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  1. Dude thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks you so froging much, i want to kill you with kisses!!!!!!!! [hugging the computer while screaming intensifies]
  2. Hi, Im new here and I not sure if I can post this here but whatever. Some time ago i found this song I fell in love so bad that I listened in loop for weeks, it was a song about Twilight beggin to somepony (I thing RD for the image that have the video) for love, that she let everything for her (There is a part where it says "I clip my wings for you" or something like that). The artist (I thing it was Friends and Ferns or JustFern, im not sure anymore) had a youtube channel and a badcamp page, at that time I did not have a form to pay online to buy the song so I only listened on youtube (The video was a evolution of the song by different types of musics) and I leave the video in a tab on my laptop like a year, and by december I what to hear the song again and when im go to play it, the video was deleted in youtube and the album in bandcamp too, the artist left the fandom and delete everything, I dont have anything aginst him for that but I really really want to hear the song again. So the thing is I want to someone help me get the song again (I have a form to pay online now) or at least get the name of the song, I leave the images of the song (and sorry if I wrote something wrong, the english is not not my thing).