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  1. One of my story's characters is named Skywards Dream. She's a pegasus who lost both of her wings in an accident, falls into deppression, and eventually learns that her special skill wasn't flying (as she had thought) but hang-gliding. I have trouble coming up with a cutie mark that could cause such confusion, and i can't just make her a blank-flank-until-revelation because she's an adult.
  2. I've come up with all other characters and their cutie marks for my story, but my villains Thunderstruck and Swift Storm are still without them and i can't think of anything. Thunderstruck is a selfish military general and aristocrat. He owns a magical artifact in the form of a boot he wears on his left front hoof. The boot looks like a clawed paw, but isn't related to his skills, which lie in tactics and interrogation. Swift Storm is the main villain's mindless follower with unusual speed and strenght. Most of the time he doesn't seem to have a will of his own at all.
  3. A tiny, transparent and pink heart-shaped plastic ring with a sticker decipting alicorn Twilight. I got it from an easter egg my mom brought me because there weren't any other big chocolate eggs available in the shop despite it being almost easter.
  4. I just bought a set of ponies called "Meet The Mane 6". What kind of Spike figure would look good with them? I mean as in the size, accuracy, and overall quality.
  5. I have made two new OCs, but i have trouble with cutie marks. I already have their special skills and stuff, but i'm unsure about how to put them in pictures. The skills are: - Master of disguise (i have no idea what kind of mark would convey this) - Taking care of others (not a nurse or other kind of professional)
  6. I'm doing a slightly MCU-inspired superhero-ish story with three main characters, an earth pony, a changeling, and a zebra shaman. I have a name for the earth pony ((Rocky Road Roseluck) unless i come up with something better), but i need a name and mark for the zebra but have found that difficult, and the changeling needs both real name and alias and cutie mark in the pony world. Below are character pitchs - A bit snarky, poor, young but intelligent earth pony peasant who always dreamt of flying. The story follows him as he builds mechanical wing vest/backpack and sets out for manehattan, where he meets the other characters and they are forced into a relic hunt. (I haven't yet fully developed him) - A egoistical and grandiose but righteous-at-heart zebra shaman who conceals his scars, which he got because of pridefulness and paranoia towards others (what excatly happened is a spoiler for the fic), under the armor of a captain america-like figure. He has no authorization nor support and acts solely by himself and his personal perception of right and wrong. - A gruesomely deformed and mean changeling who, unlike the others, can turn into any animal, not just pony-like ones, because of a self-created magic experiment which's the cause of the deformation and caused his leader to cast him out under the guise of a mission, which he does not fall for. His shapeshifting is fueled by and entirely dependent on intense emotions, like fear and hate.