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  1. Meh, I mean I'm vegetarian,, I get everything that you need to get on your plate everyday. I drink tons of water in the morning and make healthy kale smoothies. But at the same time I eat lots of junk food like chips and cracker so I don't know :3

  2. @Unicorncob,

    Amberpaw paused for a few moments, thinking. Then, slowly she started to follow Owlheart out the territory. She looked forward and her eyes gleamed as she thought, 'My first border patrol!'. She picked up her pace, quickening as she thought about the border patrol.

  3. @@Unicorncob, @@Wolves,

    "Okay, thanks Owlheart." Amberpaw replied. She turned to Kitestar. "So are we heading out now?" She said just as Slumberfur said, "So, do we head out now?" Amberpaw flushed. She heard her stomach growl again. It felt like she had not eaten for moons. Never mind that, she thought.

  4. @@Unicorncob,

    Amberpaw lifted her head at the sound of her mentor. "Oh--yes I was just um..." her voice trailed off, too embarrassed to add, "...waiting for you to collect me." She walked slowly toward Owlheart and said, "Yup, ready Owlheart." She walked out of the den and slowly stretched.

  5. @@Wolves, @@Unicorncob,

    Amberpaw nodded at Kitestar. "Okay, thank you Kitestar." Amberpaw politely backed away and rushed to the apprentices' den.

    She was pacing back and forth in her den a few minutes later, lots of things in her mind, waiting for Owlheart to call her for border patrol.

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