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  1. FirestormDangerDash

    The Awesome Rainbow Dash Wallet That The Internet Forgot

    I guess to beat a Dead Horse, I got it from Spencers. Maybe if we mass spam them we can get more. That's how business works right? Huehue.
  2. FirestormDangerDash

    Boo Hoo (Dubstep Guitar Cover) - Between Bronies

    Not made by me, but the views are so low and it sounds so great I must share guitar heaven! Dat drop doe.
  3. FirestormDangerDash

    The Awesome Rainbow Dash Wallet That The Internet Forgot

    It was sold at Spencers online website back in 2012-2013 era. Man, if someone on Etsy could make this quality of wallet, I would be so stoked to get a replacement!
  4. So here is a wallet that is quite awesome and quite old. Of all my time looking I never seen it show up in Google. I always hoped more would surface soI could keep it fresh looking, alas 5 years on, nothing. What I enjoy most is the blue is actually a fuzzy plush material that feels and look unique for a wallet. If I could make a poll I would, but do any of you ever recall seeing this anywhere out in the cyberwebs? EDIT: I got it from Spencers
  5. FirestormDangerDash

    S07:E25+E26 - Shadow Play

    All hail, Zalgo! All I thought when I seen creepy ink tentacle eyes pop up. Totally a huge highlight!
  6. FirestormDangerDash

    Designated Refugee

    I am not an active forum user, but seeing that a lot of places I ever visited are so dead (,, omg its online??) I decided to branch out a bit to here and whatever place seems active. Since season 7 finale and the movie, there should be lots to talk about, but things seem... vacant.