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  1. Well, I was only sarcastically poking fun, in reality I don't have any problem if you like that kind of thing. Besides, sometimes pony abuse in the show can be funny if the character in question actually deserves it.
  2. In my view, I don't mind if there's slapstick or not on a basic level as long as the show is good. I have to say, though I'm not against slapstick in general, the lessening of it has allowed the show to grow and evolve, it can tell better and more serious stories carefully, and the humour needs more consideration and thought to work, at least half the time in the good episodes anyway. Like I said, It's not that I hate slapstick, It's just I think It's a kind of basic and bland way to put humour in, however funny it may be and there are more creative and interesting ways to write than that, I'm
  3. OmegaBeamOfficial

    Dress ponies fan club

    Good on you. I did have a good pic that might be useful for this but for the love of god I can't find it XD
  4. OmegaBeamOfficial

    Dress ponies fan club

    Fair point. I think I've seen them on DA various times but It's hard to track them down. I may do that... Also piece of advice, you should credit the original artists when you post other people's stuff on here, It's just so it doesn't look like you've tried to steal art and claim it as your own, people might get the wrong idea.
  5. OmegaBeamOfficial

    Dress ponies fan club

    I don't really have any pictures to show, I'm a terrible artist, but these are really well done. Sorry, just thought I'd post something since it seems kind of dead in this club, plus I do find it kind of interesting despite being a guy... Don't ask...
  6. Hi there, thanks for the brohoof. It's a little late I guess, but it doesn't seem you've been here long so welcome to the forums.

  7. So I wasn't quite sure where to put this. It's not really related to ponies per se but it does it relate to this forum which is related to ponies so It's kind of a paradox, regardless the mods will move it if It's in the wrong place so that's all well and good. But I wanted to give an apology to anyone who reads this who I've been in contact with here. Here's the thing: I've been using MLPForums for a long time, and throughout that time, looking back, I've said some really bad things to people. I don't intend to come off as a jerk, that's the last image I want to give, but sometimes I make dec
  8. I don't find slide jumping to be that effective, I beat the game first before going for them so I have the Crash Dash which is really useful for levels like that. I don't really think I had any special strategy for Toad Village except run, don't get hit, break any box you have and don't stall. I made the Platinum in a bare fraction of a second. EDIT: Oh, also, if you go a little in front of the clock without hitting it and just use the fruit bazooka on it, you'll have already covered some ground so it saves you some time, for toad village I believe the best spot to shoot is from ne
  9. I've been playing Crash N Sane Trilogy since it came out, and It's fun. Like, REALLY fun. As frustrating as it can be for me sometimes It's an amazing remaster of an already amazing set of games, and I'm not saying that out of nostalgia, hell, I've only dabbled with the originals in the past and wasn't even around when they came out. But with being inexperienced means I'm certainly no professional. I played through Crash Warped first (It's my favourite, I know It's out of order but meh) and before I head on to two I wanna get the rest of the gems and clean up those Platinum Relics but god damn
  10. Perhaps I will, I should probably give it a closer look before trying to say what I think of It's art.
  11. I can't comment on the lockpicking stuff or the minigames, but I think the crafting system thing might as well be the worst part of it, I haven't been able to craft anything, but from the pure amount of items you have to run around picking up just within the first hour and the cluttered menus I mentioned before, I think that might be the main issue here. I'm not sure really, It's hard to explain or put it into words. Now take what I'm saying with a LOT of salt because apart from the box art and some gameplay videos/trailers and whatnot I've barely seen that much of Witcher 3, but from
  12. Well, It's been a while since I've played, so maybe I didn't remember it right I guess, I dunno. I just remember feeling lost and not having a clue what to do, because of issues I mentioned in the original post. And giving me a quest menu is fine, but I haven't seen many waypoint markers as I've been playing, or at least don't remember seeing them, nor have I seen any help menus. I'm not saying you don't have a valid point however, I'm just saying it feels like you're trying to make what I'm saying seem completely invalid. Oh, and yeah, I don't think ES6 is happening yet, most games have
  13. Yeah, It's another help forum. Surprise surprise. I must REALLY be annoying the always online users at this point. But yeah, this post was sparked by when I was installing all my games onto my Xbox One (which I can now do much easier thanks to the S's 2TB hard drive, that's my motivation) and eventually reached Fallout 4. I remember getting the game soon after release, trailers and such were honestly really interesting and dragged me into the hype. It was my first Bethesda game, and when I eventually sat and played it, I really struggled to get into the swing of the gameplay. I just can't seem
  14. Never watched .Hack, but I hear It's good.
  15. That's actually a very interesting topic, I totally get what you mean, It's just I didn't get the way you phrased it. I always like that idea of how the things you do in video games effect/don't affect the status quo in the real world. Asuna and Kirito married in SAO, how would they prove that love in the real world since everything they did revolved around SAO for 2 years. And I totally get what you mean on the no consequences thing. I play video games where you have to kill a lot of people but in real life I'm not a violent person, yet I still get joy out of doing it in a game, because, well
  16. This is the first one I've done of these, so sorry if it doesn't turn out so well, but I had a fun concept for a forum game and thought it might be fun to try it out. The way the game works is I'll start by commenting a MLP FIM episode name. You have to reply to the person above you and say "Good" or "Bad", and under your answer, name another episode for the next person to try. Here goes nothing: Putting Your Hoof Down
  17. Exactly, it better fits the theme of the show and looks less ugly.
  18. To be honest I'm with Hebbocake, I don't really like that art style. The second picture however looks great, and I could see them going that route I guess. And god no, let's not remind ourselves of Pre G4 art styles... I'm getting flashbacks just thinking about it.
  19. Oh? I never thought of it like that. Mind on elaborating what you mean by "moral quandaries of the separation between online and offline behaviour and personality"?
  20. I would say a little more about the characters, game desing and Kirito's OP thing but I'd just be repeating myself, and I'd prefer not to do that too much now. Wow... Uh... Sorry, I pretty much I disagree with everything you said here. Except that maybe the writing Isn't exactly amazaaahhh, but It's not terrible. Again, i would elaborate, but I've said it all before at this point, and since this was quite a short reply, I think it needs a short answer. Really sorry that we can't agree on much, I've noticed that as we talked in other threads
  21. True, that does make up a fair amount of the show, Kirito being a badass and occasionally turning into a Mary Sue. Main character immunity folks.
  22. Um... I dunno how to comment on this one. MAY-MAYS!
  23. Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear what I meant. What I was going for is that most people who are that powerful are brutish bragging assholes, but Kirito's not like that, he's more relatable and likeable because of that, he's humble. As for the fight scenes, yeah, GGO had some really stupid moments when it came to Kirito's battles, though the fact he's such a good fighter really proves his dedication to beating the game, it might be because he cares more, or if we were to just go with a simpler reason, he's good at video games. Fair enough, I get that. Sometimes only certain aspects of a sh
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