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  1. I wouldn't know because I really didn't have too many of them...
  2. ~Dusky~

    Was your internet ever locked down as a kid?

    I never really had many experiences with the internet until I was about 11 or 12. But I wasn't locked down... In fact I was probably on sites that weren't age appropriate pretty often
  3. ~Dusky~

    General How "Pure" are you?

    By the standards for it, i'm pretty impure considering that I curse a lot in private and have quite the collection of rule 34...
  4. Overwatch players are such crybabies... Literally making a movement to delete a champion from the f***ing game because she's overpowered.

    Paladins players didn't do that with Khan and he's been top tier for 7 MONTHS.... 

  5. I don't do that, but I do lick the peanut butter off of the knife when I make a sandwich
  6. ~Dusky~

    Animation Naruto censorship

    Yeah, that's true. China's actually becoming a weird case where it's kind of hard to actually label It anything specific. It's sort of communist in a way, but also has gained similarities to far right ideologies. I was worried Trump would actually wage war with all of the posturing between him and Kim Jong Un. But I suppose Trump is better than Hillary would be. Don't really like him, but nonetheless, truth be told, Hillary would actually destroy this country. Literally the only benefit of war is technology, and even then in that case the ends don't really justify the means. In my opinion, there's no logical reason to start a war. It would be better to only take military action when there's a direct threat. Which is why I personally do not approve of what we've been doing in the Middle East for the past 40 years, particularly what we've been doing in the past 15 of those 40 years.
  7. ~Dusky~

    Web Last YouTube video you watched?

    The second trailer for Toy Story 4. I was initially skeptical about this movie, but I'm starting to warm up to it... I mean they could have just ended Toy Story at the third movie easily enough, but I hope that they make the fourth movie worth a watch.
  8. ~Dusky~

    Animation Naruto censorship

    There's also Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, and Nicaragua that are also communistic as of now. There are also other countries outside of there that are like China and North Korea.
  9. ~Dusky~

    Animation Naruto censorship

    Communism is still the system used by many governments today, mostly in South and Central America, so saying it's dead is kind of wrong in every sense of the word. I feel like saying something here, but I know that I'll start something that won't end well... I totally agree with that. Though I think it would be more accurate to say totalitarianism is oppression, it is normally enforced with violence. That could have been worded better, but I see what you mean. Being around people with certain ideologies makes you more likely to believe in the same things.
  10. ~Dusky~

    Animation Naruto censorship

    And this is relevant how...? Just because something is "dead" (by the way ideologies never die as long as anyone believes in them), doesn't mean that it's suddenly erased from memory. It will still always remain a part of history, and in the case of Nazis and the Romans (they were pretty f***ing bad...), a very dark part of history...
  11. ~Dusky~

    Animation Naruto censorship

    A symbol is a symbol. It can literally be made to represent whatever the user of the symbol wants it to represent... Yes, it is a Nazi symbol... Just because the Buddhists used it first doesn't mean it's theirs. By this logic, the Eagle isn't an American symbol because the Romans used it first.
  12. ~Dusky~

    Animation Naruto censorship

    The eagle is much less associated with Nazism, though. The eagle isn't on their uniforms, or anything else. It's just a symbol of the party, and even then eagles have been commonly used as symbols in heraldry for imperial power (which makes the eagle a pretty odd symbol for America, considering it's supposed to be a democratic nation ). As for the Swastika though, it was literally everywhere in Nazi Germany...
  13. ~Dusky~

    Animation Naruto censorship

    The swastika is the symbol on the flag though and that makes it become associated with the flag.
  14. ~Dusky~

    Animation Naruto censorship

    See here's the real issue that I'm trying to address: would you honestly expect them to react that way? I certainly would not in their position. You don't seem to appreciate the gravity of the fact that that flag, that symbol represent depravity in almost every sense of the word. I wouldn't expect any German to ask questions around because everyone's going to say that it's a symbol of evil. As for the internet, yet again I wouldn't think that they'd jump to that. The symbol has such a stigma in Germany. The Nazi flag as an issue for them is like the Confederate flag issue here in the United States except about 10 times worse. Considering how big of an issue the Confederate flag is in the US, I'd be led to think that in Germany the portrayal of the Nazi flag would cause widespread backlash and Germany would ban the show pretty freaking quickly. It's a better PR move for the show's artists to just change the symbol to something that doesn't have any real semblance to the swastika for that version specifically. After all, Nintendo actually supposedly from what I hear censors quite a bit of content from their games in the American versions of the games.
  15. I thought this would be a more popular opinion after watching the trailer, but apparently not: