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  1. I was a fan from the first Lauren Faust episode I saw in college. So I had not thought about it at all before reading the term "brony" two months later. Although I do have to admit that first episode I could not stop thinking about"The Shmooze" from the one pony video my family owned growing up
  2. Huzzah! And merriment. I would bring my wife of course, but I would be the one really happy about it all
  3. I do not think much about old hardware, but I do want to know how it all works. I do not have the experience with hardware though so besides playing with a breadboard I mostly program in C and assembly.
  4. Welcome. I joined for a pony outlet because my work is not social. Good luck with the music education. I had friends in college in that field, and it was pretty tough for them to get started. Half of them are now house wives.
  5. Use skills => gain more knowledge e-books to replace school books scientific articles (maybe find some cover-ups? ) licensed software Other egg-head goodies Also something I already do, use CE and scanmem to not have to spend 100+ hours collecting items and fighting battles in waste-of-time video games ... video games that I still want to play anyways
  6. Reference dark energy: I have only taken one Physics course, but news about this makes me want to go back to school
  7. I have not made a game yet but for apps my goto is QT and QML, for any platform. If I do make a game it would be with this combination: Gimp for images and frame-by-frame animation (I am told Gimp can somehow import Paintshop vectors now, but I have not tried) Audacity for sound and music editing Kdenlive for video editing Blender for 3d models and animation Unity3D for games and full composition. Qt Creator for QT
  8. Something I use a lot in my off time is this Android app It is relaxing, and easy to pick up while designing the next step in your application. They probably have an iOS app too, if you like. It is only for basic language information, but it will get you started on almost any well known language. The only problem I have seen is that they do not teach you anything about compilers, only language syntax. They have their own web-based compilers to test snippets of code, which is sometimes far removed from real-world application. I also use QT a lot, because I am mostly a C programmer and prefer to program on Linux with multi-platform support. If you are looking into using QML I have recently had a lot of experience with that. I would be happy to answer questions. I think in the case of QT and QML the best thing to do is try things out with your own project or ask specific questions. Asking questions would especially help with QML, because it has a lot of quirky behaviours. QT reference: or If you happen to need JNI with your Java I would be happy to answer questions about that too.
  9. Qt Creator. Oh look first QT mention. I decided on Qt Creator just because I prefer working closer to the C libraries, and QT itself handles C++/QML GUI across many platforms. I have not heard of Atom or Sublime Text before, so I am at least going to give them a try now. I also use Vim a lot, probably almost as much as Qt Creator. It does not have the auto-complete or live syntax of an IDE, but it is unbeatable for quick edits, remote access, and it even works on new platforms like Ubuntu Touch.
  10. Thanks Scruffy, Serendipity, Rikifive and Kenshiro. phew some names are long
  11. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Twilight Sparkle How did you find MLP Forums?: How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Friends in college Game Alias: Funmungus Pony Alias: Moore Tides (So excited for LoE!) Job: Programmer, preferring C/C++ and Linux > Everything Born in the 20th century Below is a link to Legends of Equestria. I cannot figure out how to make a signature?
  12. Welcome to MLP Forums, funmungus! I hope you have a great time here. /)