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  1. 1. He does. These scrolls are usually from Twilight, but Spike often adds his two bits to them. 2. Yes, I'm in a different town every year to double the fun. 3. I'm impressed by her rulership.
  2. "That was fun!" Tree Song says when the game is finally over. "And we did a good thing for the town, didn't we?" She is really happy with the outcome of the game, and hopes for more exciting things to happen in the future. "So, what do we do now?" She also thinks about her teacher. I will have to find him soon. Knowing him, he probably already found some magical anomalies that need to be dealt with...
  3. @Samurai Equine I have a problem with this: Because the things that happened in the story between Nopony and Nightmare Moon should have taken at least a few hours. Should I worry about it or just ignore the inconsistency?
  4. @Windy Breeze @Samurai Equine Well, that didn't work, Nopony thinks after waking up. There must be something in this town's magical aura that prevents Luna from entering dreams here. I'm on my own. I don't think I can do anything more for now, maybe when the game is over the situation will clarify itself. It seems Shadow Trail is in the game, so probably something will happen when she comes back. Also Tree Song will be able to help me. For now, the trigger is still there. And I'm hungry. He goes to a nearby patch of grass, and starts eating it. @Dynamo Pad @Samurai Equine @Kronos the Revenant @ExplosionMare @Pastel Heart @Windy Breeze @GeneralDirection @C. Thunder Dash Tree Song didn't help much in the final phases of the battle, the situation was pretty chaotic and she was confused and didn't really know what was happening. But now, when Kronos is defeated, she looks forward to the meeting with the Dark King, wondering what it will look like. Is it another boss fight coming up?
  5. 1. He already is. 2. That's what I said. 3. I moved since then. I like to travel, which is harder during the ponydemic, but still possible.
  6. 2. It was all happening inside Dr. Wolf's mind and... ...and you're so emotionally attached to that piece of wood that it showed up there. No one asked you to speak, child! 3. He does. I thought he betrayed me, because he wanted to become the king himself. But now I see things differently.
  7. 1. Yes. 2. I wouldn't say I'm proud, that was just a fun little thing we did together. 3. No, I'm currently in Canterlot.
  8. @Samurai Equine Here is a fragment of "the story thus far" (in the first post of this thread): That's why I assumed it's after Celestia and Luna retired. But if you want the story to take place before that, then I will edit my post accordingly.
  9. @Windy Breeze Maybe someone else can roleplay as Luna? (Of course if @Samurai Equine is OK with it.) Or I can edit my post, do you have any suggestions what should happen next?
  10. @Windy Breeze Nopony wakes up and thinks about what he saw in his dream. Is this... Nightmare Moon? But... how could this happen? Princess Luna is not like this anymore, so her evil version seems to exist independently of her now... Also, "Nameless Lunatic" has a nice ring to it, maybe I should use it instead of "Nopony". Anyway, I should tell Luna about this, but there is no time to go to her, and there is no way to communicate with her instantly. Unless... I can make her appear in my dream. She retired, but she should still have this ability. He tries to fall asleep again, thinking of Luna and trying to use his magical power to attract her to his dream.
  11. @Windy Breeze Nopony's journey around the town has come full circle. He didn't find anything and he is again near Shadow and Keen's apartment. It looks like nothing happened here since his last visit. I'm tired, I need to rest, he thinks and decides to create a magical trigger on the apartment. When the door to it is open, he will hear a loud ping (which will happen inside his mind so no one else will hear it). Then he goes to a nearby bench and lies down there. He falls alseep. A dream comes to him...
  12. @Windy Breeze Unable to remember all the names, Nopony writes them down, maybe they will prove useful later. For now he thanks the mare and says: "I know my words seemed strange to you, but hopefully they will make more sense when all this is over. I must go now, see you later!" Then he resumes wandering around the town, hoping to find some more traces of dark magic. @Dynamo Pad @Pastel Heart @C. Thunder Dash @Windy Breeze @ExplosionMare @GeneralDirection @Kronos the Revenant @Samurai Equine Kronos starts swinging rapidly! Tree Song isn't prepared for this and gets hit by a part of his armor. She goes into an uncontrolled spin and hits the ground, which results in losing about half of her HP. She also gets dizzy and needs some time to recover. For now she is unable to perform any action and only watches what the others are doing.
  13. @Windy Breeze What about "Polish Judge"? Are you making a reference to the situation in my country? (There are many bad things happening here lately, and I'm highly concerned about it.)
  14. Kind of. I think my understanding of friendship has changed a little. It's supposed to be a part of our "reformation program" planned by princess Twilight. I'm not falling for it though. I met my brother. It's all that counts.
  15. 1. I know him since he was an egg, and now I watch him grow up. Of course I'm proud of him. 2. Eeyup. The way you speak is a bit odd lately, sister. Did you visit the dreams of a certain red stallion? Nope. (laughs) 3. They sure do.