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  1. Amalgamation, most definitely.
  2. That sounds great! Would you like to message me so we can start working on a plot?
  3. "So.. Us ponies are created in your image? Why are the alicorns more powerful then normal unicorns? Because we look closer to you? Unicorns had to have come across that book before.. why did they not summon you? Did they not have enough power to complete the spell?" Shinning sighed softly, looking at the cape that now adorned his body.. It felt.. Strange being so close to an entity that was so powerful. If this alicorn was so powerful, powerful enough to create their universe, why had he not banished his brother away by now? Stopped his brother? Something? It was odd how this alicorn only vaguely helped instead of stopping the threat. They could have such peaceful lives, they could focus on helping poor empires.. "Why haven't you come up from your...lab.. before? To help us?"
  4. Shinning Star was a little shocked at this strange alicorn, taking a few steps back, hooves clipping against the crystalline flooring found outside of the palace. Shinning had accidentally summoned this strange alicorn when going through old books in the crystal library, and had been pacing back in forth trying to figure out just what he had done. "Wha- What are you doing?" Shinning sighed softly. The cape was soft, and the strange alicorn didn't seem to be malicious, so in the end Shinning just stood there. It was comforting being under the warm and soft cloth, especially when you where stressing out about what you had done and how you where going to explain another alicorn just randomly popping up to your parents. "Can you.. explain to me who you are again? I know you already have but I really am having trouble wrapping my head around just what and who you are. After all the only alicorns that I know of never mentioned you, and I never read about you until I found that old book.."
  5. That sounds fun! Would you like to message me? So we can start working out a plot?
  6. Request Shop

    I need more practice with my mlp art, so, does anyone want some free doodles of their characters? I can do any cannon mlp species, and I might be able to do some of the non cannon ons too. (Tree ponies, gem ponies, ect) Some stuff I have already done; Please note that these characters are owned by me and not free to use.
  7. Shinning Star
  8. I was allowed to create characters and post roleplays as soon as I hit 5 comments. ^^ Thank you for the response! It would have been nice if the site itself let me know that, though!
  9. Maybe so! Want to message me? So we can start working out a plot? Fair warning though, none of my characters are as powered as yours are.
  10. I respect others so long as what they are doing does not harm or shame other people. Why does someone's dietary choices effect weather or not you like them? Now THAT doesn't make sense to me.
  11. On average I write 3-6 paragraphs per reply, and I usually play as more then one character, often 2-3, not counting side/minor characters. I don't really enjoy group roleplays, and I prefer roleplaying on discord if we can! I have a few ideas for some roleplays that I am interested in, most of them are vague though! Rising tensions between two empires (ex. Equestria vs a non-cannon civilization) A a royal next-gen roleplay, where the royal children have to save their parents due to them being banished by some sort of evil entity/group (Parents can also be killed instead of just banished.) A a royal next-gen roleplay, where the royal children have to fight back against one of their own who has gone corrupt in a nightmare moon-like fashion. A roleplay where the world is in a dystpoian version of itself (as seen in mlp episode "The Cutie Remark") And while those are things I would really like to roleplay, I am also open to suggestions!
  12. I really wish it could, but I fear the show wouldn't have enough of a budget! Not to mention how much longer episodes will take to complete! While I love the movies art style and wish it could happen, I doubt it will!
  13. I am, without a doubt, going! I might be able to drag one of my little siblings to the movie theater with me, but most of them as embaressed to have a big brother that enjoys mlp!