. All my pictures are sideways! Also, i got a haircut, don't worry. xD squinty eyes because of the sun (its dark under a car)
  11. Hey, i go to a catholic school. I'm not religious. I have to dress up too sometimes xD.
  12. 100+ speeding ticket. He let me off easy considering i was doing 150... But my parents don't like me anymore (this is recent, like last week) $500 fine 30 day without license Ridiculous insurance premium And thats just the law side D: (he said my car was cool though! My exact face when the christmas light flooded through my car: