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  1. @DJ Wolfe Is in da haus! Spin teh wubs...
  2. 488122 @DJ Wolfe Glad to see you're still around and making Vinyl proud! (we're supposed to have another Dance Party soon...)
  3. @Emerald Heart Is known for surprising others with absolute sweetness. :3
  4. 488120 @DJ Wolfe Still lovin pon3's and spinning the wubs!
  5. Vinyl Scratch is one of my fav ponies!
  6. Banned because which edition? Which is the real D&D!?!?!?!?!?
  7. Banned because D&D doesn't have rules - they're 'suggested recommendations'.
  8. Banned because see how far the dragon will follow down said unstable cave after the Tarrasque destroys the constrained air with a generously disgusting, colossal fart.
  9. Banned because the Tarrasque can dig to 'run away' and doesn't need to breath deep into the earth.
  10. Banned because the Tarrasque can run away and fight another.
  11. Banned because nothing can stop the Tarrasque.