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  1. I'm feeling a combination of depressed and disappointed.
  2. Happy birthday! Here's a cupcake.


    ✨Prom Dress✨ | Fnafhs English Version Amino

    Hurry before Angel eats it. :confused:


  3. Merry Birthiversary! 

  4. Happy birthday, mi campadre! :yay:

  5. Happy birthday, Duck! :yay:

  6. I was playing Tetris but only clearing four lines at a time.
  7. Like I just woke up 15 minutes ago... At 4 in the morning.
  8. Iceland and Norway are certainly a ways better than the US is right now. Most of the important positives without the ridiculous negatives.
  9. Joe Rogan talks to Ben Shapiro (Parody) Aside from there being no part about "my wife is a doctor" this is just about perfect. Also the Ben impression is still not talking fast enough.
  10. "But it's free speech to say child labor's good, yes!" - in a clutching pearls type voice.
  11. I like how the mainstream goes out of its way to discredit anything against official documentations of events... "Conspiracy theory" is continually losing its meaning in a way that allows for certain absurdly ridiculous ideas (pizzagate, flat earth...) to propogate even further. While theories with legitimate backing are just treated like provable falsehoods when they aren't.

  12. Who would have thought posting opinions about the balance of a video game could warrant people being toxic to the point where they'll start commencing name-calling and trying as hard as possible to derail any attempt of any sort of conversation...


    Though I guess anybody who's played a toxic enough game has seen this in action.