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  1. Looking for some snacks to eat before digging out my Doctor Who DVDs to have a mini-marathon. But it's not going so well, since we don't seem to have too many snacks in.
  2. Leelee

    Movies/TV Saddest moments in tv/movies

    The last half hour of Third Star just destroyed me. I've never cried so hard in my entire life.
  3. Leelee

    Mega Thread Do you have any pets?

    May I present, Thor: God of Thunder Max! He's really grumpy, but he's a cutie!
  4. Leelee

    Hi there!

    Thanks for the warm welcome! Hopefully the shyness will wear off once I get used to this place. Let's be new and awkward together!
  5. Leelee

    Hi there!

    Hi everypony! I'm new, both to the forum and to FiM in general, so I guess I'm about as new as you can get. Which is really scary, to be honest. So, um, I hope to make some friends here! And... Yep. This was as awkward as I imagined it would be.
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