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  1. Granted, but it eats like a billy goat, eventually devouring your bed, your wallet, your clothes, and your face. I wish I could get good Wi-Fi out here.
  2. NINJA. NINJA. NINJA EVERYWHERE. @Lunar Echo Patpats for using cute Sunny pic.
  3. ....Isn't even going to ask any of the 7 immediate questions that come to mind. nope. bai. sliiiides out.
  4. I'm not sure I much want ya sleepin' on my couch either, but a'rite.
  5. ...Wait, does that make you a Changeling Queen........?
  6. Good, now git'outta mah bed. That's for WiiGuy. XD
  7. Don't worry Stormfury, we're all jus' goofin' off.
  8. ...grinned, swung his tail around happily behind him, grabbed the pillow in his maw and flopped onto @WiiGuy2014's bed on top of it. Sharky Snor.
  9. Well, alright... But i'm keeping my pillow!! clung the big cotton rectangle of fluff to his chest, setting on his rump and plopping his chin atop the pillow soon after.
  10. is generally severely unaffected by Tilg. you cannot kill what isn't really there...! Well, without actually having a way to, that is. Oi, @WiiGuy2014. You've been in my bed as many times as i've been in yours! What's up? We swapping beds now?
  11. ...Fish! I need Fish. Fish for eating. Not Catfish, that stuff tastes like mud.
  12. Do not speak of what you know nothing about. takes in a deep breath of full, fresh air. caughs because he isn't used to breathing in that deep, sputters a few drops of water everywhere.
  13. ... Sir, Machine, thing, please get out of my bed. It IS a lake, after all.
  14. ...nope, sticking with that. Is gonna invade all up on Contrast's bed. the next person to post will be too. dis is his bed nao.
  15. ^^ I'unno, I assume he just flattens it on entry.
  16. Well... Can't fault'em for that. But still, boxy and flat isn't really something many kinds of shark even have--more sleek and curved so they doesn't get stopped by the water itself while swimming. The eyelashes though... Honestly I didn't even notice them xD just kinda blend into the mane to me.