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  1. I guess to beat a Dead Horse, I got it from Spencers. Maybe if we mass spam them we can get more. That's how business works right? Huehue.
  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Not made by me, but the views are so low and it sounds so great I must share guitar heaven! Dat drop doe.
  4. It was sold at Spencers online website back in 2012-2013 era. Man, if someone on Etsy could make this quality of wallet, I would be so stoked to get a replacement!
  5. So here is a wallet that is quite awesome and quite old. Of all my time looking I never seen it show up in Google. I always hoped more would surface soI could keep it fresh looking, alas 5 years on, nothing. What I enjoy most is the blue is actually a fuzzy plush material that feels and look unique for a wallet. If I could make a poll I would, but do any of you ever recall seeing this anywhere out in the cyberwebs? EDIT: I got it from Spencers
  6. All hail, Zalgo! All I thought when I seen creepy ink tentacle eyes pop up. Totally a huge highlight!
  7. I am not an active forum user, but seeing that a lot of places I ever visited are so dead (,, omg its online??) I decided to branch out a bit to here and whatever place seems active. Since season 7 finale and the movie, there should be lots to talk about, but things seem... vacant.