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  1. I consider stopping the MLP fan animation series I was working on :/ or atleast put it off for a while.

    the reason to why is because I haven't had a proper education to make an animation with lipsync, and I dunno what program I should use to make the best quality that I can. I will study 3D games and animation this fall, so I'll be using the first year to learn how to animate. I dunno by how far, but atleast I need to learn the basics from a teacher so I know what I'm doing is right and not make a mess for my hard work.

    1. Manaka Hitomi

      Manaka Hitomi

      animation can be pretty tough i've tried it couple times and its tougher than i thought :hug: =)  i hope best of luck to you and your project=)

    2. Weak Freak

      Weak Freak

      thanks. I'll just have in on a hold for now till I get some more input about animation. I'm a perfectionist lol xP