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  1. I teach various things, but regardless of the class I mostly talk about rocks. I did Pinkie's laughter class once, I showed the students my stand-up comedy performance.
  2. Yes, sometimes I work there as a substitute teacher.
  3. Yes. Pinkie cares a lot about me. I'm deeply grateful to her. Sometimes she tries too hard to make me happy though, as in the case of my friendship with Starlight Glimmer.
  4. Never! The changelings must return to the old ways permanently. I think I'd take it. Being evil is fun, but I guess all fun must come to an end eventually, am I right? It depends if I'm still allowed to rule after being reformed.
  5. At first I helped her and gave her advice, but now she's doing a very good job by herself. So don't worry, pony dreams are in good hooves now.
  6. I don't want to interfere with Rainbow Dash's work.
  7. Yes, I can do it if I want to. But it's no longer my duty.
  8. Sometimes I visit their dreams to say hello, this is especially useful during the pandemic when I can't visit them normally. But it's nothing like the things I did when I was a reigning princess, helping ponies with their problems and such.
  9. Well, sometimes I visit my dear sister's dreams to "troll" her a little, like this. I will never forget that one... Anyway, I'm much better at pulling pranks in real life, so this is Luna's only chance to take revenge.
  10. We have retired, so all our duties are transferred to Twilight and her friends. I put a small amount of my magic into an amulet and gave it to Rainbow Dash, just like we did in case of Twilight and moving the sun and moon. But I still have enough magic to do it myself, so I'd do it in case of emergency.
  11. I prefer to be in my body, ruling the Crystal Empire. Yes, there are many powerful magical artifacts, but they are not easy to find. Trixie was lucky to be able to buy the Alicorn Amulet in that shop, but now it's very well guarded. I'm not sure, after all these failures I'm starting to think that there are laws in this universe that make the friendship and rainbow lasers always win in the end.
  12. I don't do it anymore, I gave this ability to Rainbow Dash in accordance with the International Dibs Protocol.
  13. Well, we started but... But then Star Swirl disappeared, and we didn't know why, and we were worried and... And we didn't finish them.
  14. "The differences between transmutation and transfiguration magic, and their applications in magically enhanced learning methods". I remember it like it was yesterday. Your memory is impressive, sister. I forgot this one long ago.
  15. Yes, we are very grateful to her. Indeed.