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  1. I'll keep that in mind and play with it a bit, thanks! Though i woudl still like to learn from a person directly about a program liek reason or fruity loops or somehting, where i create the music from the ground up and then publish it, but i'll still mess with that in the meantime, thanks!
  2. Hello all, i have a strange request that maybe someone out there would help me with. I have the music and the beat inside of my heart and mind but i don't understand how to express it and put it into a program. I'm looking for a mentor, someone who will teach me and take me under their wing, the Celestia to my Twilight if you will. So.....whaddya say?
  3. Legate Umbra

    Hello :D

    Welcome and salutaions my friend! The story was inspiring and i'm very happy to welcome another to the herd, Do me a favor and pm me when you release your first bit of music, i'd be thrilled to hear it!
  4. One gif and one non gif i couldn't resist. Gif: Non-gif:
  5. sky I used the pointy end... Type my name with the edge of an old ps2.
  6. Legate Umbra

    Ask Celestia

    Dear Princess Celestia, In my time serving in the Lunar Legion your sister has said nothign but good things about you, i was wondering if maybe there was some sort of special bonding or arguments that took place once she returned, seeing as you went from enemies to closer than ever so quickly. The ever watchful, Legate Umbra
  7. If it were me i would stop her and give her a lecture on how if all i do is help other people and all she does is condemn them, then she appears to be the one having things backwards. Anything that stands outside the social norm is immediately branded as evil or strange and is frowned upon, therefore by males over the age of puberty enjoying a colorful and "feminine" show it distorts the gender boundries set by society and scares closed mined people because they have trouble understanding social and phsychological diversity. Naw , love and tolerate. Worship whatever brings you peace bro.
  8. I would have to go with Rarity, but seeing as i don't think fatherhood is ready for me i would rather have her as a friend/love interest, but if i HAD to be a father figure.....Swetie Belle would have to be it, i could jsut imagine her hugging my leg and being all cute.
  9. In a way i'm with dreamwalker on this one, cept for that last part. Anyways, for me if we had be talking and i found that i truly liked her and we could have fun together, the physical doesnt matter, if you look at it objectively it would only become an obstacle to adjust to and overcome if you truly loved whoever it was on the inside, sentience is sentience.
  10. I would have to say the entirety of Corpse Party for the psp, but if i have to pick a "Boss" it would have to be the first one, its jsut the "Ohcrapwhatdoido" mentality as it chases you around.
  11. Legate Umbra

    Howdy Everypony.

    Almost anything on steam and a handful of xbox. i'm a jack of all games and a master at none X3. if you guys want to add me or something my steam name is Dr frank Stein, email is drfrankstein@ymail.com
  12. Legate Umbra

    Howdy Everypony.

    I want muffins more than anything this morning, got blueberry? i'll bring a gallon of milk if you bring the plate of muffins.
  13. Hello, I'm Legate Umbra of the Lunar Legion and i just figured this would be a cool place to meet some new friends and just have a generally good time, hit me up and we could play some games or just chill. I currently fail at drawing and music production but am polishing those skills up, however i can write a decent fic or two, might even make a profile on fimfiction. anyways this is getting long winded so yeah, catch you on the other side.
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