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  1. Hello there! IGN: imartist22 I would like to transfer my house @ -1537.923 58.06250 349.549 to XX XX XX Thanks!
  2. Ahh I've been quite busy with school and commissions, but here are some things I've drawn over my spring break and stuff, and a little while back, too >w<
  3. I finished a headshot commission recently :0 I hope it looks okay!
  4. This is gorgeous omg *^* You're very talented!!! I love your style, and the shading, and everything about this is awesome! Keep up the good work >v>
  5. I finally finished an Art trade I did with a friend on Instagram! I hope it looks okay >v>
  6. Hello! I'm Rebecca and it's nice to meet you! I decided to finally make a post on here XD I got a tablet recently and I've been messing around with it! I drew some things with it as well! :3 I hope it looks okay! They're both for my gf X3