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  1. Still looking if anyone is interested
  2. Little bump, looking for roleplay partners still.
  3. Alrighty! Message me with what you wanna do?
  4. I am looking for a couple people to roleplay with, preferably 1x1 or a small group. I also prefer roleplaying on discord if we can! On average I write 3-6 paragraphs per reply, and I usually play as more then one character, often 2-3, not counting side/minor characters. I have a few ideas for some roleplays that I am interested in, most of them are vague though; (I really like playing as royalty if you can tell, lmao sorry) Rising tensions between two empires (ex. Equestria vs a non-cannon civilization) A a royal next-gen roleplay, where the royal children have to save their parents due to them being banished by some sort of evil entity/group (Parents can also be killed instead of just banished.) A a royal next-gen roleplay, where the royal children have to fight back against one of their own who has gone corrupt in a nightmare moon-like fashion. A roleplay where the world is in a dystpoian version of itself (as seen in mlp episode "The Cutie Remark") I am not interested in; Romance roleplays (there can be romance in our roleplay, I just don't want to do a roleplay revolving around romance) Overpowered characters (I am fine with alicorns, hybrids, human-gone-pony, demi-gods, honestly most things.. Just don't make your character the creator of the universe, please?) And while those are things I would really like to roleplay, I am also open to suggestions! See you soon.
  5. How did you react to Twilicorn

    I was really excited! It was a character path and pov we'd never explored in the show, really. Most of MLP:FiM alicorns where kind of just 'there' and barely developed, after all. Thought for a while I was really disappointed about the "princess" part of the equation, since at first she never did really anything all that royal. I will say, though in the later seasons I was pleasantly surprised to see her role as a royal of Equestria actually noticed and used throughout the show.
  6. Yeah! Any cutie mark request?
  7. Whoops I forgot about this stuff after Irma for the most part, but I'm baaack and doing this junk again.
  8. Is there a feature to block other users? If so, I can't find it. I'm a stupid. I found it literal moments after posting this. Really sorry.
  9. Request Shop Want some art of your OC?
  10. Request Shop Want some art of your OC?
  11. Request Shop Want some art of your OC? Here you go! Can I have a bigger image of her cutie mark?
  12. This thread is for making next gen characters. If you want art of already made characters, you need to go to my other thread.
  13. Thanks for the picture it's great! ^_^

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