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  1. This is correct. Score updated, the next question is yours.
  2. Time for some "fancy mathematics": What's the highest degree of polynomial equations that can be solved by radicals in all cases?
  3. We are not going to reveal our plans in detail (see rule #3), but there are some things we can say. We heard that Celestia and Luna are going to retire, but we're not sure where they are going to go. If it's far away then there is a chance we'll have two less princesses to deal with. We need to take Cadance into account though, I know from my own experience that she shouldn't be underestimated. What about that cute little baby alicorn? She is a princess too... I know how to deal with Cadance and her family, it's another reason why you should seriously consider bringing me back, Grogar. Don't get your hopes high, Sombra. It would be a bad example for the other three. They should know what happens when they refuse to work with me. With the new source of power I found, we don't need your help to defeat all that oppose us. OOC: I'm happy I got a question again, answering them is so much fun!
  4. Fluttershy, have you heard that Starlight killed a whole hive of flash bees?
  5. I was referring to the fact that you doesn't seem to be a big fan of Starlight Glimmer... This one is for Trixie: Why did you choose Froggy Bottom Bogg of all places for your "field trip"?
  6. One more question to Starlight (sorry, @Sparklefan1234): How did your and Sunburst's parents react to your new jobs at the school?
  7. 1. Spike, did you like Gabby's turnip soup? 2. Twilight, what did you do with the couches that Rarity left in the castle?
  8. This is a question by @ChB from another thread, I think it's more appropriate here:
  9. This is quite a philosophical question, I'm not sure if there is a definite answer...
  10. @Nsxile This is correct. You ask the next question. As for the score, I have the same problem as @Pentium100, I can't edit the file. I sent a request for edit access.
  11. At the start of World War I (August 1914), the German emperor Wilhelm II said to his soldiers that they would be home before what happens?