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  1. Banned because!! 1. You have a problem with bread by itself?! 2. Ew. Onions. Just...no.
  2. True...Is the a Potato Liberation Movement? .... o_o TPAM is hearing an anime song...or japanese... or korean :3
  3. True... TPAM like Friendship is Witchcraft...or at least Pinkie's Brew!
  4. Banned because I wish posts would count here...
  5. Banned because I hope I don't get ninja'd...
  6. Banned fr posting up a Portal link while I haven't finished it yet. Awesome game so far though.
  7. 'Strange little filly...' She thought as she heard her speak the words: "I'm from where you want me to be from". Zarely sighed. 'Eh...Too complicated I'll ignore it.' Zarely smiled for no particular reason. 'I wonder if I'm gonna settle down here once and for all...I've moved waay too much...'
  8. Banned because you don't wash your socks.
  9. 'This filly has something about her I don't like.' Zarely thought as the filly told her she was lost. 'This is kinda wierd. I guess I'll just give her some food and...' Zarely thought. "Ah..." She said slowly. "Are you...Um....From where are you?" She asked. 'Awkward.She's creeping me out a little. She wasn't that nice either. I shouldn't give her food. She isn't that nice...' Zarely quickly added. "I'm sorry, I'm kinda busy. See ya!" She walked away.
  10. Welcome to the Herd!!! I love Studio Ghibli as well! There are many bronies here that will be your friends! If you ever have any question or just wanna talk, feel free to PM me
  11. Well, I have Luna's Lunar Republic sign...Come on guys, we all know Luna is best princess! And Luna's Republic is best Republic! Yep, my reason...
  12. @MatrizChicken: Yeah, it does need a username update 8/10: It's so cute! I like the Twilight you used, but I don't know, her wings look kinda wierd...