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  1. For the first part, I think we're totally in agreement on that. I liked the intro, and actually never really noticed any spoilers in it, but hey, maybe I was just being an idiot. I can't pin which "killing stakes" scene you're talking about so It's hard for me to talk about. Personally, I think SAO 1's ending wasn't terrible, but it left a lot of things unanswered and didn't close off the arcs of a lot of characters,albeit in exchange for a nice happy ending. It feels more like just the end of one arc rather than an entire series. SAO 2 did the ending much better I believe. And yeah, i al
  2. That's a fair point, I wish Kirito would meet a girl who they were just friends with for once. Just to quickly talk about your other points too, here's my view on those. The characters aren't the best admittedly in terms of fleshing them out, but I think they have enough individual traits to distinguish them from each other. Season 2 did a lot better on the characters front, where characters like Asuna, Sinon and Yuuki had WAY more depth to them than before, with Asuna maybe being the only exception, I have a feeling since she's the main heroine she got the most development. Kir
  3. SAO does have some good comedy moments I like to think, but the main focus is on the action and romance, as well as building the lore of the game itself, so I can see why it may not be as appealing to people who don't care for action. It's all a matter of opinion really, I get that way of thinking though. Sometimes when you hear something's bad, It's only natural human instinct to stay away from it, and that's fair enough. I don't think an entire franchise should be judged entirely on word of mouth though, whether I love or hate something I'll always at least look at it so I can justif
  4. If it wasn't obvious enough already, I really like this show. It aspired me to start getting into MMORPG's recently, all the characters are likeable, the stories and the whole scenario behind it are really interesting to me, it just hit every mark for me, and that's not even talking about the production values of the show, like the beautiful art design or the epic music and voice acting (well, the Japanese voice acting anyway, like most anime the english dub is... Less than stellar to say the least). I'm not alone in thinking this either, I've seen high ratings for the show, It's gained immens
  5. Wow, that's a... Harsh world. Makes me wonder how anyone learned how to play these when they first came out since It's such a hostile environment.
  6. I guess it helps that Maple Story doesn't really interest me, I've looked into it, It's not my kind of thing. And if It's that emptied of content I may end up staying away from that one. As for FFXI/XIV I may try that one, but only when I can pay for it, I don't like being restricted from levels, areas, whatever, that bugs me in games.
  7. I guess I'll see what happens with that. It's alright, I may end up working solo anyway. In total that's like 6 THOUSAND hours so I'm pretty sure you've MMO'd plenty enough for me to trust your word. Then again I may not end up playing either of those, so I guess this is advice relating to those specific games, but I'll try and apply that logic to my games and see where it goes. I have every intention of having fun, see, I'm not a competitive person, I'd prefer to work TOGETHER with players rather than against them, I probably won't even touch PVP. There are really people who as
  8. Hiya! So, I never really used to get into MMO's in my younger years because I always found them so confusing and hard to navigate, but I think I'm at a period in my life where I can try to wrap my head around it, and after having a small look into the various games people are playing, I've really wanted to start playing them, although it was actually mainly SAO that kinda sold me on the concept. But the problem is I don't know how to ease into the genre, and there's also the difficulty of higher level more experienced players making fun of me for being a noob, I don't wanna be put in that emba
  9. You make a good point, and you're right, some of these like Princess Twilight Sparkle were pretty dumb with how they portrayed her (I mean come on, I get they needed a plot but you can't have one of the most powerful ponies in the shows lore be captured THAT easily, I'm fine with the concept because I think it shows alicorns aren't as overpowered as Equestrian lore makes them out to be, it shows weakness, and how Twilight has grown close to the level of her teacher, but it loses all effect when it happens so quickly without any sort of fight) but I like to think A Canterlot Wedding and Twilig
  10. I guess, but out of what people have told me, I haven't found a single good reason for it on my part. Meh.
  11. But the thing is they were already likeable from the start, at least in my view and depending on the episode. I've grown bitter and used to the fact that people will continue to just hate on an episode because they have an irrational hatred for Starlight, though as for the others last time I checked they have a decent reputation. I get that's an opinion based thing and I understand people may just not like certain characters and that's fine, but I've never seen anything on the same level as how the fanbase treats Starlight.
