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  1. Say my name except Dwarf Engineer wrecks Walter White.
  2. "And then along Came Zeus" memes are maybe a month old, but some are still really funny.


    Now if only Eekum Bokum memes were that good. :huh:

  3. I just wanna say I appreciate being mentioned in the nicest users thread and I'm glad I've been able to be a positive force~! ♡ I think you're really smart, perceptive and fearless. The world sucks hard right now and the state of things doesnt make it better but as long as we don't blow up a better tomorrow is possible!

    Stay awesome Dusky!

    1. Dusknoir


      It really does suck how things are right now. We have a wannabe fascist president who's willing to endanger the public for the sake of optics, a far right movement urging us to be ever closer to a police state, and now about to be a far right majority in the courts intent on blocking out any not right-wing proposals. All the while average people can barely afford to survive on what they have, we have an impending eviction crisis that threatens to multiply homelessness by a factor of 30, and forget about healthcare because having that somehow makes us Venezuela (So funny and backwards).


      But you know what, we can't just dwell on that if we ever want these problems fixed. We still have to go through our lives accepting things as they are. Of course taking any opportunity we get to protest the conditions we've found ourselves in. If my BF had a car, I'm pretty sure we'd both be in the streets of Houston as often as we know worthwhile protests are happening. But while we can't have the numbers to protest, we simply must go on and try to voice our ideas when applicable. If we can't do that, there's no chance of getting anywhere. We must survive before we can get what we want.


      I mentioned you in the thread because I appreciate your understanding of this. You seem like a very decent woman whose heart is in the right place and whose understanding we need more of in our society (and less of this far right plague that's turned otherwise reasonable people into sheep).


      EDIT: Also sent you a friend request on Discord.

  4. I'm feeling a bit of scorn for certain people I won't name because it's guaranteed to be a problem... After being reminded of their hateful nature.
  5. And there's QUITE a few closet homophobes on this forum. The worst kind. F*** some people are OPEN about it and NOTHING has been done about it. In fact, action on the topic seems to be more often taken against the people who are AGAINST homophobia.
  6. Wow there's some people listed on here a LOT that are DEFINITELY not nice people at all in my, particularly recent, experience. Probably the best of the people here though are: @Kyoshi (nihilism aside), @Renegade the Unicorn, @AveryGamerDude, @Pastel Heart, @You, @PoisonClaw (if anything just for an offer from like a year and a half ago I haven't gotten the chance to really utilize yet) and @Mirage (when he used to be on here). Also forgot @Woohoo because he seems like a decent person. There would be more on this list if they haven't proven themselves to be actually complete @$$holes. Like if a thread of that nature were somehow allowed, I'm pretty sure I'd have a longer list.
  7. I'm feeling like our government has failed in not kicking out all these war criminals. And now with one blatantly committing perjury and the most extreme case of public endangerment ever known to man still being allowed to be there, saying I'm disappointed is an understatement.
  8. Nintendo, you f***ers. Copyrighting my 30 minute loops.
  9. Can you just get out of here for good, you obnoxious, pity-obsessed, simp? (I really hate using that word, but that's really what the guy I'm thinking about is).
  10. Goldeneye 007 is a bad game. What makes it bad? Oh I don't know, bad level design...? Poorly designed mechanics that are significantly WORSE than mechanics of games that came out BEFORE it (mainly talking Doom and Unreal Tournament)... Oh and the worst balanced multiplayer ever known to man...? F*** me, I have no idea why this game is heralded as some sort of masterpiece.
  12. A YouTube video reminding me that I need to go watch Clone High.
  13. Among us in a nutshell:


    Red: "Stop voting with no evidence"

    Black, Cyan, Green: "It's Red"



    Red was not the Impostor.

    2 Imposters Remain

    1. Anti-Villain


      Among Us -- where even the dead have to do their chores.

  14. Barik is overrated by professional Paladins players.