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  1. I both mixed together. What is the last book you've read?
  2. I'm pretty sure, if "only" one VA would leave, that specific character would get a big ending, like fighting and have to leave Equestria for good. However, it would become a huge problem if a VA went, who is speaking more than one main character. Additionally, a little odd theory: If Twilight had to go, would Starlight become a replacement for her? If that's so than the leaving of "only" Twilight's VA wouldn't appear such a problem. Anyway, I love every voice too much, I couldn't stand it, if they would just change the VA for one character. I would rather like a big ending for that specific character.
  3. Maths and Chemistry (most of my regular school time). During my apprenticeship at university it's programming. Do you like plush toys?
  4. To celebrate the Pinkie Day I wanted to share my favourite PMV with you.
  5. 426644 A thanks, good to know. ... Anyway, I love posting in this section.
  6. 426642 A little question: Which posts do really count as "posts"? I've written way more than only 5 posts.
  7. I've watched it and read the book. I've only heard of it. Maybe I'll play it some day. What is your opinion about PMVs (Pony Music Videos)?
  8. I would love to visit it. Llama or alpaca?
  9. I would call it bad timing, but it's ok. I'm happy for you, she sounds great. What's your favourite sweet?
  10. A little bit, because I'm injured and alone. However, I try to appreciate the extra free-time... What was the post about?
  11. Thank you for following me! :yay:

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      Nature Tune

      Youre welcome!:yay: