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  1. yayy skyman died again!! time for gallid to go on a murderous rampage and kill the rest of the key blade wielders >=D
  2. Errr strong hooves... I'm not exactly with you guys when i do the whole flipping the hell out bit... and the explosion XD... I "wandered away from the rest of the lot".
  3. Gallid heard the snipes at him from his perch and muttered something along the lines of, I'm glad I bring such joy to your lives. Hearing Jarvan say they would be heading out, he quickly unsummoned the keyblade and rolled backwards onto his feet. Gallid wandered away from the rest of the lot, he was preoccupied with the fact that he could hear the heartless again. He stared at his right hand and muttered to himself, A "Simple Cura" huh... bet he wouldn't be saying that if he knew. He winced in pain slightly as the vines seemed to pulsate on his arm. You will not have me...His arm tw
  4. P.S. I'm not actually a jerk XD I'm just playing my character please no hate mail =p.
  5. Gallid immediately summoned his keyblade to stop his fall,he spun the blade and planted in the ground. during this he twisted himself so that he could sit on the hilt of the blade as it dug slightly into the ground. He glanced over at Dexter with a smile on his face and called after him saying something along the lines of They Don't come cheap fairy boy! Gallid then took out another cigarette and lit it with a black flame from his index finger. He knew something was wrong in this situation... the only time Gallid ever smoked was if he had a lot on his mind or believed something bad would ha
  6. Gallid walked over to Dexter and gave him a heavy pat on the back, Oy, if it wasn’t for the bookworm over here you’d still be dragging your sorry carcass around... Why don’t you just be a good little girl and wait for when I need a cigarette lighter. Besides, we only need one hotshot in the group. He then gestures to Jarvan and started to lean on Dexter. Oy, Poindexter, mind lighting me one? He took out a cigarette and held it a little in front of his face which held a big smirk. He then simply glanced at Tonitrus, and said, Careful Boy o, idiots are like moths; They are drawn to fla
  7. heh heh.. alright XD I despise the smell myself but it seems to work very well with my character, so that is why I asked. If anything I could just use marshmallows or something
  8. Heh Quick question? anyone mind if my character smokes cigarettes? If anything I will change it to marshmallows or something.
  9. Gallid calmly walked away from a fight after finishing a few shadows and looked up to see a..."thing"? being thrown into the air. Shortly after he heard Ridere yell “Heads up” ...O what fun, a freebe...Gallid rushed forward and slammed both his feet into the ground. At the exact time he aimed both his hands towards the floor and yelled out: FIRE!!! He launched himself straight at the heartless and twirled in an upside down corkscrew and cut the beast clean in half. He ended the jump by bringing both his feet under him and slammed straight down on another shadow leaving just a blacked char
  10. A few days ago… Gallid walked with a strut of confidence towards an old man sitting in the middle of a field, “Master Jiro… You called for me?” Master Jiro simply stood up and turned slowly to face Gallid, he stuck one hand in front of him and gestured to Gallid beckoning him while the other stayed and moved out to his side and summoned his keyblade. Practice… Was Gallid’s only thought, it was the one thing he loved doing with Master Jiro but it was also one of the most painful experiences he had been put through. He has had to put up with this for a little over a year; however t
  11. Just a heads up I'm going to start myself a bit before and then jump back into the current.. Somewhat for character development and some eye candy ;D... As for my character When I speak I'll use an indigo for speech, and my inner darkness will speak in a white color to emphasize the fact that you can't hear it XD. To see it yourself you will have to highlight it =p
  12. Err quick question... Since it seems that my character is pretty much the most nerfed, and seeing as how my character is all dark and stuff =o Can I cast spells with somewhat of a dark affinity to them rather than not be able to cast at all xD? When I say dark, I mean like if i cast a fire spell, it ends up being a black flame that does... let us say 1/2 damage vs heartless targets and double damage to "targets of light" such as other key blade wielders.
  13. Errr... I don't mean to sound rude but I had to take an extensive punch to the drawbacks just to get accepted if your making yours progressive then it kind of defeats the purpose of the drawback in the first place. In a sense your character will be seriously over powered later on.
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