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  1. I'm unemployed thanks to a lack of job availability, and it's not fun when nobody can pay the bills. Though even if I DID have a job, I doubt the bills would GET paid, because of how f***ing ABSURDLY low the wages you actually get are. Working your @$$ off so you might be able to, but probably can't, afford to pay for stuff? GREAT! The US in general does such a horrific job of taking care of its poorer citizens who are doing everything they possibly can to get by AND STILL CAN'T... I could get political, but point is having to look forward to a minimum wage job that STILL won't pay any bills is F***ING agonizing and beyond frustrating. I could even go further and talk about jobs with better wages than that, that STILL aren't adequate in the slightest... All so the rich and powerful at the top can have their cake and eat it too while everyone else can't have it let alone eat it... It's a wonder honestly that more of the country isn't below the poverty line.
  2. I see they're getting progressively less creative with their naming. No matter, it looks like a joke anyways. Xbox will never recapture what they did with the post RRoD 360, and they just keep proving it consistently. Even getting the One (that released in 2013...) beaten by a console that released in 2017. Sure it's the Switch, but nonetheless, that's utterly pathetic
  3. I sort of stick by my answer. I think I'd probably be more inclined to say Washington state more, because that place rocks, unlike Texas. I'm miserable here and totally don't belong in any way whatsoever. Texas honestly kind of sucks. Though really in a more optimal circumstance where I had actual money, I'd actually prefer moving out of the US and into a place like Iceland or Norway, because the US honestly is not the best place to live in general right now.
  4. Well, me. I didn't really find the way it was taught really satisfactory (seriously, no wonder US math scores are GLOBALLY below average, FFS). I was in a state-level academic competition for a math related event, where I (almost) made it twice more, and also got a special medal when I graduated for being such a math nerd. So I'm pretty sure I'm kind of the resident math geek of small town S_____'s class of 2016. Though I've just always found it an underappreciated subject in general.
  5. Yes. Please. It's a disaster waiting to happen. It needs to end. I'm surely not intending on watching it.
  6. American Gangster (2007). Honestly a really great film aside from the dumb unnecessary subplot with the Detective's kid that went nowhere whatsoever. It features some great performances from actors like Denzel Washington, Frank Levine (you know Stottenmeyer from Monk), and Russell Crowe. It also has an interesting story that really keeps the audience invested in it for the three hours of length. I mean I really don't have any major gripes aside from that subplot (which unfortunately is a pretty major gripe, because it's an awful stain on an otherwise amazing movie). 8.5/10.
  7. Watching ESAM style on people gives me the urge to get better at Paladins, to the point where I can make a compilation of the best of my Architectonics Barik play styling on people even when it was far from meta in the game. Seriously, even when it wasn't good I think the community would be shocked at how much it can do with somebody that has a functioning brain playing it.

  8. ESAM's BEST MOMENTS OF 2019 Seriously, though, him winning Glitch 7 was the best moment in Competitive Smash of 2019 period.
  9. I don't mind other people doing it once in a while in the privacy of their own front/back whatever yard. Otherwise, they're threatening the health of everyone else around them. Though I wouldn't suggest even that. It's totally unsafe, and an addiction to it can really f*** a person up.
  10. Got to love people who pretty much rant on something because they're obviously salty, and then claim that they aren't salty and have nothing to be salty about, which is literally a massive and obvious self-contradiction.



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