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  1. A few features I wish I didn't have but I don't think it's quite worth transitioning over. Still don't really identify gender-wise with my biological sex, but I don't feel the need to transition at this point.
  2. Still a not very proud American, living in one of the worse states of the union nonetheless. The political climate and the weather here sucks. Heck, the house I'm living in now was hit by Hurricane Harvey when it passed by a couple of years back. Though I will say where I am it's rather urban so the far right nutjob thing you normally have to deal with in this state is not as much of a problem.
  3. Getting one shot by enemies in an ARPG. Fun experience, 10/10 would recommend. /s
  4. I don't think "Loud" and "Quiet" are colors. There problem solved.
  5. I would imagine so. Kind of like how Overwatch has killed SEVERAL games. Most of them better than it. *cough cough* GIGANTIC *cough cough*
  6. Zero as far as I know. Though a couple of them have had the idea of meeting up with me.
  7. Video Game wise the oldest I listen to are tracks from games like the original SNES version of Final Fantasy 4 (when it was called Final Fantasy 2 in the US). Putting it pretty much in the early 90's. Though some 50's music that I would hear on when my grandma used to have satellite radio in her car did not sound half bad at all. Just don't really listen to that stuff much if at all though.
  8. Didn't know this until recently but there is indeed a homoflexible pride flag. :huh: It's kind of like being bisexual and heavily leaning homo so it almost seems unnecessary.

  9. "Umm, was that my ex that I just saw? Haven't seen him around in literal years."
  10. I wear flats now and if I cross-dressed I'd probably still wear flats because I don't fancy the idea of walking in heels.
  11. Not necessarily happy having only two or three pairs of pants, but it works.
  12. Same here but in this case just with the preference of an open relationship... The difference, from what I can tell, being that I still would be romantically vested in him exclusively.
  13. When I refer to my sexuality I end up referring to my sex instead of my gender if that explains anything. Have no idea how exactly to categorize my sexuality in non-binary terms except saying it in the complicated drawn out way.