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  1. ~Dusky~

    Mega Thread What game are you playing right now?

    Still playing Borderlands 2 and still farming legendary gear. Got the Conference Call and a Sham pretty recently.
  2. ~Dusky~

    Your Biggest Personality Fault.

    Well, I have a lot if them. But I think these are the four worst: I'm extremely introverted and my social skills are non-existent. I have problems with anxiety, particularly of the social kind. I'm quite lazy. I'm trying not to be, but the attempt makes my anxiety problems worse. I was also a procrastinator in high school. I'm not particularly stable emotionally. I find myself getting angry or depressed over nothing quite often.
  3. I may have gotten my fair share of zeroes, but the lowest average I've ever had was a 79 in Pre-Calculus, due to failing a couple of tests (my classmates were OBNOXIOUS).
  4. ~Dusky~

    Have you ever felt you have failed in life?

    Wow what a prediction I made here. I AM failing in life! I have nothing to show for myself, no money, and am living in the not homeless equivalent of poverty. I also have had limited success in the area of dating, and I have undiagnosed emotional problems as well as developmental setbacks. All I have is a dinky little idea that has little chance of becoming a reality because I don't have the resources necessary to make it so...
  5. ~Dusky~

    Gaming What are your thoughts on fortnite?

    I have no interest in it whatsoever. I have a distaste for the Battle Royale genre in its entirety. But I will say from what I've seen it's still better than PUBG. I'd rather just play Paladins instead. No, not Realm Royale either.
  6. I usually play video games or occasionally (when I'm using the internet on something where data is no concern) watch YouTube videos when I'm bored.
  7. ~Dusky~

    General What life do you want?

    A life where I can do what I like doing and actually make good money. Not too good, though. May start to feel guilty if I make too much...
  8. I was there once, and I hated it. I found it boring and the games were quite frustrating I thought.
  9. ~Dusky~

    Gaming Least favorite level in your favorite games?

    Banjo-Kazooie- Rusty Bucket Bay. I think that should trigger sufficient flashbacks. Seriously, the level is so absurdly difficult that I never passed it as a kid... Borderlands 2- Post-Game. The post game may only really be a single quest, but is it a frustrating one. To beat the hardest boss they could throw at you, Terramorphous. The foght is actually almost impossible to not lose with certain characters, not to mention the legendaries aren't worth farming for. Fallout 3- Old Olney. See a theme here? The place is FILLED with Deathclaws... Dying to them over and over again dhe to the lack of good sight lines can really get frustrating.
  10. ~Dusky~

    How Friendly Are You?

    Wow I did a poor job of describing it... Generally I'm not particularly friendly in the sense of being outgoing because I'm extremely shy around people I'm not particularly comfortable with. Though in the sense of being nice, I generally try to be nice to people unless they make me upset or I'm just in a bad mood.
  11. ~Dusky~

    How many days can you go without sleep?

    I can go a couple of days, but afterwards I needed to go to sleep early the next time around or it becomes a problem. My anxiety sometimes causes this to happen, but it also doesn't help when there's a TV on when I'm trying to sleep blaring Phineas and Ferb through the early hours of the morning...
  12. ~Dusky~

    What accomplishment are you proud of?

    Even being a person with low self-esteem, I'll admit that I accomplished quite a bit. Reflecting on my old post in this thread, I'm happily able to say that the project I mentioned is pretty much the same one that I've gotten pretry far on, but it took a few years and several redesigns, so I don't feel awfully proud of that. As for real accomplishments: Although I assume I got last place, I made it to a state-level academic meet in "Number Sense" (Name of the event, the test is based around mental math). I almost made it to the ATSSB (Association of Texas Small School Bands) All-State Band. I beat a pro Paladins player twice. We were both playing Barik both times and I kept beating him on the point. Although he was just a streamer known for his Ying at the time, he became a pro DPS player.
  13. ~Dusky~

    10 facts about your room

    It's actually cleaner than most of the rest of the house... Going in, you'd be greeted by a Litwick plushie that made his residence in a red Solo cup with self-deprecating jokes and randomness all over it. :3 It gas a bunk bed, but I only really use the bottom bunk. The top bunk is cluttered with old laundry... I have my own personal copy of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights in there in a booklet I got in high school. I have an old Toshiba TV and a computer on a desk on the side. There's usually a sleeping bag on the floor... For a reason I don't care to discuss. The door is normally closed. I have a PS2 that I can't play because I lack cords. My closet is a pigs tie. There's a lot of Heroclix figures on the couch and none of them are mine.
  14. ~Dusky~

    Sleepy Talk: Temperature

    I generally prefer around 70F, though I hardly get that anymore, and hardly did to begin with because my grandma ALWAYS cranked the AC down to like 60 or so...
  15. "School shootings are an epidemic in the United States" No, they aren't. In fact, we've only had one major school shooting every 2 years for the last 20. Before that, though, we had a major one at least twice a year. Especially in the early 90's.