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  1. Pinkie Pie, Were there any ball/eyepatch/whatever else you have stashed all over Ponyville emergencies lately?
  2. I have a question (to anypony who wants to answer it) about the Pie family's most prized possession: the Holder's Boulder. Isn't it suspicious that an "ordinary rock" is egg-shaped and taken from a dragon's nest? What if it's actually a petrified dragon egg? Is there a way to use magic to bring such a dragon back to life? (I'll appreciate it if the answer to this question isn't what Limestone usually says about Holder's Boulder. )
  3. Greetings, fellow forummers! Your favorite Draconequus is here! I, Discord, the Lord of Chaos and Disharmony, decided to grace this thread with my blessed presence. Since you already know the origins of Celestia and Luna, let me tell you a much more interesting story: about the beginnings of yours truly. I woke up one afternoon (waking up in the morning is too mainstream), and something occurred to me: How fun it would be to actually exist. How much beautiful chaos I could cause! So I went back in time, and created myself. You wouldn't believe what a cute little baby Draconequus I was! I stayed with my younger self for some time, to raise me and teach me all my abilities, and then returned to later times. I was right, I tell you. Existence is fun! And that's how Discord was made. It doesn't make any sense, you say? Well, you know what I think about "making sense"... Anyway, if you have any questions to me, don't hesitate to ask them!
  4. How's Flurry Heart doing? Did she start to talk already?
  5. Xoti (I'm playing Pillars of Eternity 2 lately.)