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  1. I don't really know exactly what I'm attracted to when I'm attracted to girls. I would say the kind that's quirky cute kind. In fact there's a girl I know in real life that fits that to a tee that made me really realize this. Though I mean she has some nice physical features which is a plus, of course of the kind I would also look more for. Really have no interest in girls trying to look attractive though. Honestly I find those kind of girls quite repulsive. Though I'd definitely still say I'm way more attracted to men. Romantically I've always liked the more masculine (not too much more) kind of big brother types, I'd honestly kind o Though sexually, feminine boys are the most attractive thing ever... I say this as a non-binary male that's on the more feminine side, though at the moment I'm kind of just going more for a boyish look because I'm too lazy and too poor to really get a real feminine look going. Haven't shaved my arms and legs in ages... Definitely going to want a can of Nair when I can afford it. Also going to add here: this world needs Femboy Hooters. If nobody else I would definitely work there.
  2. So, uh, I'm not sure if I shared this with this particular thread, but I'm deciding to change the way I identify my sexuality. I think that calling myself homoflexible may be more accurate than just saying I'm gay. I mean it isn't too much different than that, but I will confess I occasionally do feel a sexual pull for the opposite sex. Romantically, though, I still have no interest in girls. Pretty sure I have this in my profile though, it's nothing new.
  3. Picked up Last Epoch pretty recently (a pretty interesting and seemingly very solid ARPG that's still in Beta). Other than that, Paladins most of the time. Might continue on that solo Dark run I started in BW2, but Purrloin is such a trash mon... It's not all that much fun to just spam Growl and stall with a cruddy mon until I can get a Sandile (so until just before the 3rd gym...).
  4. Coronavirus cases are surging? Why am I not surprised... @Pastel Heart And further worsening a pandemic in the process.
  5. Isn't it ironic the people that act like they are the most invested in July 4th are also the ones who worship traitors to the Union? F***ing interesting fact if you ask me.
  6. Trump just keeps on proving he's a lunatic with absolutely no common sense...


    You can't be f***ing serious man... We were taught history in a way that's very clearly biased FOR the US and that's obvious to anyone that can read who isn't some far right extremist with the clear agenda to say everyone who doesn't like Trump's fascistic vision somehow hates America.


    Not to mention, this is literally the most divisive thing POSSIBLE to say for an Independence Day speech. Accusing people in this country of "hating" it on a day where you see American Flags every 5 or 10 feet in some places is just absolutely ridiculous, but also in this case it's absurdly divisive because it's essentially his very childish way of trying to take the moral high ground over his opposition when he so clearly doesn't have it.

  7. "Whether there's poop on your ceiling is a question you might not want to know the answer to."
  8. You're going to pretend you're patriotic when you support a not-so-merry band of racist traitors? Ok. Seriously the hypocrisy in that couldn't be any more obvious.
  9. And this is why I f***ing hate 2K. They are greedy f***s on the level of EA. The only games I'm really willing to buy that they publish are the Borderlands games pretty much. Didn't help they also f***ed with BL3 by making it an Epic Games exclusive for half a year.
  10. Feeling like I should have slept more but otherwise alright.
  11. So apparently there's an actual petition for Femboy Hooters and it has 13k signatures.


    Seriously, though, this world needs Femboy Hooters. Heck if I took care of my body I'd happily work there. :P

  12. Pride Month is over now... The protests kind of made Pride Month a little less of a priority to people this time around and it's honestly unfortunate. *sighs*