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  1. Let's put this topic back on the surface, because this is not over yet. The main surgery might be covered. But i know from my own circle of acquaintances, recovering from such a tread is a long, expensive and painful struggle. At the moment, we are on over 36'500$. Bronies, you are amazing. Because living on a continent far away from the US, i never met her in person. But she's the reason why i am here, signed in exactly a year ago. And i love her art style. And for those who have no idea who she is: Deviantart: Twitter: active comparing to Deviantart) Facebook:
  2. That will be a really crowded banner, as far as i can guess. And so many stallions. (i'm not used to draw those.)
  3. Ever build and painted a Warhammer Miniature?
  4. Donation done, and Starscent has a chance for being a bit more known. Made by Sakuyamon
  5. Two maybe silly questions: Is there a deadline and do we get at least some information what exactly was brought with that money?
  6. As you wish. But one thing for sure: I won't read it. Slaaneshi, your request is done. Wherever you are.
  7. Over a decade in the LARP and Animé-Mangafandom teached me one thing: Don't judge a group for something they love. Judge every single individual of this group seperatly. Some of them are jerks sometimes. All the others however, not. Best example: i have kind of a grudge with one local brony group here and avoid them most of the time. I just can't go on with them. Anyhow at the same time, i'm part of several international fangroups and we have a great time together.
  8. Quite some time ago since the last post. But as far as i know, practicing topic necromancy is allowed. I'm just wondering, if Hasbro was aware what pony costume that was. I don't think many bronies know Sappho. OK, after that interview in the carity section, some do. Bunny Tsukido, Ami Mitsuno und Makoto Kino as Ponies is awesome. However, there are a few not so good details. How can a Windmill rotate if their blades have no fabric on? That won't work. Sweetie Belle can use her horn to levitate several letters at once. Even it's not a key scene, it was a surprise for me. She progress well.
  9. Heya Apple Dumpling, and welcome! :D Hope you have a lovely stay~ ^~^

  10. Good luck with that. My own ponies are running in the iron Kingdoms. Still working on the Background and the units. But it's going, well. Don't need that much miniatures as Warhammer demands. To your question, how about: - Maude Pie. She rocks and it's easy to paint. - Flash sentry. He's used in wearing Armor. - Rarity. Don't know why, but she looks great in armor. And with blades. Mine do that. Certanly. - Fluttershy. Because painting something in yellow is a real pain. - Blossomforth. Because of her colour combination. And nopony knows her. - Roxy. I like her mane.
  11. I have faith to see MLP on the same Level as Star Trek, Night rider and Dr. Who. This fandom has the power to survive for a long time.
  12. Welcome to MLP Forums Apple Dumpling. I hope you have a great time here /)

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      What the hay? Just signed in and got the first message in a matter of minutes. You guys are amazing.