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  1. ~Dusky~

    Make up a lie about yourself

    I'm as straight as an arrow and I can't stand gay people...
  2. I had an average of 94.3 (an A) between all of my classes in high school, so I don't really. Though I wish I didn't have to do those stupid bug and plant collections in Biology...
  3. ~Dusky~

    Could you nuke a sarcasm detector?

    I probably could. Though I'm actually not sarcastic that often, when something makes me that way, I can get to be quite sarcastic.
  4. ~Dusky~

    Technology air or water for your cpu ?

    Mine is water-cooled, but as others have said there's not really much of a reason to take it over air-cooling, unless you want to overclock a computer that's more powerful than it probably needs to be. Otherwise, it's not really any better, it's just more expensive.
  5. ~Dusky~

    When do you use a person's name?

    I rarely use first names, or even words like you for that matter when I'm talking to people. I really only use it when I'm referring to a specific person.
  6. ~Dusky~

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    I watched bits and pieces of Mad Max...
  7. Just leaving pokes!

  8. ~Dusky~

    Do you own the above thing or not?

    I own nothing in need of shredding Do you own a giant hay penny?
  9. Probably when I tried to feed a particularly aggressive pet rat, and then he decided to bite me as hard as he possibly could. That hurt. Still have the scar 11 years later.
  10. Ugh... There's a toxic moron on another forum making up nonsense to try to say that bi people are hateful towards gays and lesbians. When he knows that what he's saying makes absolutely no sense because otherwise bis wouldn't associate themselves with homos at all, and all of this was posted on an LGBTQ+ forum for f***'s sake. 

    1. Iris Flower

      Iris Flower

      Sounds like a troll to me. If they are serious then they aren't exactly educated on LGBT+. People who put feelings over facts are usually morons. 

    2. ~Dusky~


      @Iris Flower He got banned from the forum and thank goodness for it. He got banned because that was apparently not the first time he acted that way...

  11. ~Dusky~

    Respond with a meme

  12. ~Dusky~

    What are some weird phobias you have?

    Well I have Mageirophobia, or a fear of cooking. Probably the weirdest one. But I also have a fear of social situations, I have a fear of deep water, and I have a fear of heights. I also think I'm a little afraid of the dark.
  13. Well, I decided to make a Hazbin OC for some reason... If only I could draw, I'd draw him, but of course I lack the motor skills. All I'll say is that he's a Wild West outlaw who has a lot in common with Angel Dust, albeit he's more introverted among other things. Because I think really talking about him in full MIGHT break a few forum rules... :P


  14. ~Dusky~

    Web Last YouTube video you watched?

    An interesting video for players of both games. Though I don't entirely agree with the result this YouTuber came up with, it's rather insightful.