  12. I don't want them to necessarily get rid of the alicorns we have entirely, because their characters are likable if anything counts, and I guess if Cadance wasn't an alicorn how were we supposed to take her role seeing over the Crystal Empire seriously? I don't LIKE that they don't do anything either, but I do get why. The Mane 6 are our main focus, the show is built and revolves around them and the alicorns are secondary characters at best, they need the spotlight... Oh wait... I hear the Season 6 finale talking. Yeah, if they can do it with some randomly selected nobodies + Discord, I don't s
  13. Eh, sorry, I don't really see it the same way you do. I think they've explored tons of different subjects and stuff with a variety of magic, I think all the mystery from the start of the show about the alicorn sisters was unravelled rather nicely by the end of the 2 parter. The Mane 6 are the most interesting characters in the show to me, and they'll probably stay that way. Why? Because Celestia and Luna, maybe Cadance to some extent... Don't do ANYTHING at least half the time when these dangerous situations arise each season. And personally, I'd rather have them keep the show going as it is n
  14. The titles pretty self explanatory to be honest, I don't have much to say here for once XD
  15. That's a fair point, Disney probably wouldn't do it because of how much fan content comes out of MLP which would get destroyed. As for the anime thing, yes, they know about fandoms, how to make money with things... With their own stuff. My main thing against it is that MLP is an American property and since an anime network is obviously gonna need to put the Japanese fanbase first, they'd have trouble getting MLP to appeal to a Japanese market without pissing off the fans overseas.
  16. I pointed this out before when I said I would be worried if Disney bought it, however I've come to realise there's something I haven't thought about there. Here's the thing, MLP has WAY less stuff in It's canon and isn't as confusing as star wars. To my knowledge there's the show, Equestria Girls, the merch and the comics, that's it. I'm not saying that would put Disney in the right but It's something to think about. Eh, less of a conspiracy theory, more of a joke friend. As much as I would LOVE to see an anime style MLP, I doubt an anime network would ever touch it. Oh
  17. Only Japanese because anime, I've never really had interest in many other languages.
  18. I'm pretty sure ScruffyTheStallion is just Scarface is in disguise... At least that's what I heard.
  19. Really? I think the pacing in MLP is fine, not too fast, not too slow.
  20. I don't hate CN as a company, in fact I loved the sudden WAVE of amazing cartoons that came out after their last failure, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Steven Universe, these have all been some of my favourite cartoons of my life and that's just a few. But all that does is make the fact they're making tons of new really bad cartoons more painful because I can know they've done better. I'm still really bitter about the Ben 10 and PPG reboots as well as Teen Titans GO, It's all garbage to me and when you look at the originals you see not garbage but It's like they can't make not garbage anymore.
  21. I could see the concept working well, as long as the theories are at least solid to the point they're believable, I don't mean to bash all theory makers in general but some of them come up with some reeeaaalll stupid stuff. I'm not a fan of just inserting OC's into the franchise but again, as long as they do it well I don't see any harm in it. I never said it would happen, It's just kind of a "what if" scenario I came up with. I guess in some cases It's better to chill back and not worry about the situation much. If something turns out terrible, it just turns out terrible, move
  22. So I'm bored and have nothing better to do so here's a little something for people to think about. This is a scenario that probably won't ever happen, It's just something funny to think about. So imagine that Friendship Is Magic ends, and years after It's conclusion, Hasbro, almost going bankrupt, is forced to sell the rights to some of It's franchises in order to keep itself running. The rights to MLP get sold in the process and because whoever bought it as a company have noticed the massive positive reception and sweet sweet money MLP FIM printed they decide to do a reboot. Not a new generat
  23. Personally I prefer redemption over something harsh, unless I think the villain is completely irredeemable or would never change like Tirek. Redemption is just a nicer way to go about dealing with villains rather than killing someone like that. I've been blind to this kind of thing in the past but I've learned that there are some villains who would make a good turnaround and others that wouldn't. Plus redemption better fits the themes and tone of MLP.
  24. Yeah, prices like that are more normal around Britain, It's kind of a bummer but It's within my price range. I'm not getting it for certain, but It's definitely a big option for me. Because trust me, I do NOT wanna import. That seems good, I'll take it into consideration. The only problem is I can't seem to find that same PC on the Amazon of my region, so if I really wanted it I'd have to import and that's kind of a no no in my book unless absolutely necessary.
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