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Status Updates posted by OmegaBeamOfficial

  1. Hi there, thanks for the brohoof. It's a little late I guess, but it doesn't seem you've been here long so welcome to the forums.

  2. I'm really buzzing today. Earlier I came up with an idea for an MLP alternate universe and I'm doing an RP on it!

  3. I've finally caught up on all the Seasons! Now I just gotta watch Friendship Games and I can get to waiting for Season 6 and Secret Of Everfree!

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    2. Rikifive


      Yeah it kinda changed a little and is just not the same, but no, it's not the case. =P

      I plan to re-watch the whole MLP from the very beginning and then I'll be progressing further. =3

      Also, I'm waiting for polish dubbing ~ to be honest English version isn't an issue for me, but I just prefer watching stuff in my native language. =P

    3. OmegaBeamOfficial


      @Rikifive So you're Polish? Cool. Coulda fooled me though XD. Well, I hope you get your Polish dub. It's a real shame nopony's dubbed for certain geographical areas.

    4. Rikifive


      Yep, I'm from Poland. =3

      Actually Polish dub is going well ~ if I'm not mistaking, they're finishing dubbing the 5th season.

      the previous 4 and all EQG films are dubbed already. =3

      (of course it's not a fun-dub, but a legit one (studios etc.) =3 )

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