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  1. Request Shop
  2. Request Shop
  3. Request Shop Here you go! Can I have a bigger image of her cutie mark?
  4. Request Shop

    This thread is for making next gen characters. If you want art of already made characters, you need to go to my other thread.
  5. Thanks for the picture it's great! ^_^

    1. Pangur Ban

      Pangur Ban

      I'm glad you like!

  6. Request Shop Done
  7. Request Shop

    Here you go; A head shot is fine, I just need to know what her cm is.
  8. Request Shop

    Here you go;
  9. Request Shop

    Sorry, without any images I can not draw your character.
  10. Request Shop

    Do you want some art of your character? Look no further. I'm in the mood to draw some already-made characters for once. These will likely be made on a base. Don't worry, they will all be credited. I am only doing pony - related characters (Pony half-lings, Sea Ponies, changelings, ect) Some examples; ^ base by ColaCan-dy Base by CoolMDrawings Base by LullabyPrince Base by Jinetix
  11. Thanks!
  12. I'd love some help naming this new character of mine! I'd love if it has something to do with celestial bodies and possibly her talent, a form of aerial dancing!
  13. Request Shop

  14. Request Shop
  15. Request Shop

    There will be no cape.. Like I said, ponies, not clothes. :/