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  1. Hello fellow Bronies, I'm trying to determine if Twilight intentionally stepped on Star Tracker's hoof or if it was an accident. After she attacks him, she says in an angry voice: "I'm sorry, but maybe that wouldn't have happened if you weren't practically standing on my tail; not even my real family stands that close!". Twilight was a small distance away right before she approached Star Tracker, and the attack occurred the instant she approached him, directly after she missed the opportunity to view the Northern Stars (she was looking forward to this the most out of all the events of the cruise ship). Her angry words following the attack can be interpreted as Twilight claiming that the attack was accidental as a result of Star Tracker "practically standing on [her] tail" at THAT SPECIFIC MOMENT or intentional as a result of ACCUMULATED ANGER due to his excessive adulation for her throughout the duration of the episode shown by chronically standing next to her. That is what I'm unable to determine, as this nuance in the angry text by Twilight makes a big difference in analyzing this. As someone who adores Twily (essentially to the extent of Star Tracker xD), I find it absolutely repulsive that she would attack an innocent pony, as she's so adorable and kind , not to mention the Princess of Friendship! That was very out of character of her, which is actually comprehensible, as the writer for this episode is new (I think, but I don't feel like looking through the whole list of MLP authors ). So what do you think? Was Twilight's physical attack against Star Tracker intentional or accidental? Let me know by voting in the poll and/or a response - Bart1002 OUT!
  2. Thanks for adding me as a friend. ^_^ I appreciate it. :)

    1. Bart1002


      No problem! It's great to see a fellow gamer pony! Ultimate combination = MLP + Gaming

  3. I watched a fanfic by StormXF3 called "My Little Dashie" that is very sad. It can be found on YouTube; just search "My Little Dashie".
  4. That date is accurate; the official MLP FaceBook page announced that date as well.
  5. It is just a Halloween (Nightmare Night) thing. Everyone has it, including me.
  6. Cadance's child will probably be a female alicorn for the purpose of selling toys to the target audience, regardless of the fact that Cadance was born a pegasus, and Shining Armor a unicorn.
  7. My favorite MLP songs are a 3-way tie between "This Day Aria", "You'll Play Your Part", and "Let the Rainbow Remind You". Diamond Tiara's singing in the latest episode was great though!
  8. We don't see Zecora very often anymore because Twilight is now a princess. As someone previously said, Zecora was a mentor to Twilight and others in Ponyville (mainly the CMC and the rest of the mane 6) who need her assistance. However, because Twilight is a princess, she doesn't need her help anymore, and the CMC/Mane 6 mainly go to Twilight for assistance now.
  9. I would consider myself a mix of Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash.
  10. I would consider Twilight Sparkle and Spike to have more of a mother/son relationship. In "The Cutie Mark Chronicles", we learn that Twilight used magic to hatch Spike from his egg. That implies motherhood over sisterhood. In a less literal perspective, we see Twilight raising him like how a mother raises her kid. In "Owl's Well that Ends Well", Twilight is scolding him for his jealous behavior, and assuming a role of authority while doing so. That is displaying a mother/son relationship as well.
  11. Did you watch the whole episode? The CMC receive their cutie marks at the end.
  12. 1. Twilight Sparkle 2. Rainbow Dash 3. Rarity 4. Fluttershy 5. Pinkie Pie 6. Applejack
  13. The show would be better off with Cadance and Shining Armor not having a foal. However, the summary for "The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows" from the MLP Wiki strongly suggests that they will. What other secret could be significant enough for a whole episode (while still being appropriate for the target audience)? Also, Hasbro would make millions selling the toy version of her